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SMS marketing: Its benefits and the mistakes you should avoid making

SMS marketing: Its benefits and the mistakes you should avoid making

SMS marketing is one of the easiest way to communicate with customers. However, it’s a clear line between SMS marketing and spamming. If you pursue an effective marketing campaign, then you need to keep reading

What is SMS marketing?

SMS, or short message service marketing is a business strategy. Companies will send customers messages via text. This will greatly enhance brand awareness. Therefore, business can reach more customers and prospects.

SMS marketing
What is SMS marketing?

Use of SMS marketing

You can use SMS marketing for many purposes. Here we’ll list some of them.

Send announcements

This is a great way to make customers know about your events. If you are about to launch a marketing campaign, or having a sale; simply text your customers. Thus, more people will know about your event.

SMS marketing announcements
You can send announcement to customers

Offer discount or coupon

Announce new product launch

SMS marketing

Promote sales

With enhanced brand awareness and the number of prospects, surely you will get more income

SMS marketing sales

Deliver updates or notifications

With SMS marketing, customers will know about the changes of your business instantly. For example, you want to notify customers about website maintenance time to avoid dissatisfaction.

 Send remind messages

You can send customer reminder about their order or abandoned carts.

Collect feedback from customers

Customer feedback is invaluable to assess your business performance. Thus, you can send customer texts to get their thoughts and comments about your products.

You can get customer feedback from messages

Benefits of SMS marketing

Instant delivery to your customers

Text can be sent to almost immediately. Thus, you can avoid sensitive time and deliver messages sensibly. 

Moreover, most people carry their phone with them all the time. Therefore, high chance that they will get your message instantly

Higher rate of reading and opening

SMS marketing has much higher rate of opening compared to email marketing.

Nowadays, people have their phones with them all the time. Therefore, when you send them texts, they immediately acknowledge that. This enhance the chance they will open and read the messages.

Higher rate of getting response

If you use SMS marketing to get customer feedback, you’re likely to get more feedback compared to others methods.

Cost efficiency

First, the cost for sending messages is not high. Secondly, there are many tools to deliver text in bulk with affordable price. Therefore, you might not need to spend a fortune for SMS marketing

How to best use SMS marketing?

SMS marketing can bring you great benefits. But if you don’t use it wisely, you might end up damaging your brand image. So, how can you best utilize it?

Get customer permission

Having someone’s phone number doesn’t mean you have the right to use it. Customers might think you steal their information and think you’re illegal business. Therefore, it’s better to ask for permission before sending them messages.

So how can you get customer’s permission? 

  • Run marketing ads: There are many channels for you to run ads, for example, social media. Create a box for customers to enter their information on that. Then, you will get customer data. On the other hand, prospects will know where you get their information. 
  • Run campaign: Another way to get permission is asking directly. For example, you can tell them to text a code to get some coupons or offers.
  • Offer customers options to receive message: This one is very common. To illustrate, a customer buy a product on your website. At checkout, they will see an option to receive messages from you. Then, they can tick on it or not.

Use SMS marketing tolls

It’ll be a waste of time texting your customers manually. Instead, consider using SMS marketing tools. Those tools allow you to automatically follow up contacts, set precise sending times or send messages based on customers behaviors. 

As a result, using SMS marketing tools will not only save you time, but also make your campaign more effective

Personalization messages

People want to feel important. Thus, you should add some phrase to your message to make it more valuable for customers. For example, “ Just for you” will make receivers feel special. 

Moreover, on customer birthday, you can offer them special discounts or coupons. Thus, customers will feel respected and special. 

SMS marketing
You can offer discount on customer birthday

Keep it short

People don’t have time for lengthy messages. Your messages should be under 160 characters. Otherwise, customers either skip your text, or miss some important information.

One tips for you is adding phrase such as “ Special offer” or “ Discount just for you” on the top of the messages. When people open their phone, they immediately see this and want to know further about your events.

What to consider when it comes to SMS marketing?

Here are some tops factor you need to consider before sending SMS to customers.

The time

Imagine you’re woken up by the ring of your phone. However, it’s not the text from your family or friends. It’s just a marketing message. So annoying, right?

Thus, timing is the first thing you should think of when sending messages. Try to avoid sending texts in early morning, lunch / dinner time or too late at night. 

We recommend sending messages between 10:31 am and 11:29 am or 2:34 pm and 3:27 pm.

You must send texts at the right time

Don’t use slang or too informal words

Yes, you should keep your messages short. But you shouldn’t use slang to shorten it. 

First, this will make your text hard to understand. Secondly, people will think your business isn’t that professional. 

Avoid using slang or informal words

Include your brand in the message

Customers should know who send them the messages. Otherwise, they will skip the messages. Moreover, if you want to collect feedback from customers, identifying your brand in the text become even more crucial. If not, you will end up wasting your money and time on ineffective SMS marketing.

Make friend with customer first

This is the first step in selling. Don’t jump right in selling products. Try to communicate with customers. Treat them as a person, not a customers.

To do this, you can text them with friendly tone or add some personalized phrase.

What you should avoid in SMS marketing?

Now, let’s go through some most common mistake with SMS marketing. Those can possibly damage your business image.

Don’t send too many messages

There’s a clear line between SMS marketing and spam. No one expects to receive too many messages. Just send texts when you really have something special. Then, when people receive something from you, they know it’s worth their time.

 Give the option to cancel

You can send people texts only when they allow you. Otherwise, it’s illegal. Therefore, you should give them option to opt-out easily.

Include call-to-action phrase

In the end, the main purpose of SMS marketing is generating sales. Therefore, you should include call-to-action phrase in your text. This will encourage customers to buy your products

Call-to-action phrase should be put on top of the message

Avoid too long message

As mentioned above, long message can frustrate readers. Therefore, try to keep your text under 160 characters. 

In conclusion

Now you might know some basic knowledge about SMS marketing. Overall, it can greatly benefit you if you execute it right. Otherwise, it can damage your business.

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