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Top 10 best free Shopify apps on the market to boost sales

Top 10 best free Shopify apps on the market to boost sales

The free Shopify apps can unlock new features that will optimize your online store for a better customer experience and boost sales. Some allow for better accounting, while you can also find Shopify apps for marketing, sales, fulfillment, and design. Today, Spify will review and selected the 10 best free Shopify apps for you to upgrade in your store. This way, you’ll have no problem keeping costs low, but the functionality is still great

So, keep reading to learn more about the best free Shopify apps on the market!

1. Oberlo

shopify app

Most of the features from Oberlo are absolutely free. That said, you can upgrade to get additional functions.

The Oberlo app is very important for any business interested in dropshipping. The free Shopify app connects to AliExpress, asks you to select products, then automatically moves those items into your website. You can change product details, but most of the process is handled by the supplier. For example, when a sale is made, the whole fulfillment process is left to the providers. All you have to do is marketing and SEO.

2. Shop by Brand

shop by brand shopify app

Shop By Brand app for Shopify helps you to generate dedicated brand pages with logos, descriptions, and banners. With the help of this Shopify app, store owners can showcase all the brands on their website in an appealing way and allow users to shop for the products of their favorite brand. This helps you attract more customer loyalty, makes shopping journeys shorter or can introduce new brands and improve customer awareness.

3. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM shopify

HubSpot CRM is an effective app to organize, track, and nurture your prospects and customers. And the great point is that it’s 100% free, forever.

The HubSpot Shopify app syncs your website data into HubSpot and utilizes it to personalize and automate your marketing strategy. HubSpot enables you to step up your sales and marketing strategy by sending emails to users who’ve abandoned their cart items on your store so you can encourage them toward a purchase.

HubSpot CRM tracks all of your interactions with your clients and all the data associated automatically gets stored in a neat timeline. This will help you better adjust your approach when reaching out to leads

4. Lookbook

Free Shopify apps

A lookbook is a helpful tool to generate multiple image collections for your products based on the images you upload

The timer setting is a helpful funtions, enables customers to apply the time allowance to a lookbook. With this feature, the admin can set the start time and end time for the lookbook. The app will make sure this lookbook or lookbook slider will only be showcased during this time. After this, the lookbook will be automatically disabled.

In other words, amazing lookbook sliders for special occasions, such as Christmas, New Year, or Thanksgiving, with the exact available time, is totally possible without any help from extra developers. No more reminding yourself of enabling/disabling the lookbook! No complexity, no time-consuming, only just some clicks to make the difference.

5. Kit

Free Shopify apps

Kit is a completely free Shopify app that operates as an automated bot. It basically contacts you with recommendations for Instagram and Facebook ads, enabling you to only chime in whenever a decision needs to be made.

At its core, Kit generates everything from promotion codes, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Facebook post updates, personalized thank you emails and quick reports. In common, it’s like having a less intuitive marketing employee.

It also integrates with other modules for making things like product discounts, customer reviews, and retargeting campaigns.

6. Printful

Free Shopify apps

Printful is one of the powerful print-on-demand dropshipping apps for the admin store selling print and embroidered items like t-shirts and pillows. When a shopper purchases a product in your online store, Printful automatically fulfills and ships it to them. The company delivers over one million products per month and solves all shipping, inventory, and production, so you can focus on building your companies

7. ReConvert

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell Free Shopify apps

Upselling and cross-selling is an effective way to boost the cart size and average order value. With ReConvert, you can create a custom thank you page (aka order confirmation page) that turns new users into repeat ones. It enables you to customize your landing page with a drag-and-drop builder and access functionality such as countdown timers, personalized suggestions, post-purchase surveys, and reorder buttons that help you automatically re-engage visitors who just made a purchase in your website

8. Gameball: Loyalty & Rewards

Free Shopify apps

Gameball is a customer retention platform that allows you to manage loyalty programs to enhance referrals and sales. Shoppers can complete challenges, earn points, and level up through various tiers to earn rewards and discount codes. You can also generate a referral program where they earn rewards for bringing new users to your business. 

Gameball allows you to trigger pop-ups to encourage shoppers throughout their shopping experience to promote your program, engage with people, and increase more loyal customers.

9. Smart SEO

Free Shopify apps

Ecommerce SEO is a challenge for many online businesses. It can take a lot of time, resources, and money to get your online store to rank high in search engines. But with this free app, you can automate SEO optimization and drive more traffic to your website easily

This free app automatically creates meta tags and alt tags fix broken links and manage your sitemap to keep your pages Google-friendly. Besides, it also comes with structured data to Google to enhance your search results. All you have to do is select a template and let Smart SEO do the rest. 

10. Shopify Local Delivery

Free Shopify apps

Shopify Local Delivery is a free module that helps any brick-and-mortar business capitalize on this new behavior. 

You can select your delivery area and price in your admin. Customers in your chosen area can select local delivery during checkout. Shopify Local Delivery helps you control all processes by offering optimized routes, automated push notifications, and order status updates. All delivery stops show up in a list on the app. After delivery is finished, the upcoming stops get moved to the top of the list. 

Visit the Shopify App Store to browse even more apps by use case, and feel free to share your thoughts on paid apps in the comments

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