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Shopify technology themes: The best picks of themes for your online store

Shopify technology themes: The best picks of themes for your online store

Nowadays, almost anything can be sold online. As that said, there are many technological online stores these days. If you want to start your electronic and gadget stores on Shopify, finding themes is one of the initial steps. Here are some of the best Shopify technology themes for you.

Lusion – Shopify multipurpose theme

Lusion - Shopify multipurpose theme

Lusion is one of the best multipurpose Woocommerce themes in 2020. And in 2021, its developers proudly announce the Shopify version of this well – known theme. Since Lusion is a multipurpose theme, it can be used for a wide range of online stores, from Fashion, Clothes to Electronics

The special thing about Lusion is its layouts and designs. Lusion has neat and minimal design. By utilizing neutral colors like white as the background, it highly focuses on your products, not on other elements. This will encourage customers to make a purchase on your website. 

This Shopify theme comes with 15+ beautiful and clean homepages, 6+ shop page and 4+ product page. Overall, Lusion can deliver you everything you need to build a solid website on Shopify. Simply choose the layout you like best, and customize it as you like. No coding required

Lusion - Shopify multipurpose theme

Some other highlights of Lusion

  • Lusion is mobile – first designed. Thus, it can bring a better experience to mobile users. 
  • It includes many useful and advanced app such as Mega menu, Ajax cart pro, etc that are worth $1000+. As a result, you can save thousands of dollar when working with Lusion
  • Include fake sales popup, recommended products, built – in mega menu, Ajax Search Auto Complete and so on
  • Fully customizable. Therefore, you’ll have a lot of freedom to customize the theme as you like

As that said, Lusion is one of the best Shopify technology themes to boost your sales in 2021. During this limited time, you can get this powerful theme with just $19

Get Lusion Now!

GemMart – Marketplace Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Come first in out list is GemMart – a stunning, exclusive and functioning Shopify technological themes for your business. It can fit in many types of stores, especially marketplace and electronics stores.

There are 18+ homepage demos

With clean structure and neutral colored background, GemMart is highly product focusing. Moreover, there is much white spaces for you to write description for your products. There are 18+ different homepage demos with amazing layouts for you to choose. Also, GemMart is highly customizable and user – friendly. Thanks to that, you can take control over fonts, colors and a lot more. No need for coding or technological skills.

Also, GemMart is mobile – first design. Therefore, it’s more than responsive Shopify eCommerce themes. Mobile – first design can bring your customers much better experience on mobile devices like smart phones. Moreover, it can boost your web loading page as well.


Finally, GemMart includes best Shopify apps. Then, instead of spending 1000+ on those apps only, you can get GemMart with all those apps above with much lower price.

During this limited time, don’t miss the chance of getting GemMart with only $19Get GemMart now!


This Shopify technology themes – Lezada – is for every business of all types and sizes. You surely can choose your favorable homepages among 200+ demos. Moreover, this theme is very user friendly. It’s not only simple on the outside, but also the inside as well. The coding is quite simple, thus you can add new features or apps easily.

Shopify technology themes

E – come

E – come is the perfect Shopify technology themes for all kinds of electric devices. However, you can use this theme for many purposes. Moreover, E – come has sleek and unique layouts. Thanks to its bright color mix, your electric devices will greatly be focused. There are 5 stunning pre – made demos for you to choose. 

Shopify technology themes


Javenist is a minimal yet modern Shopify technology themes. Thanks to its clean layouts, your online technology stores will be easy to navigate. Moreover, Javenist is highly customizable. There’s no limit to what you can do with this Shopify technology themes. Thus, you can create your unique web store. 

Shopify technology themes


Polo is ideal for skin care and beauty stores. However, you still can utilize this theme for your technological stores. First, Polo has clean and neat layouts. Secondly, it can offer you an advanced mega menu and admin panel. Thus, you can easily section and filter your products. This Shopify technology themes can grant you an outstanding website

Shopify technology themes


If you’re looking for neat, sleek and cutting – edge Shopify technology themes, BestShop might be a great option. Thanks to its grid layout, BestShop will deliver you a clean and professional website. There are 3 homepage designs for you to choose. Moreover, this theme has some great features such as color swatches, Ajax layer navigation, Facebook Messenger Live chat pro and more.

Shopify technology themes


Sanzo is a multipurpose Shopify technology themes. Thus, it’s highly adaptable and high chance that it’ll meet your requirements. There are 6+ unique home page designs for you to choose. Moreover, Sanxo is very great for cross – border e commerce thanks to the use of the Shopify language editor.

