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Shopify test order: The importance and how to implement it on Shopify store

Shopify test order: The importance and how to implement it on Shopify store

For every Shopify online store, checking if everything is in order is very crucial. This will ensure that every function works as you intended. Then, you can avoid unexpected issues and maintain high customer satisfaction. In this guideline, we will provide you with sufficient information about Shopify test order: What is it and how to implement it on your Shopify store

What is the Shopify test order?

First, we need to understand the Shopify test order. Simply, this is the test to check if your checkout process and settings for order processing, inventory, etc work correctly. Moreover, Shopify won’t charge you anything for a test order. However, keep in mind that tests order will be attached in reports about placing orders

Why you need Shopify test order?

Test orders can bring you a lot of benefits. Here just to name a few

Check if everything runs correctly on your Shopify store

Needless to say, Shopify test order can ensure your checkout process will work as you intend. Thanks to this, you can deliver a smooth and flawless experience to your customers

Improve customer experience

Thanks to a smooth and great checkout process, customers hardly meet any problems when buying your products. As a result, you can ensure high customer satisfaction and experience

You won’t be charged for the test orders

Next, you don’t need to pay a penny for the test orders. As that said, any orders which are canceled will not be paid or can come to a transaction fee.

With all those above benefits, we highly recommend you carry out Shopify test order at least once. You can do this either during the store installation, or any time your want to make change with your payment settings

How to implement Shopify test order on your online store

Let’s see how you can place a test order. Here are some ways you can implement it on your Shopify store

Place a Shopify test order with actual transaction

With this method, you will carry out the test with the real payment provider. After that, immediately cancel the order to get the refund. However, you can only use this method after you’ve set up payment options. For example, Paypal, or credit cards. Also, if you’re using a development store, you can’t use this method

Here are the steps to place a test order with real transaction

  1. Set up payment provider like Paypal or credit cards
  2. Buy products on your online store. Then, checkout with valid credit card details
  3. In case you use a third – party payment provider, you’ll have to log in to your payment provider. 
  4. Once you finish the checkout process, cancel and refund the order immediately. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a transaction fee. There will be the case when the billing cycle starts before you can cancel the order. Then, you’ll be charged the transaction fee. However, you still get a transaction credit on your account

Shopify test order with a “ Bogus” payment Provider

Testing order with real transactions is very simple and easy to do. However, you might have to pay the transaction fees. If you’re looking for another method to test your order, then “ Bogus” payment method will come in handy. With this method, you will be able to test your online store’s payment functionality. Here’s how you can do this

  • On your Shopify admin panel, look for the Settings on the bottom left of your screen. Then, choose Payment providers
Shopify test order
  • Then, choose Add a provider
Shopify test order
  • When you see the “ Change provider” popup, select the option for Third party credit card provider. After that, on the drop down menu, choose (for testing) Bogus Gateway
  • After that, a popup window will provide you instruction on how to use this payment method for your Shopify test order. Since, you choose the option ( for testing), you won’t have to pay any transaction fees
  • Finally, select Activate. Then, to test the order , come back to your store to choose and buy any products you want. On the checkout stage, you’ll see an orange B next to the payment method. Next, choose the Bogus Gateway and enter 1,2, or 3 on the credit card number box. Make sure that you enter “ Bogus Gateway” on the “ Card holder name” box. For the expiration date and CVV field, you can type in whatever number you want
  • Finally, choose “ Complete Order”. If your checkout process runs correctly, the payment will go through and you’ll reach the thank you page showing the successful transaction. Otherwise, there might be some problems with your checkout process. 
  • Once you’ve done with Shopify test order, come back to the Return Provider and change it back from this Bogus method

In conclusion

We hope to deliver you the basic understanding about Shopify test order. Through this, you will be able to place the test order for your online Shopify store. If you need any help, or want to boost your online store to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact ArrowHitech

With more than 12 years in e commerce, we can grant you an outstanding and professional-looking web store. Working with our decade-long experienced developers, you surely get your dream online shop. Also, our company sells and develops Shopify themes and Shopify apps. What are you waiting for? Contact us here or via email: or hotline + 84 243 7955 813

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