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Stock sync: what is it and top 7 best apps for your Shopify store.

Stock sync: what is it and top 7 best apps for your Shopify store.

Regardless of your products, running out-of-stock is one of the most terrible things that you have to avoid. Customers tend to find out your out-of-stock products in your competitors’ stores. Thus out-of-stock products can make you lose a large amount of loyal customers. So how would you keep track of the number of products in your warehouse? In this article, I will reveal the top ten best Shopify stock sync apps.

What are the Shopify stock sync apps?

Shopify stock sync apps are effective supporters for you to manage the amount of products in your inventory. More specifically, it indicates when you should import more products to avoid unavailable status.

Besides that, there are several roles that Shopify stock sync can be in charge of. As a role of an accounting app, Shopify stock sync apps enable you to curb financial problems. Furthermore, Shopify stock sync app can be responsible for returning and shipping issues. If you work in different sale channels, you have to possess a Shopify stock sync app. In reality, there are a wide range of Stock sync apps on Shopify Appstore. Yet you have to consider carefully your purpose before making a decision.

Whether you just need a simple one to control the up and down of your stock or a functional one. Let’s move to my list of top seven best Shopify stock sync apps.

Stock sync

Top seven the best stock sync apps for your Shopify store.

Stock Sync – Qty update by SKU:

Stock sync

Stock Sync – Qty update by SKU is one of the most functional stock sync apps for store owners. At first, it offers you a 14-day free trial plan. Thus you have time to consider whether it is suitable for you. Because of its comprehensiveness, it is compatible with business on different scales. It can be from startup to enterprises.

One of the first noticeable features is that it assists you to manipulate products’ price based on price rules. Hence, definitely, you will sell the product at the highest price that you can. Besides that, if a product is rarely ordered, you can remove it from your feed. With Stock Sync, you can easily include/exclude products on your Shopify store.

Finally, in case of dropshipping, Stock Sync enables you to integrate with suppliers’ inventory. Because of it, you can avoid overselling effectively.

Highlighted features:

  • Synchronise with suppliers’ warehouses.
  • Suitable for different types of business.
  • 14-day free trial for experience.

Realtime Stock Sync & Bundling:

Stock sync

If you have a wide range of sales channels, you have to find a smart solution for managing the stock levels. The lack of Shopify stock sync results in a serious problem to your reputation. It means that you confirm more order than you have in your warehouse. Thus it will force you to say sorry to your customers for not shipping their desired products. And they will have a negative experience with your store. 

The appearance of Realtime Stock Sync & Bundling helps you to know exactly the amount of stock in different sale channels. Hence you can avoid overselling completely. Particularly, regardless of the number of your sales channels, you only have to pay for one account. Finally, it can operate smoothly with different types of products from bundles to variants one. 

Highlighted features:

  • Automatic process.
  • Only pay one fee for all.
  • Assist you to avoid overselling and breaking your words.

NEON: Display inventory count:

Stock sync

If you want to find a powerful Shopify stock sync, NEON: Display inventory count is for you. In reality, it will display the countdown for your inventory level. Thus your customers can know the number of their desired products. Once a customer buys a product, the countdown will go down. Furthermore, it enables you to show the number of products that you previously sold. The more products you sold, the more reliable your products are. 

The interface of NEON: Display inventory count is quite comprehensive for different sizes of display. Hence, it is suitable for stores whose users use both computers and smartphones.   More importantly, it consists of a wide range of distinctive customizing functions. For instance, you can change the color of information and so on. 

Finally, you can also FOMO (fear of missing out) sale strategy via the low-stock warning.

Highlighted features: 

  • Display the number of products in the warehouse.
  • Show the number of sold products for social proof.
  • User-friendly interface for mobile devices.

Inventory Management 4 Makers: 

If you decide to run your business from manufacturing to sales, the appearance of a Shopify stock sync is absolutely vital. Inventory Management 4 Makers assists you to control your business from raw materials to warehouse/sale channel. 

More specifically, it indicates the order of customers’ order, the available amount of raw material, the time for finishing a product and more. Thus it helps you to automate your business flows. The more automatic process you have, the more efficient your tasks are.

Finally, because of a large amount of automatic tasks, you can do less administrative work. It will enable you to allocate more time on other activities such as advertising.

Highlighted features:

  • Real-time figure for inventory levels of products and raw materials.
  • Allows you to visually plan your production process.
  • Support multiple Shopify stores.


If you want to seek a fully functional Shopify app, TradeGecko is an ideal choice for you. With the support of Gecko, you can control stock levels, accounting and sales channels. Definitely, it is nearly everything you need to manage an eCommerce business. 

In terms of stock levels, regardless of its situation and availability, it will be displayed on the dashboard. TradeGecko turns all information relating to stock level into an exact number. Particularly, the system will automatically order the stock if the stock level runs low.

For accounting, TradeGecko helps you with almost all tasks such as sending invoices, credit notes and shipping documents. Thus you can manage every type of customer easily from retailers and wholesalers in one dashboard.

Moreover, TradeGecko also enables you to run your business on different sales channels such as Amazon, Ebay and more. The more sales channels you have, the more opportunities you have. In spite of multiple channels, you only need to pay attention to one dashboard.

Finally, you can integrate this app with Quickbook and Xero to generate insightful reports for customers’ demand and markets. 

Highlighted features:

  • Functional Shopify apps for different business activities.
  • Payment in different currencies.
  • Insightful statistic for market reports.

AutoSync for Square:

If you possess an online store on both Shopify and Square, AutoSync for Square is for you. Information relating your stock level is automatically synchronized between these two. If a product is out-of-stock on Shopify, the same will occur on Square. Because of its automatic process, you can prevent yourself from customers’ sense of disappointment. 

In order to ensure the correction of information, the information will be updated per 60 seconds. If a difference appears, it will be resolved immediately. Finally, you have to set up manually for the first time. It provides the system with the true starting point. After that, everything will be processed automatically.

Highlighted features:

  • Work with Square and Shopify.
  • Update data continuously per 60 seconds.
  • Easy to set up.


StoreSync enables you to connect your Shopify store with Ebay. More specifically, it provides you with a consistent look across different platforms. It updates not only the stock level across different but also pricing, description and images.

Besides that, it offers you real-time count stock for both Shopify and Ebay. There are flexible rules that can control your catalog management rules. Doubtlessly, any changes on different platforms will synchronise immediately even when you make minor changes.  

Finally, you can sell your products on all domains of Ebay from the US, Europe and more. Moreover, thanks to the bulk listing feature, you can list a large amount of products on Ebay.

Highlighted features:

  • Automatic sync for features relating to products and stock level.
  • Sell globally on Ebay.
  • Bulk listing feature.

Final Words: 

Here is my overall introduction to stock sync on Shopify. Besides that, I propose the top seven of potential stock sync apps for yours. I hope it will be useful for you to prevent yourself from overselling and missing products.

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