Shopify technology themes


Coming to another multipurpose Shopify technology themes – ClickBoom. This Shopify theme is section ready. Therefore, it’s highly customizable. You can alter from colors, fonts to layouts. Thus, you can easily create your unique websites. If not, you totally can utilize 3+ stunning pre – made homepages.

Shopify technology themes


Marketo is one of the most user – friendly Shopify technology themes. You need only a few minutes to implement this Shopify theme into your online store. Every step is broken down clearly for users to understand.

With bright color mix, Marketo offers you clean, elegant and simple designs. There are 12+ demos for you to try.

Shopify technology themes


Martify is one of the best Shopify technology themes. It can show off your products in an appealing way and encourage customers to buy your products. Just one click and you can import all demos. Moreover, Martify has some highlight features such as unlimited header and footer options, built- in mega menu or calculate free shipping thresholds

Shopify technology themes


Tmart has clean, minimal and simple layouts. Thanks to those, it can easily adapt to many purposes and stores. There are 11+ homepage layouts for you to choose. Moreover, this Shopify technology themes is perfect for drop shipping and affiliate marketing thanks to the integration for Orbelo

Shopify technology themes


With Siezz, customers will be highly impressed with your website. This Shopify technology themes has modern, stylish and professional presence. As a result, it will make your online store stand out among thousands of competitors. Some other highlight features of Siezz are Ajax Layer navigation, Product quickview, Facebook Messenger live chat pro, etc

Shopify technology themes


TopDeal is the multi purpose Shopify theme. Therefore, it can adapt to many types of business, including electrical devices and technology. This Shopify technology themes offer users  4+ stunning homepage layouts. Moreover, TopDeal is greatly customizable. You can change the color, layouts or even menu styles. Also, this Shopify theme offers categories count down pop up. This will be very helpful in sales events

Shopify technology themes


QuickShop is a multipurpose Shopify theme. Thus, you can use it for many types of business, from clothes, jewelry, perfumes to technological stores. As described in the name, QuickShop can save both you and customers a lot of time. Shop owners only need a little time to install this Shopify technology themes. Besides, thanks to fast loading speed and sorting, customers can easily navigate through your store

Shopify technology themes


If you are looking for product – focused, minimal Shopify technology themes, Basel might be a great option. Thanks to its minimal design, Basel can fit in many types of stores, from clothes, perfumes to electrical devices. There are 40 demo layouts for you to choose. Otherwise, you can easily customize your website with drag – and – drop page builder

Shopify technology themes


Electrical device stores don’t have to use Shopify technology themes only. You can utilize other Shopify themes for outstanding looks. Take Bookshop for example. Besides books, this Shop is perfect for electronic books, music or videos. Some highlights of Bookshop include digital download products support, free wishlist and compare product modules.


Jasper is one of the best Shopify themes. It can ensure a stunning, unique look for your website. Moreover, you can use this Shopify theme for many types of business. Therefore, although Jasper is ideal for clothes and fashion stores, technological shops will still look good in it. Furthermore, Jasper is highly customizable. The only downside might be the price. It’ll cost you at least $10000 for regular license


Looking for a clean, stunning Shopify technology themes? Then, you should try Marketor. It is highly customizable. You have limitless options to create your own, unique designs. Also, this Shopify themes has other highlight features such as mega – menu, 360 – degree product view, age verification and so on


Modern, clean and sleek are three words to describe Aronic. Besides, this Shopify technology themes is very user – friendly. Just a few clicks and your website is ready to go. Moreover, users can take total control of all elements, from colors, fonts to layouts. You can go back to the default look at any time without any coding skills

Payee Shop

Payee Shop is a multipurpose Shopify theme. Thus, you can use it for many purposes, including technological ones. Moreover, there are 15+ e commerce layouts for you to choose. You can select the right one for your business and then easily go on. There’s no coding skill required.


If you’ve just start your business and don’t have much experience and budget, then Azshop will be a perfect choice. It has everything you need for a great – looking website. There are 4 completely different homepages , each one will fit in on business, from Auto, electronic, fashion and tools. On the other hand, you can alter some elements to make it fit in your business


Everything is a Shopify multipurpose themes. It is one of the most handy Shopify responsive themes thanks to its flexibility and easy – to -use. Also, this Shopify technology themes offers both light and dark mode. Moreover, you can experience great and helpful technical support from Everything developers. Thus, using this theme, you don’t need to worry too much about technical problems.


