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The best Shopify themes: Top 5 perfect designs for your 2020 online store

The best Shopify themes: Top 5 perfect designs for your 2020 online store

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms for building an online store. This platform does not need too many technical skills to operate. Hence, it is very suitable for both small online sellers and big business. The best Shopify themes are available on the themes market. People can choose the best Shopify themes and download them in some minutes to start a new online store. There are themes that need your payment to use all premium functions. However, some free Shopify themes own enough features for running a small online store. 

In this blog, Spify would like to show you the top 5 the best Shopify themes for designing your online store. We hope that it can help you choose the best Shopify themes for building a wonderful store. 


The best Shopify themes: Perfect design for your 2020 online store
Lezada – the minimal multipurpose Shopify

It is a stunning Shopify theme. It is seen as a multipurpose theme for creating an eCommerce website. Like the others, it contains a variety of functions. It includes more than 200 homepage layouts. You can have many choices in setting up your homepage. 

Moreover, some available extensions will be useful for both your store and your clients. It is absolutely one of the best Shopify themes because it is appropriate for almost all goods. 


The best Shopify themes: Perfect design for your 2020 online store
Arangi – one of the best Shopify themes for Organic and Healthy products

It is a perfect theme for selling every kind of product. It contains a number of layouts with UI and UX experience designs. The homepage designs are colorful and diverse. The user can have many choices in picking a layout for decorating your online store. Thus, it contains a variety of functions to configure your website easily. Arangi’s theme is not only suitable for a small store but it is also helpful for a large business. The followings are the reasons why Arangi is one of the best Shopify themes: 

  • It integrates with essential extensions for a great online store. It includes native Shopify Ajax Compare, Ajax collection filter, native Shopify Ajax wishlist and a number of others. You can refer in Arangi theme site
  • The best Shopify themes have useful features that can make clients convenient in finding their desire items. This can attract clients landing on your site. And you can boost your site’s traffic. All this theme is owning. 
  • With the various functions and features, the store owners can minimize their extra development fees but they can run their store effectively.
  • Newsletter, pop-ups, product video can help your store attractive at the first loading. You can make your special product emerge while the site has loaded. Therefore, your clients can save time to see your highlight points. Thanks to this feature, the conversion rate can increase, and you can have a large number of new clients. 


Wokiee – the Multipurpose Shopify theme

It now is on the top of the best Shopify themes on Themeforest. Wokiee can catch people’s eyes at the first view because of the colorful site. On one hand, it includes advantage functions for an online store like the others. Its layouts and styles are really eye-catching. There are numerous necessary tools and modules for creating an eCommerce website quickly. On the other hand, this Shopify theme owns the typical features which make it into one of the best Shopify themes:

  • Ajax cart page: it helps calculate the total cost without updating the cart or reload the page.
  • Video blocks: you can put the corresponding video next to your item.
  • There are many different styles of content blocks. You will have many choices for your products. 


Porto – the best Shopify theme

This Shopify theme is a powerful package with all functions for your online store. It is an Ultimate Shopify Template with all your needs, includes required tools and features to build a fast responsive online store with UI and UX experience. Here are the advantages of Porto which gives it a position in the best Shopify themes:

  • Porto designs exclusive eCommerce website for boosting sale – each of the best Shopify themes needs
  • There are more than 20 niche modern concepts for selling your products.
  • This theme can help boost your sale by its speed performance
  • Porto provides powerful options for you to configure your own site.


Amely – the powerful theme in the Shopify platform

It is a wonderful theme for stores selling digital products, fashion products, and so many others. Many users supposed that Amely is a clean and modern Shopify theme. 

To deserve one of the best Shopify themes, with the Amely theme, people can sell anything. There are so many Demo layouts for each kind of product. Amely provides full and clear layouts so users can arrange their items easily. 

Besides, Amely contains a variety of functions to motivate your store. For instance, the Product video popups functions can show the usage of your item. Users can set up the video emergence when holding or clicking the item image.

Moreover, features relating to Ajax can help filter the desiring items for clients without reloading the site. They will feel convenient when going to your online store. That can promise a return from your clients. 

Thus, Amely has all the useful functions for a good online store but its price is very reasonable. Users can minimize a considerable fee for developing extra features. Thus, almost ArrowHiTech’s themes give long-term support, you can be no worry about the theme quality in using time. 

If you enjoy this theme, go with us to Amely theme to know more about the best Shopify themes. 


All the above are the top 5 the best Shopify theme for designing the eCommerce store in 2020. Each of them has special features for their own. Spify hopes that it will be helpful to find a great Shopify theme for your online shop. You also can find your appropriate themes on ArrowHiTech portfolio or refer to Spify themes to make your store more professional.

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