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Valuable Shopify marketing strategies to increase traffic and conversion for your Shopify sites

Valuable Shopify marketing strategies to increase traffic and conversion for your Shopify sites

Shopify is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world. Till 2020, Shopify has supported nearly 1 million businesses, and this number is likely to grow a lot more. As a result, if you want to join this community, you’ll have to compete with thousands of businesses. To help you remain competitive in this market, we will deliver you our top valuable Shopify marketing strategy to increase traffic and conversion for your website

What is Shopify marketing strategy?

Shopify marketing strategy

Simply, marketing strategies are the overall business plans that can attract more customers. Moreover, it can turn “ Would – be” customers to buyers. Thanks to that, right marketing strategy can not only boost revenue, but also branding as well

How to choose the right Shopify marketing strategy for your business?

Different businesses require different strategies. Therefore, there’s no one – size – fit – all Shopify marketing strategy for every business. Depending on your business type, requirements and budget, you can choose the best solution for your company. Here are some tips for you to get the right one for your business

Understand the core value of your business

Shopify marketing strategy

When it comes to choosing the right marketing strategy, nothing is more important than the core value of your business. This might be one of the most important factors for every business. Without it, you can hardly come up with valid and suitable strategies. 

Write down the main objective of your company, what you expect from the company.

Learn about your audience

Shopify marketing strategy

In the end, the goal of your marketing strategies is attracting customers and gaining more revenue. Keep in mind that you can’t satisfy everyone. Therefore, you must segment your targeted audience beforehand. Thanks to that, you can learn about them carefully and deliver the best service. 

Based on your segment’s demography, behaviour as well as geography, you can come up with the suitable marketing strategy. To illustrate, suppose you are targeting GLAMs ( Greying, Leisured, Affluent, Married), selling products mainly on social media like Snapchat might not be effective

Consider your budget

Shopify marketing strategy

 Needless to say, budget is one of the biggest concerns for every business, especially small ones. Of course, you’ll get what you pay for. However, if you spend too much on a single Shopify marketing strategy, you’ll gain less than you pay. For instance, you only start a business and it’s still quite small. Then, you’d better employ search engine with low CPC rather than Youtube or Google

Top Shopify marketing strategy to boost your web traffic and conversion

Use chatbot to improve customer satisfaction and customer experience

Shopify marketing strategy

Nowadays, chatbot is a popular way to communicate with customers. Once customers enter their questions or concerns, they can receive the answer immediately through chatbot. In case the questions are new or need special support, chatbots can contact the customer support department to solve that problem. 

Investing in Chatbot might bring you more benefits than you might think. First, they can work 24/7 all year through. Thanks to that, customers can leave questions on your site anytime, anywhere. Moreover, they can get their answer almost instantly and quickly. This will not only benefit the customers, but also business owners as well. They can save quite a lot of budget since they don’t need to hire too many workers to solve customers’ problems all the time. 

Integrate Instagram to your Shopify store

Instagram is one of the biggest social networking in the world with over 500 million active users every day. Thus, integrating Instagram to your Shopify store is such a great Shopify marketing strategy since it can help you reach a lot of new customers. 

There are many ways to integrate Instagram to your Shopify store. For example, using Shopify apps. However, when it comes to Instagram, keep in mind that constant interaction with customers is highly important. Don’t forget to keep updating and posting on Instagram. Otherwise, you might lose a lot of reach and engagement.

Email Marketing to engage All customer engagement

Shopify marketing strategy

One of the popular email marketing forms for online business is to send automated email sequences. Particularly, the system will automatically send notifications and announcements to targeted customers via emails. Thanks to this, in case your business has different services for different segments, you can customize the email sequences to fit your targeted audience. Now, let’s see how we can segment your audience

How to segment your customers

There are many ways for you to segment your customers. For example, by their demography, geography or behaviour. In this blog, we will show you how to segment your customers by purchase behaviour. 

