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Top 11 best Shopify popup apps with comparison

Top 11 best Shopify popup apps with comparison

If you’re running an online store on Shopify, one great way to boost your sales is using Shopify popup apps. But how they can increase your sales significantly. Then, in this blog, we will deliver you detailed explanation about it and top best Shopify popup apps for you to consider

What are Shopify popup apps?

popup apps

These apps can let banners appear everytime customers visit your website. Banners can popup right the moment customers go to your website, or after they scroll down to see some content. 

Popup banners have been controversial for a long time. Imagine you have to constantly deal with popup ads and banners. Is that so annoying? Just like that, many people just want to click the “x” icon on top of the banner to get rid of the banner. 

However, if you know how to use popup apps, you’ll gain a lot more benefits and revenue for your online store. Here are something you should keep in mind when it comes to popup banners on your website

What you should keep in mind when using popup banners

Use light – weight pop up solutions. 

Don’t use too heavy pop – up solutions. Thanks to that, you can maintain the fast loading speed of your website. Otherwise, you might end up with slow and buggy websites. Consequently, this might affect, or even lower your customer satisfaction.

Choose the perfect timing for your popup.

The main reason why customers are annoyed at popups is their intrusiveness. Try to avoid hitting customers with constant and instant popups. It’s advisable that you let the ads or banners appear after customers have looked through a little content of your website

Choose the right message

The message might be the most important factor of your popup. If the message can’t attract customers, there is a high chance that they will close the popup the moment it appears. Therefore, you should only announce important events or marketing campaigns 

Top 11 best popup apps


popup apps

The first one in our best popup apps list is Privy. This is one of the most popular Shopify popup apps thanks to its FREE set of features. Moreover, it is greatly easy to use. You can still work well on this app with little to no knowledge of coding skills. For instance, you can customize your popups with Campaign Designer, or target specific messages to specific audiences. 

Also, this popup app can help you reduce the number of abandoned carts. Simply set it up once, and the app will automatically send notifying emails to your “ would – be” buyers.

Price: Privy Convert is FREE for Shopify having under 5000 views/ months. Paid plans can go up to $24/ month with advanced features

Abandon Protector

popup apps

If you want to boost your conversion rate, then you can’t miss Abandon Protector. Right from the name, this pop app promises to reduce the number of your abandoned carts. And this is not merely a claim. It includes email sequences to draw customers back to your online store and encourage them to pay for their part. Moreover, when working on Abandon Protector, you’ll get stunning predesigned templates. 

In case you want to make some changes with those templates, you can easily do that without a single line of code. Abandon Protector offers its users Popup & Email editor for you to customize the popups without any issues. The only concern about this app might be the limited advance targeting options.

Price: Depending on your number of emails. For instance, $8/ 3000 emails/ month. Then, $1.50/ 1000 additional emails.

Pop – up Window

popup apps

Moving to one of the best popup apps on Shopify – Pop – up Window. With 4.8/5 stars rating on Shopify store, this pop – up app can grant you stunning and well – functioning features. 

First, Pop – up Window is highly easy to use and user – friendly. From the setup to customization, you don’t need to touch a single line of coding. In particular, you can easily customize your popup with drag – and – drop editor. Besides, this Shopify app also supports Mailchimp and Klaviyo. This is very helpful when you’re out to build your email list

Price: Basic plan starts from $5.95/ month. No Free plan subscription available.

Quick Announcement Bar

popup apps

With 4.9/5 stars over 4900 reviews, Quick Announcement Bar is one of the highest rating popup apps on Shopify store. And there are many reasons behind its goo reputation.

As described in the name, this Shopify popup app is mainly used for announcements. Thus, it will come in handy during sales events or promotion. This app is highly easy to set up as well as customize. For instance, you can offer targeted discounts according to your business dynamics, or holiday vibes.

