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Top 15 best Shopify product importer apps for your Shopify store (free & premium)

Top 15 best Shopify product importer apps for your Shopify store (free & premium)

In some cases, you might want to move to Shopify from another eCommerce platform. This process might be daunting and complicated since you have to go through many steps. It might be OK if you have only small catalogues. However, suppose you’re a big retailer, the process will take you a lot of time. Then, in this case, Shopify product importer apps will come in handy. In this blog, we will deliver you our top 15 best Shopify product importer app for your online store

What is a Shopify product importer app?

But first, we need to know what Shopify product importer app is. Generally speaking, it can help users import products via other sites, previous sites or from other services. Sometimes, you can even import texts, images and reviews through these apps. Different apps will offer you different functionalities. Therefore, to choose the best Shopify product importer app, you need to consider your needs, requirements and budget as well. 

Why do you need a Shopify product importer app?

Save time

Needless to say, these apps will save you a great amount of time when you move from other sites to Shopify. For instance, every product on your previous sites will automatically be imported to your new Shopify store. Thanks to this, you don’t have to spend time copying all those information

Improve accuracy

Copying can lead to typos and other mistakes. On the other hand, importing data with Shopify product importer app will be more accurate

Make your website consistent

The best thing about Shopify product importer apps is that you can maintain the product formats as well as languages used. As a result, customers can get a consistent branding through all your sites

15 best Shopify product importer apps

Here are the top 15 best Shopify product importer apps for your online Shopify store

eBay Professional Importer

Shopify product importer app

Amazon and eBay are two largest eCommerce websites for retailers. Since they’ve already had a great number of loyal customers, eBay and Amazon are the great place to start for many people. However, due to its high fees, you might want to move away from these stores at some points. Then, eBay Professional Importer will come in handy. With this Shopify product importer app, you can import products directly from eBay to the Shopify stores. Moreover, if you continue to run your current eBay store, all the product prices and stock levels will be synced. eBay Professional Importer also allows you to import high – resolution images.

The best thing about eBay Professional Importer is its easy – to – use functions. For example, you can import all your products with just a single easy process. Also, you can flag products that you don’t want to import to your Shopify store.

Price: This Shopify product importer app is totally FREE to download and install. Also, you can trial a few products for free. However, you’ll have to pay for maintenance and importing products 


Shopify product importer app

Moving to inkFrog, another Shopify product importer app that allows you to import products from eBay to Shopify. Thanks to this, both your eBay store and Shopify store will be consistent in price, formats, title and so on. The best thing about this Shopify app is that it creates rules for relisting the schedule. As a result, you can set the timing for the product migration. Furthermore, inkFrog is more than a simple Shopify product importer app. With this app, you can easily improve the design of your store thanks to its template support. 

Price: No FREE plan available. Paid ones start from $11/month to $48/ month

Multichannel importer

Shopify product importer app

If you need to import products from different channels like Amazon, eBay, Wish, etc; then Multichannel Importer might be right for you. With just one process, all the details of the products will be imported. For instance, product costs, title, description and so on. 

But Multichannel Importer can help you more than that. Working with this Shopify app, you will be able to synchronize the product prices and stock levels with other marketplaces besides Shopify.

Price: The app is FREE to install. However, to make this app work, you’ll be charged during processes

Cart2Cart Store Migration App

Shopify product importer app

Next Shopify product importer app we want to mention is Cart2Cart Store Migration App. This app is quite user – friendly and affordable. Moreover, it offers users numerous great and distinctive features. With those features, you surely can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. 

Moreover, Cart2Cart Store Migration App is highly user – friendly. Working with this Shopify app, you don’t need to touch a single line of code. In particular, when managers click on a button, the system of migration will appear on the screen. Then, they need to complete 3 steps of product migration. Right after that, all of their products will be imported to Shopify from other eCommerce sites instantly. 

One great thing about this Shopify app is that it offers Free demos transfer within 30 minutes. Thus, admin will be able to assess the accuracy of the transaction. Since this app is quite easy to use, you might not encounter any problems or issues working with it. However, in case you need any help, you can contact their 24.7 customer support

Price: FREE to download and install. FREE plan available

Xpert Importer

Shopify product importer app

If you want to import products from your Amazon account, this Shopify product importer is for you. This app can import all the information of your products, including title, description, images and so on. Also, you are able to sync product prices and stock levels constantly. Hence, you can better manage the pricing and stock levels of your products

Price: This Shopify app is FREE to install. However, to make this app work, you will have to pay a valid amount of money


Shopify product importer app

In case you want to have total control over your online web store, then you should take a look at Excelify. By using Excels or CVS files, this Shopify product importer app gives you total control over your store data. Moreover, Excelify is such a well – functioning and powerful Shopify app for your online store. You are able to import, export this specific field in bulk without worrying about broken data. Exelify will ensure that all of your data is intact. 

If you think Excelify is quite hard to use and not for beginners, you should think again. Thanks to Excels or CVS files, adding, editing or deleting Metafields have never been this easy. What’s more, this Shopify app is very flexible. You can import data from numerous different platforms like Uploaded file, URL and so on

Woo Importer

Shopify product importer app

Right from the name, you might already know that this app is designed for Woocommerce platform. Woo Importer allows you to import products data from Woocommerce to the Shopify platform. But Woo Importer can deliver you more than that. Besides product data, you can import customer orders, reviews as well as customers accounts. Just a few clicks, and you are ready to go.

