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Social proof: Highly effective ways to drive more sales to your Shopify store

Social proof: Highly effective ways to drive more sales to your Shopify store

Thanks to Internet, customers nowadays can do product research before buying. They can simply stay at home and get access to thousands feedback from previous buyers. As a result, social proof plays an important role in your business profit. If you use it wisely, you can boost the revenue of your store to the nest level

What is social proof?

But first, we need to understand what is social proof?

Social proof is when people consult others’ opinions before buying products. Reviews, testimonials are some common forms of social proof. People often feel more comfortable and confident when they see previous customer thoughts. 

With the expansion of social media and Internet, it’s easy to see others’ reviews. 82% of the buying decision starts with conducting online, and 92% of the consumers highly trust non-paid reviews. Hence, social proof is vital for every store, especially online ones. E commerce is a highly competitive market. Therefore, gaining customers trust is vital to gain long-term benefits. 

social proof
What is social proof?

Forms of social proofs

There are many types of social proofs such as: review, testimonies, etc. However, we can categorize it into 2 main forms

  • Direct review: This is the most common form of social proof. Reviews can come from customers, reviewers and influencers. You can easily see reviews on the website of the store, blogs. Some people can review products on their channel or social media pages.
  • Number of engagement: The volume of followers, reviewers and other metrics can be considered a form of social proof. Customers might believe that the more buyers, the higher your reputation. Thus, they will trust your service more.

Advantages of social proof

The advantages of social proofs are undeniable. Here are some reasons why social proof can boost your online sales.

Build customer trust

E commerce is a competitive market with new rivals entering every year. Therefore, customers now have many options to choose, not just only your store. If you want to keep your customers, gaining their trust is a must. Hence, social proof can give you a hand with this.

Psychologically, customers often trust buyers rather than sellers. Since people usually think sellers just trying to get their money, then buyers’ opinions will be more objective. Moreover, when reading others’ reviews, people often think they will get the same results. The main reason might be that human don’t likely go against the majority. Thus, social proof can bring you a lot of benefits you never think of.

Reviews from influencers

Influencers’ reviews is a form of social proofs. Since famous people often have many followers, their opinions can reach many people. Moreover, young people usually value the thoughts of their idols. Therefore, they likely to buy same products with whom they look up to in the hope of being like them. Moreover, fans would love to support their idols as well.

Encourage buying decision

Sometimes people are not best at decision-making. They will hesitate with products or companies they don’t know well. Hence, social proofs is a great “third-party” to help them draw final conclusions. This can enhance your cash inflows and you’ll gain more in less time.

Negative effects of social proof.

Every coin has both sides, and social media is not an exception. It can boost your revenue, but can damage your business as well. Customers can directly share their experience with others, as well as their complaints. When customers see negative reviews, they might hesitate to buy your products or choose another store with better social proof. Therefore, it’s important that you response and solve problems as fast as possible. Customers then can understand the situation clearly or think your service is reliable. This might help minimize the negative effects of bad comments.

How to get social proofs

Social proof can bring you great benefits. It can help you gain customers’ trust and make right adjustments. If you want to gain more social proof, here are some recommendations for you.

Send request for reviews

Many applications send users review requests after a period of use. This is a fast and cost-effective way. First, the reviews will be more objective since customers have used the service for a while and experience the good, the bad of the products. Therefore, according to the feedback, companies can make suitable adjustments to raise customers satisfactions.

Send emails

You can ask customers to review your service by sending them review forms via email. Compared to review request, email is a less effective way. Your review email might be sent to spam box, or neglected, while requests for review can pop-up when customers use services or products. However, every company can use this method to gain social proof.

Make your website easy to review.

If you want to get social proof on your web shop, you’d better make it easy to write review. For example, you can simplify registration process.  Everyone who have account on your website can write reviews as long as they fill in enough information. Moreover, review panel should be visible and easy to use.

Create case study based on customers’ experience

Not every company can use case-study to gain social proof, but it provides high authority social proof. Therefore, it is favorable to many big brands. For example, Shopify, a popular e commerce platform in the world, highlights their customer success stories as long term case study. 

Tips to use social proof.

You want to get the best of social proof and minimize its drawbacks. These tips below can help you best utilize it to boost your revenue.

Display testimonial on your homepage

First impression is vital. Therefore, you will want to show customers great reviews of your products whenever they enter your store. You need to put the most positive feedback on the homepage to encourage customers to look further.

You can also show the overall feedback grade in the front page. This can give customers general assess about the products the moment they visit your store.

social proof
Scott Dunn displays testimonial on their homepage

The number of customers should be shown

The higher the number of buyers, the more your products will appeal to customers. People might believe in your shop reputation and feel comfortable when buying. shows the number of travelers of each destination.

Focus on customers, rather than on yourself

You can add “ 3000 people recommend” this product rather than “ we recommend”. First, people often think salesperson is trying to get money from them. Therefore, the term “ we recommend” might sound commercial. On the other hand, the thoughts and reviews from other buyers might be objective.

Highlight top products

You can label your products as top-selling, hot sale, etc. This can gain customers attentions. Then, customer can have confident to buy the products if they see it’s favored by many people

social proof

Display the number of likes next to your products

Sometimes, customers just browse through your website. Therefore, they might not have time to see the reviews below. To solve this problem, you can add the number of likes right next to your products. Customers therefore can simply assess the quality of the goods. For example, the higher the number of likes, the more buyers satisfied with the products. Moreover, we recommend displaying the number of likes only to avoid negative feedbacks.

social proof


Don’t just sell what customers ask. You should motivate them to spend more money on your online store. Many online stores nowadays have “ often bought with” or “ people buying this product also bought” categories at buying or checkout process. Instead of recommend customers with vast product, you should give them selective options.

Amazon effectively uses this method

Display customers’ feedbacks under your products

Customer’s review is a common form of social proof. It plays an important roles since other clients can read and know others’ experience with your products. Therefore, you’d better display all the reviews below your products to show your integrity.

However, you should show detail information or contextual of reviewers. First, customers might think the reviewers are actual buyers, not shop staff. Also, they can contact and ask reviewers for further information. Clear information about reviewers can benefit shop owners as well. In case someone is trying to damage your business by dropping negative reviews, you will be able to know their information and contact them.

Show experts’ opinion about your product

Customers seem to value opinions of professionals rather than normal buyers. Therefore, great reviews from expert can hold more weights and effectiveness. Thus, many online stores often display experts’ comments on the front page of the web

Connecting with social media

Social media is expanding. More and more people are using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at the moment. As a result, social media is a great way for you to earn more profit. You can connect your online store with media platforms. Then, when a customer enter your store, you can show them how many Facebook friends have bought the products. Psychologically, people often trust close relationships rather than cold ones. Therefore, connecting with social media is an effective way to boost your online store revenue.

social proof

“ Mark popular” products

You can recommend customers product initially. For example, when they click on “ searching tab”, a list of top-selling products will appear down below. This can draw customers’ attention and encourage them to look into your products more

We hope to deliver you more understandings about social proof and how to use it to optimize sale revenue. If you want to boost up your revenue with online business, ArrowHitech is the right option for you. Established since 2007, ArrowHitech has 12+ years in e commerce. We are also experienced Shopify themes and apps developers. Hence, our company can grant you your dream webshop with modern design. You surely can gain more with our service. Contact us here or via email: or hotline: +84 243 7955 813.

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