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Top 10 best Shopify upsell and cross sell app you need to explore.

Top 10 best Shopify upsell and cross sell app you need to explore.

With development of cutting-edge technology, store owners pay attention to maximize their profit on eCommerce websites. Are you interested in online business?  Do you have any solution for it? In your store, have you increased your revenue? From my perspective, Shopify upsell and cross sell apps is the most efficient solution for maximizing the value of your order. Today I will suggest the top ten best Shopify upsell and cross sell app.

Do you have a Shopify eCommerce website? If not, please listen to my advice? 

Shopify is one of the most outstanding platforms in the eCommerce market. It helps you to build your own online store without too much technical knowledge. Besides that, you can customize your brand in your own style. Moreover, it also provides a convenient interface for both sellers and customers. Particularly, it is suitable for all types of online stores. I guarantee it is one of the most functional eCommerce platforms. Let’s be creative to be the best one.

Furthermore, Shopify developers offer a wide range of customized apps and themes. In particular, two Shopify apps are totally free. It will assist shop owners who are not good at technology. Let’s explore Shopify and be unique.

Now I will tell you about why we should use Shopify upsell and cross sell app.

Shopify upsell app.

Why should we use Shopify upsell and cross sell app?

At first, upsell is usually used in coffee and fast food stores. For example, in McDonald, waiters usually ask to upgrade the size of your Coke. Small size is a decoy factor to make customers buy the bigger one. In fact, bigger sizes seem cheaper than smaller one. In reality, McDonald entices you to buy more.      

Besides that, when you walk into a supermarket, promotions will boost you to purchase products. It can be a fixed pack of products along with a discount. Definitely, it will increase your revenue. In fact, every retailer does the same activities to make more profits. Overall, this tactic is exactly cross selling.

According to these examples, upsell and cross sell is key to boost your revenue. For you can sell more products per order instead of finding out more customers. Doubtlessly, enlarging your customer is a really expensive tactic. Moreover, it will make customers think that they have a great deal. This boosts customer satisfaction.

All in all, you should have a good Shopify upsell and cross sell so as to earn money. Now I will share the top ten best Shopify upsell and cross sell  app.

Shopify upsell app.

Top ten best Shopify upsell and cross sell app:

Upsell Recommendations:

If you want to find a Shopify upsell app for your eCommerce, Upsell Recommendations is for you. It enables you to maximize your revenue without spending on new customers. In particular, Upsell Recommendations makes your website operate like Amazon. 

Firstly, you can place your widget in three areas: on home, product and cart page. You can customize it. This will make the interface of your website more user-friendly. The more touch points you have, the more products you sell. Moreover, algorithms automatically display the best sellers and intelligent recommendations for customers. Despite its diverse function, it doesn’t slow down your page.


  • Not slow down your websites. Therefore, it has no effects on your ranking in search engines.
  • Algorithm analyses customers’ behaviors to recommend suitable products.
  • Amazon style system.

Related Products Upsell:

Related Products Upsell helps store owners to combine some products into a Group. When customers click on one product, other products are also displayed based on your desire. It is situated in the Product Page. Definitely, it will promote your revenue.

Besides that, you can customize the appearance of the product. It is such as product title, font size, how it is displayed and more. 

Lastly, you can connect products by product tags, vendors and more. Trust me! Your profit will increase in the near future.


  • Easy to use.
  • Related products definitely boost your revenue.
  • One click installation.

Frequently Bought Together:

Like Amazon, Frequently Bought Together combines a recommended product session. In particular, to attract customers’ attention , it builds the discount and promotions program.

Moreover, this upsell app also helps you to optimize the conversion rate. Since, it enables your website to be sales-oriented and mobile-friendly. In reality, positive experience with websites results in a higher conversion rate.

Additionally, based on algorithms, it also suggests related products to customers. These products tend to buy together. The recommendation takes place in the product page. 


  • Quick reply from the support team.
  • Integrating with Shopify. 

Discounted Upsell:

If you want to find a functional yet affordable Shopify upsell app, Discounted Upsell is the most ideal choice. From my viewpoint, it is the most powerful upsell app. In particular, developers of this app are good at sales techniques. Thus they will successfully stimulate the upsell tactics in McDonald’s.

Besides that, you can launch a wide range of cross sell discounts and upsell techniques to attract more customers. Furthermore, the app’s AI also assists you to review the history of sales to release a suitable program. 


  • Easy to use.
  • AI recommended products to understand customers’ behaviors.
  • Lots of support to get started.

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty.

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty is one of the most well-known Shopify upsell apps. It helps you to boost new and repeat sales. It has different plans for different purposes from low to high price. Then look at the list of the key features of each package:


  • Free plan for beginners.
  • Different plans for different purposes.

Cross sell Pro:

Cross sell Pro is suitable for start-up and small business. Particularly, it offers a free plan with a wide range of features. Fortunately, you only install the app on your website. Then customer-based recommendations will appear on your product pages. 

Besides that, you can add star ratings to recommend products. It operates based on product review on Shopify. Finally, a 3D animation will appear when a customer considers a product.


  • Mobile and tablet friendly.
  • Free version yet functionality.
  • Great recommendations based on the app’s algorithm. 

Cross sell Recommend Products:

Unlike other automatic recommendations, Cross sell Recommend Products gives you more powers to control the recommended products. These recommendations take place on the product and cart page. Furthermore, a pop-up of recommended products also appears to attract customers. Finally, if a product is out-of-stock, it will not be recommended to customers. Hence, customers are not disappointed.


  • Show 15 products per page. It enables customers to find the product they want the most.
  • Not recommend products that are in customers’ cart.
  • Free installation and free support from developers.

Cross Sell Ace: 

Cross Sell Ace is one of the most efficient apps to optimize the value of order. It provides you with analysis about the results of your program. For example, you can see the number of clicks per cross sell tatic.

Furthermore, recommended products will appear on the cart page. Hence, it will boost the purchase decision of customers.


  • Add proposals for cross selling easily.
  • Create specific related items for each product.
  • Customize the appearance of recommendation.

Cross Selling – by

At first, Cross Selling – by is able to automatically set the recommendation. Besides that, you can customize the recommendation so as to fit with your brand. Furthermore, the pop-up of recommendation displays when customers press the Add to cart button. Finally, it does not slow down your website. 


  • Choose the number of recommendations per product.
  • Match the style of the current theme.
  • Customize the heading text for each cross selling display.
  • Do not reduce the speed of websites.

Upsell & Cross Sell: 

Upsell & Cross Sell contains a wide range of outstanding features to be the best. A widget of recommended products will display on the product pages. Besides that, there is a consistency between brand color and Add-to-cart button. Finally, the apps automatically select products to fill the gap if there are not enough products in recommendation. 


  • Manually recommend the product.
  • Choose location for widget.
  • Limit the number of recommendations.

In Conclusion:

Here are some of my suggestions for the top ten of best Shopify upsell and cross sell apps. I hope it will be useful for you. Please try your best to increase your profit. Please remember ArrowHiTech always offers a wide range of excellent Shopify themes and apps.

If you have any problem in setting up your online store from scratch, do not hesitate to meet ArrowHitech. Our 12-year experience staff in Shopify development and outsourcing will help you set up your dream online store.

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