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Shopify theme: The important things to consider before selecting

Shopify theme: The important things to consider before selecting

Choosing the right Shopify theme plays an important role when setting up an online business. Currently, Shopify themes are quite diverse and plentiful. It is wonderful but it can bring some problems to the users. First, which does the Shopify theme suit their products? Second, are the features of that Shopify theme optimized to promote the sale of their products on the site? 

There are many factors that determine what your online store will look like. Depending on the current trends, appearance or use of the item so that people can adjust the color, font or layout of the eCommerce site. However, if you do not know what your eCommerce site needs, it is very difficult for you to choose an appropriate Shopify theme. You can even get caught up in the whirlwind of premium features without forgetting to consider the suitability of your product.

Before making a decision to build an online store, people have to notice some of the following points.

The remarkable points in selecting a Shopify theme

Don’t select the theme which its demo sells your products

When store owners watch the Shopify theme preview, they tend to choose the theme that is mocked up selling the same products with them. That is a mistake of almost store owners in finding the appropriate Shopify theme.

Generally, that is only the sample of the Shopify theme. Sometimes, it may be suitable for selling your products. But in some cases, it is not really the best choice. Shopify theme can optimize your store if you determine the exact features you need. Besides, you should try to focus on the layouts, types of shown content or how to operate the functions of that Shopify theme. You should not notice the live Demo too much.

For example, you sell fashion products like clothes. You decide to choose a theme in which the live Demo shows you that they sell clothes too. However, the image size of that theme is small whereas your items’ image needs to big to catch clients’ eyes. Therefore, The Shopify theme can not help your online store operate effectively. And you may have a feeling that you wasted your money. 

Shopify themes

Live demo of Amely theme in fashion

Make a list of main features you want and test the theme

Now, you may know the ineffective of selecting a Shopify theme by watch live Demo. So, how you can choose the right Shopify theme. 

Before you find a Shopify theme for your store, you have to list the main features, the main functions you want. You should choose the theme in which features fit well with your brand. Ensuring that you can minimize development fees in the future. 

In some cases, the theme has amazing features that you really enjoy. However, there are about 5 aim features you can not seek in this theme. You should not go with this theme. Finding another theme that contains more of your aim features, and then, developing it by adding the missing ones.

The main theme features emerge under the theme preview. You should watch the Demo preview to be clear about the theme and how its features run. 

The main features of Arangi theme

Make sure the theme mobile-friendly

The theme which is compatible with mobile can support your store effectively. The traffic from mobile is as considerable as the desktop view. So, when you decide to pick a Shopify theme, you should pay attention to the responsive and mobile-optimized function of the theme. 

That will be a plus for your own store because you give your clients convenience. People can view your store on any electronic device. Clearly, this function can promote your webshop conversion rate and help your site run well. 

The fully responsive and mobile-optimized function of Arangi

Points that sellers need to consider

When you are going to find a Shopify theme for your online store, you need to pay attention to some of the following factors


Your product is the most important factor in your business. The objective of all is to sell something and earn money. Be never forget the following vital things:

  • While you invest to build a webshop, you will think about the large profit in the future. So, you need to guarantee the diversity of your items to attract viewers. For example, you offer small types of your items, which makes your site spare. Despite a wonderful theme, your business can not maintain for a long time. 
  • You should concern about the information on your products to make an appropriate choice.
    • Children’s products, foods, drinks, and kitchen items all require extra information. You should find the theme that is able to link to the other info website. You also notice the material of your items to give a good delivery and payment method.
    • Shopify is not suitable for selling alcohol products, raw food, weapons or banned substances.
    • There will be a limitation in selling your products depend on your target market.
  • In case your product can not use Shopify Payments, you will pay through the third-party payment gateway and you need to pay an extra fee. 


The content of your products plays an incredible role in motivating your product sales. Therefore, the store owner has to take care of the content that displays on the web-store regularly. 

  • Do not write general product information. Your product description needs to be quality. It has to show the typical characteristics of your items. That is all viewers need to know. 
  • The content should be understandable to help viewers read smoothly.
  • The headlines should be compelling to catch viewers to leave their notice. 
  • You also consider content marketing and blogs to boost your site. 

Sum up

The Shopify theme is necessary for building an eCommerce store. Nonetheless, making a choice in selecting a Shopify theme depends on many important elements. Hence, Spify hopes that all information above can be helpful for you in creating a well-run eCommerce store and finding the appropriate Shopify theme. 

Besides, Spify owns some theme which can benefit your online store. Go with us and you can find great themes for your products.

Or if you have your own store, our extensions can be useful to make your store more professional.

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