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Shopify translation app: Top 10 best apps to succeed in the global market

Shopify translation app: Top 10 best apps to succeed in the global market

Shopify translation module allows you to translate your store into a number of different languages to appeal to a larger audience. Then, if you’re running an online store on Shopify, intergrading a translation app brings you a lot of benefits. In this post today, we’ll take a look at the top 10 different solutions that can help you start selling internationally.

1. Langify- Shopify translation app

Coming to Langify App. This app helps you to translate directly without having to prepare your themes for translations. Shopify flatform does not provide a multilingual storefront which may prevent your shop from expanding worldwide. Therefore, you may need to use an additional app to support you translate your website into other languages. Once you install it, you can start translating instantly without waiting for your theme to translate.

This application will automatically identify the language of your users and change to their preferred one. Moreover, it comes with all kinds of languages and allows you to import/export the translation data into/out of your store page. However, a minus of this tool is that the checkout page and notifications cannot be translated or in other words, it will be showcased in the base language of your website. Hence, you can take a trial of 7-day to experience its service and determine to use it or not later.

langify translation app

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2. Translate Your Store

The WeGlot app is arguably the best app out there. One of the biggest benefits of using this multilingual app is the fact that it is completely free to download. In addition, this app is following Google multilingual SEO best practices which help your store is indexed in the translated languages. Furthermore, it instantly interprets you to save into more than a hundred languages without coding capabilities. Automatically translate your checkout web page. It’s so clean to determine which pages of your website carry you extra sales eventually and boom your advertising and marketing finances for those pages.

 Translate Your Store

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3. Easy Language Translate

First of all, With Easy Language Translate, you can translate your webpage into over 100 different languages. This platform automatically recognizes the language of your customers and changes the settings.

Easy Language Translate

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4. Shopify Translation App – Panda Language Translate

Just like other Shopify translate apps, Panda Language Translate provides a translation service for Shopify online stores. The owner store can easily translate the website into more than 100 languages immediately. Besides, it also identifies your customer’s language switch into that one automatically when they access your page. Best of all, the shoppers can choose the language with the flag option they want to use as well. 

Shopify translation app

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5. Currency LangShop -Shopify Translation App

The LangShop module helps you expand your Shopify website and boost sales by translating and localizing content into multiple languages. You need to select the language, run Auto-translate, and get translated Shopify store in minutes. Best of all, it is set to automatically detect and translate the language and currency of the consumers.

Currency LangShop

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6. Tantum – Shopify Translation App

Tantum Translate provides a tool to translate context automatically. With the help o this app, you can design as many languages as possible. Thanks to that, the system translator is pretty correct. Its reason is to boost the translation manner and keep your price range for growing a multilingual website. To the pinnacle of it, to your account, you have got the assist of expert translators that let you with well-known proofreading or in-depth corrections.

Shopify translation app Tantum

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7. GTranslate – Shopify Translation App

First of all, GTranslate leverages Google Translate and Bing’s automatic translation services to translate your site into 100 different languages.

The app’s full capabilities are only available by purchasing the Pro version. Best of all, editing translations and multilingual SEO options are not part of the free plan. 

Shopify Translation App 4

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8. Translate Language Convey

Best of all, ConveyThis App is an effective solution where you won’t need to deal with any coding or difficult schemes to get it to work. Thanks to that, the app can auto-detect which language the customer prefers and redirect them to the correct version of your online store.

Shopify Translation App 3

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9. Translate My Store

With the help of this app, your online store can provide the most smooth multi-language experience without slowed page loading time or 3rd party translation overlay. S. You will have a TRUE multi-language store!

Shopify Translation App

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10. Translation Lab 

The best thing about Translation Lab is the native multi-language feature which can be added to your website without any changes to your theme code or an external backend. Moreover, the Translation Lab app works with all major SEO apps as well.

 Shopify translation app 1

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Final Word

Your business needs to utilize translation modules if you want to expand across the world. These modules will help make your site more profitable. Hopefully from this blog, you will have a fundamental understanding of the Translation app. In case you need further information, or help from experts and professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us

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