Moreover, Quick Announcement Bar also offers scheduling, A/B Testing as well as Advanced Targeting

Price: Plans will cost you from $8.25 to $9.99 monthly or $99 per year

Email Pirate

popup apps

Email Pirate is designed specifically for eCommerce and online stores. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best popup apps for your online, you should consider Email Pirate. The best thing about this popup app is its power – ups like Smart Builder, Exit Popup support or even Analytics. Besides, Email Pirate provides its users with Smart User Targeting. With this, you can easily display targeted messaging to a specific page or category.

Price: No FREE plan available. Paid one starts from $4.99/ month. However, you can test this app for 7 days before paying for the plan

Better Coupon Box

popup apps

Another best popup apps to boost your conversion rate is Better Coupon Box. This popup promises to reduce the number of abandoned carts by up to 85%. By tracking the movement of visitors, this app can detect when the visitors are about to leave your site. Right at that moment, this app will show an exit – intent pop – ups to gain their attention. Thanks to this, customers will not feel uncomfortable with your popup apps.

Furthermore, Better Coupon Box offers a lot of stunning and beautiful pre – designed templates for your sales events and offerings. If you want to make some change to the templates to better reflect your brand, you can easily do that thanks to drag – and – drop editor

Price: Better Coupon Box is FREE to download and install. However, to use this app properly, you have to turn in paid plans. Those will cost you from $30/ 3 months

Exit offers

Just like Better Coupon Box, this Shopify popup apps can track the movement of visitors’ mouse movement to know when they’re about to exit your website. Then, it can show the popup message at the right moment. Therefore, customers might come back to your website and continue browsing. But Exit Offers can offer you more than that. Working with this popup app, you’ll get great features such as extensive customization, A/B testing and so on

Price: Paid plan starts from $9.99/ month. However, you’ll get 14 – day FREE trial

Sales Pop

Sale Pop is more than just a popup apps. It can help build social proof as well as show your store purchasing activities. As a result, you can greatly increase your customer trust with your online store. Once customers believe in your business, they won’t hesitate to buy your products. Since then, you can easily gain more new buyers as well as loyal customers. 

The best thing about this Shopify Popup app is that it’s totally FREE to install and use. Despite its low price, you’ll still get sufficient features. For example, full customization, Real – time Notifications Popup and so on


With Pixelpop, there is a high chance that you can greatly improve your conversion rate. It allows you to build your mailing list, promote products and collections. Besides, you can display special offers like discounts and Free shipping. Furthermore, this pop app also offers you powerful timing, targeting features, and most specially, customer support through Pixel Union

Price: Pixelpop is Free for shop owners who just start out. Paid plan starts at $12/ month

Pixel Popups & Banner

When it comes to best Shopify popup apps, we must mention Pixel Popups & Banner. This app allows you to capture emails and sync them directly to a mailing list in Mailchimp, Klaviyo or Conversio. Moreover, you can easily add a banner to encourage customers to buy your products. 

Another stunning feature of Pixel Popups & Banner is its easy to use. You can not only easily create your popups, but also time it with exit – intent delays, time delays and page delays.

Price: Pricing ranges from FREE to $48/ month


Last one in our popup apps list is Sumo. Even when you’re not working at Shopify, you might hear about Sumo. They can work well not only with Shopify, but also Magento and WordPress as well. Sumo might be one of the easiest ways to draw customers to your website. It can help you reduce cart cart abandonment, grow your email list, increase order value and a lot more. Besides, this pop up is integrated with MailChimp, Aweber and other popular email marketing providers

Price: With FREE plan subscription, you can get almost everything you need from a popup app. If you expect more advanced features, you can turn in pain plans, which will cost your from $29/ month to $79/ month

In conclusion

Above are our top best Shopify popup apps to boost your conversion rate. However, to get the best one for your online store, you need to consider your needs, requirements as well as budget. 

If you want to boost your conversion rate to the next level in the short time, you must take a look at ArrowHitech’s Shopify apps and Shopify themes.  In case you need any help with your online web store, don’t hesitate to contact ArrowHitech. Contact us here or via email: or hotline + 84 243 7955 813

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