In this method, you’ll have to categorize the stage of the customer lifecycle. Then, we can divide our customers into 4 categories: Prospects, New buyers, regular buyers and Loyal customers

  • Prospects: people who are interested in your products/ services. However, they haven’t made any purchase yet. With this segment, you can send them greeting, or announcements about sales or events
  • New buyers: Or first time buyers. They’ve only experienced your products/ services. Then, you can send them emails asking about their thoughts of products. This will show that you care about customers and their feelings.
  • Regular buyers: This type of customer comes back to your business a lot of time. However, to be the first choice of customers, you should send them special offer email, discounts or gifts
  • Loyal customers: With this type of customers, you can send emails telling how much value they have brought to the company. Moreover, you can invite them to the loyalty program and offer them special gifts/ offerings

Although email marketing is on the roll these days, it is still mainly used in Fashion and Cosmetics. Moreover, before sending emails to customers, you’ll need to collect their emails first. One great way to do this is using Shopify pop – up apps

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an affordable, yet effective Shopify marketing strategy for online business. With optimized SEO, your website will appear on the very first pages of search engines everytime a keyword is entered. Thanks to that, customers can easily find your webstore. Needless to say, this method will highly increase your traffic.

But SEO can bring you more benefits than that. The more people visit your website, the  more people will know about your business. Needless to say, you can greatly improve your branding

Upload video tutorials on your website

As you might know, videos can deliver a lot more content than images. People love to learn about products from a video than just scrolling a ton of photos. Also, video is a lot more comprehensive and understandable than stationary images. Especially, when you’re selling products that require some skills, videos become more important. From videos, customers can easily copy your steps and instructions. Then, they can avoid unexpected issues and problems. 

Content marketing

Coming to another powerful Shopify marketing strategy – Content marketing. It will help you to reach and engage with a lot of new customers. 

The main point of content marketing is, like the name suggests, content. You must provide valuable information to the target audience. From that, they will feel interested and want to know more about your business. Hence, this will improve your traffic and then, conversion rate.

Content marketing can bring you more than just traffic and conversion. When you deliver valid and valuable content to customers, they will trust your business a lot more. Thanks to that, you can gain a lot more loyal customers.

There are many types of content for you to choose, For example, blog posts, articles, videos, banners and so on. You should choose the best type according to your target audience.

Shorten the checkout process

Do you know that complicated checkouts can make customers abandon their carts? Then, to reduce the number of abandoned carts and thus, improve revenue, you must simplify the checkout process. 

For example, customers don’t need to create an account to pay for their checkout. Instead, they can check out as guesses, or other accounts.


One effective Shopify marketing strategy is Upselling. Now, imagine you want to buy a pair of sneakers. Then, you’ll need to go through a dozen of options before finding the perfect sneakers. Thus, based on your historic search, the recommendation engine will suggest some potential products that might go with your chosen sneakers. As a result, you will see the “ You might also like” or “ Buy the look” section.

As that said, to improve the on page time of customers, as well as your revenue, you should implement “ Up selling” on your website. 

Cross selling

Another simple, yet powerful Shopify marketing strategy – Cross selling. Simply speaking, this method will recommend complement products, and therefore, encourage customers to spend more on your website. For instance, when you buy a dress, the website will suggest belt, earrings and so on

 Shop by brand

Last but not least, Shopping by brand can greatly improve your traffic and conversion rate, especially when your website sells products from different brands. First, many people have special love for certain brands. Therefore, once they see their favorite brand on your website, they will likely stay longer. Thus, this increases the chance of them buying your products. 

Secondly, by sorting products by brands, your website will look a lot cleaner and professional. Moreover, customers can easily search for their desired products. Thanks to this, your customer satisfaction will greatly improve.

Urging to implement Shop by brand in your online store. Then, you must take a look at Spify Shop by Brand – a stunning, powerful and well – functioning Shopify app. This app has everything you need to implement Shop by brand on your website.

Shopify marketing strategy Spify Shop by Brand

This app is highly customizable. You can change from the color, text to fonts without touching a single line of code. As a result, this Shopify app can serve a wide range of people. High chance is that you might not meet any problems working with this app

Shopify marketing strategy Spify Shop by Brand

In case you meet any issues, you can contact Spify’s 24/7 customer support here or email: 

Then, what are you waiting for. Get Spify Shop by Brand now!

In conclusion

That is our Shopify marketing strategy list. Hopefully with this, you can improve your website traffic and conversion. If you need any more help, don’t hesitate to contact ArrowHitech.

With more than 12 years in e commerce, we can grant you an outstanding and professional-looking web store. Working with our decade-long experienced developers, you surely get your dream online shop. Also, our company sells and develops Shopify themes and Shopify apps. What are you waiting for? Contact us here or via email: or hotline + 84 243 7955 813

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