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Webpage: Understanding and the difference between website, web server & webpage

Webpage: Understanding and the difference between website, web server & webpage

Internet is becoming a part of our lives. Therefore, you might be familiar with terms such as webpage, website or web server. But do you understand them thoroughly? Now, we will give you more details about web page and how it different from web server and website.

What is webpage?

It is a document, often written in HTML on the Internet. Web Page can include text, images or even video. Commonly, it describes a topic, but it can also be used for selling products for services.

There are many types of webpage. For example, blog page, landing page, etc. Depending on purposes, users can choose the right types. 

You can open webpage on any web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Simply enter the URL, and you will be linked to the webpage then.

What is webpage?

Key elements of webpage

Each web page is different from each other. However, here are some key elements for almost any web page

  • Website, logo or company logo, names. You totally can add in your slogan and tagline. Often, it is put on the top left of the webpage. This section commonly is a link to the homepage.
  • Navigation menu
  • Social links. Then, customers can use this link to share your webpage with others
  • Paragraph. 
  • Images
  • Advertisements. 
  • “ Back to top” button or link. 

Difference between website, web server and webpage


Website is much bigger than webpage. A website contains a lot of webpages. Therefore, when entering a website, you can get access to many types of information.

A website can include many webpage

Webpage is used for a specific purpose. On the other hand, website contains variable information for different types of customers. 

Web server

What is Web server?

Web server refers to a computer that host the website. Thus, it’s connected to an extensive set of networks. Each web server is a different IP and can read files like HTML and HTM. In simple term, web server can manage many websites

When a person says: “ My website is not responding” , it’s not accurate. The website has nothing to do here. It’s the problem of web server. Because web server is not responding, the website is not available

In conclusion

In the end, distinguish website, web page and web server is not that difficult. We hope to deliver you some useful information in this guideline.

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