Material is a multipurpose Shopify theme. Therefore, it can fit in many types of business. Moreover, Material has 3 stunning demos. Each one will have its own unique, stunning look. You can choose the right one for your business. Otherwise, you can alter some elements to make it right for your web . One special thing about Material is its unique, neat and professional presence. Therefore, your web store will stand out among thousands of competitors.


Coming to another multi purpose Shopify themes – Volga. This Shopify theme delivers 4 pre – made homepage layouts. Each one is different from each other to meet users expectations. Volga has a clean, minimal and neat appearance. Moreover, it has lots of great functions which are perfect for technological stores. For example,products tabs slider modules, featured category


NexGeek can display your products perfectly. Therefore, once customers enter your online shop, they can easily acknowledge your products. This might save customers a lot of time and increase your ROI rate. Moreover, there are many unique features such as 300+ admin options, products notification popup or color swatches


If you’re looking for simple, clean yet elegant Shopify technology themes, Famiza will come in handy. This Shopify theme will display your products beautifully can effectively. Moreover, thanks to its bright color mix, Famiza can bring in freshness and positive energy

Digital World

This is a Shopify technology themes, as the name mentions. You can sell any types of electrical devices, from mobile phone, desktop or e-book with this Shopify theme. There are 10+ unique and stunning pre – made homepage, 7 header styles and 5 footer styles. Besides, Digital World is highly customizable. Thus, you can create your own website


Electro is an ideal Shopify technology themes for gadgets and electrical devices. It’s modern, clean and fully responsive. Moreover, Electro is very user – friendly. You can easily implement this Shopify theme into your store without any coding or skills.


Porto claims to have the best e commerce design since 2014. And this is not merely a calm. Its demos can give you clean and niche looks for your website. From classic to modern, this Shopify technology themes can satisfy all those types of business. There are 20+ modern demo concepts for you. With just one click, you can import all of them


Fastor is the best -selling Shopify responsive themes in 2019. Thanks to Fastor’s multipurpose layouts, this theme is used for many businesses. You can utilize it for any types of products, even perfume, jewelry and technology. There are.many design options. For example, unlimited color option, 600+ Google fonts and more. Also, Fastor integrates with social media such as Facebook or Instagram.

Home market

Home market if a perfect Shopify technology themes for supermarket or large business. It can handle a large amount of inventories, no matter there are 100 or 1000 products. As a result, it can grant you high loading speed and a smooth website even during sale events. This will ensure high customer experience


Polaris is one of the best minimal, clean Shopify technology themes. This Shopify theme greatly focuses on products rather than other content. As a result, you can maintain clutter – free websites. Also, this will encourage customers to buy your products. Some highlight features of Polaris include advanced product filters, quick shop features and newsletter popup


Supply is a perfect Shopify technology themes for young business. First, it’s budget – friendly. Secondly, it has everything you need to establish your online Shopify store. Thus, you can easily set up your dream website without any coding skills. Besides, Supply can deliver you a clean and minimal – looking website. It greatly utilizes white spaces to create product – focusing appearance. 

Shopify technology themes


If you’re still confused and don’t know which Shopify technology themes to choose, it’s safe to select minimal, multipurpose Shopify themes. In this case, we strongly recommend Amely. Amely can bring a clean and modern look for your online store. It is a powerful responsive Shopify theme that can fit in many types of business. For instance, fashion, clothes to perfumes and technology. With Amely, your customer can easily navigate through your Shopify store.

Shopify technology themes Amely

Highlights of Amely

  • Fully responsive design. Thus, it can adopt to any types of device
  • Powerful Shopify theme with 8+ unique homepage layout
  • Highly customizable. You can choose the color, arrange section blocks and so on
  • Powerful Themes and Section Settings. Thus, you can easily create your own brand on Shopify store.
  • Integrate 17 new section types
  • Budget – friendly Shopify theme. You only need to pay $49

Get Amely now

In conclusion

Above are our top best technology Shopify themes. However, keep in mind that our best might not be your best. Therefore, the key point is choosing the suitable theme for your business. In this case, we strongly recommend contacting ArrowHitech.

 With more than 12 years in e commerce, we can grant you an outstanding and professional-looking web store. Working with our decade-long experienced developers, you surely get your dream online shop. Also, our company sells and develops Shopify themes and Shopify apps. What are you waiting for? Contact us here or via email: or hotline + 84 243 7955 813

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