When importing products from one platform to another, links might be broken. Thus, this might lead to the low customer experience and customer satisfaction. However, when it comes to Woo Importer, you don’t have to worry too much about this problem. This app will automatically identify and resolve broken links on the way. This will not only maintain your customer satisfaction, but also your website SEO as well

Woocommerce Migration

Another Shopify product importer designed for Woocommerce – Woocommerce Migration. Just like Woo importer, this Shopify app allows you to import products from Woocommerce to Shopify stores. It is extremely powerful and well – functioning. Woocommerce Migration lets you import almost every part of your current website to your Shopify store. For example, names, SKU code, prices, descriptions and all images

Besides, in case you need to sync two websites, just a few clicks with this app and you’re done. Also, this Shopify app delivers you the set price. Thus, you can control the expense on the Shopify product importer apps

Price: The price of Woocommerce Migration is quite high compared to others. However, it’s free to install

RageOn Connect

RageOn Connect is a great Shopify app for webstore, especially online clothes shops. It helps improve the functions of finding and adding products. Let’s see how this Shopify product importer can bring your online store to the next level of eCommerce

First, this app is integrated with Shopify. Hence, you can quickly import products from your current website to Shopify. Moreover, this combination also boosts the speed of updating order. Particularly, customers buy clothes on one side, the bill will appear on the other side. Furthermore, with this feature, you don’t need to worry about the repetition in the financial statement

Secondly, suppose your online store has inventories that you can’t sell. Then, RageOn Connect will offer discounts to those inventories. 

Price: FREE

Free eBay Import

Another great, powerful Shopify product importer for eBay stores. – Free eBay Import. This is one of the best product importers on Shopify. And there are many reasons for this great reputation. First, you can import all product data via this app, from title, product description to high – res images. This app will make sure there are no duplicates of your products

Now, suppose you have a lot of eBay accounts. Then, Free eBay Import will be a perfect solution for you. This app lets you connect with multiple accounts

The best thing about this Shopify app is that it keeps your websites consistent. For example, when importing products, the eBay templates will be removed. Then, it will fit better with your Shopify store


You’re running an online fashion store, and want to move to Shopify? Then, you must take a look at Inkthreadable, This Shopify product importer will not only import new models or products to your Shopify store, but also distinguish your store from other websites. 

The price of items in your store will be fixed. Therefore, you can avoid unexpected problems related to labeling. On special occasions like sales events, you can easily adjust the price as you want. If unexpected problems come up, you can quickly change the price and product description since Inkthreadable supports relabeling garments. Finally, this Shopify app generates an automatic system of ordering and speedy shipment. Needless to say, it will reduce the time of delivery for your online store. Thus, this app will maintain high customer satisfaction for your online store


Linksis is a Shopify product importer designed for Amazon stores. Thus, it helps you import products from Amazon – the biggest marketplace in the world – to Shopify. One great thing about Linksis is that it syncs all the product information, from product descriptions, pricing to latest stock information. All these data will be updated in real time. Hence, your online store will never be out – of – date. 

Besides, working with Linksis, you can use Amazon as a dropshop partner. Then, collect 10% commission for every sale. No shipping or stock costs

Price: no FREE plan available. Paid one starts from $4.99/ month


The next one in our best Shopify product importer list is SKYOU. This is such a stunning and powerful Shopify app for many online stores. First, it helps you save time for counting the number of products. As a result, SKYOU is extremely ideal for fashion and clothes stores. Secondly, this app offers you a browser – based 3D design tool. Thanks to this, you can distinguish your online store with other typical websites. Moreover, customers will be able to view your products from any angle and dimension. Hence, you can increase customer satisfaction. 

If you want to sell products internationally, SKYOU is an ideal solution for you. This app will automatically translate and measure units to bring the convenience to your customers

Price: FREE plan available

Connectr for Amazon Sellers

Looking for an easy – to – use, well – functioning Shopify product importer app for Amazon store? Then, you can’t miss Connectr. Connectr is designed specifically for Amazon stores. Moreover, this app is highly easy to use. Simply connect your Shopify store to your Amazon seller account. Then, click on a few buttons to import your products. That’s it. Now, you’re ready to go. This Shopify app can import almost every part of your product data, from all the variants, high – res images, etc. Furthermore, Connectr allows you to sync product information in two websites

Price: FREE plan available. Paid one costs you $6/ month

Simple inventory

In case you love to work with CVS files, then Simple inventory is worth looking at. This Shopify app provides a place where you can make changes to one file and then import them into your store. Moreover, Simple Inventory, just like its name, is extremely simple and easy to use. You don’t need to touch a single line of coding when working with this Shopify app. 

Although you can’t make certain changes to your website ( images, for example), you still can adjust the pricing, cost and stock levels.

Price: $2.99/ month

In conclusion

Above are our top best 15 Shopif product import apps for you to consider. Hopefully from those, you will be able to find the suitable import apps. If you need any more help, don’t hesitate to contact ArrowHitech.

With more than 12 years in e commerce, we can grant you an outstanding and professional-looking web store. Working with our decade-long experienced developers, you surely get your dream online shop. Also, our company sells and develops Shopify themes and Shopify apps. What are you waiting for? Contact us here or via email: or hotline + 84 243 7955 813

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