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Shopify store locator: Top 10 best apps to help users find the physical location of Shopify store easily

Shopify store locator: Top 10 best apps to help users find the physical location of Shopify store easily

Shopify store locator enables your customers to search for your brick and mortar shops near them. Besides, it comes with great features like built-in driving directions, support for unlimited locations, responsive designs, detailed analytics and reporting, and more. In this blog, we will deliver you the top 10 best Shopify apps for store locator feature that you should consider. . Let’s begin

1. Map by

Shopify store locator

As the name of the app suggests, Map + Store Locator enables you to showcase your website and event locations on your website. Particularly, using this tool, you can add more than one location to your page and it is easy to switch from one to another.

Moreover, this software provides you with 3 kinds of maps, including satellite, roadmap, and hybrid maps then you can select one of them to apply for your site or jump between them to bring your consumers with different experiences.

Another plus of this app is that it supports text in any language, hence, you can comfortably use your mother tongue. You can edit the design of the map as well, such as fonts, borders, etc. There are also advanced features that you can enjoy if upgrading the app.

2. Store Locator 

Shopify store locator

Store Locator by Lifter Apps plays an important role in promoting sales of every physical store by navigating users to the closest store area. Besides, the app helps the admin to do a search on their most visited branch of the store. Furthermore, store owners can gennerate freely their own sign to mark any special location of the branch.

3. Store Locator by Storemapper

Shopify store locator

Store Locator by Secomapp becomes an effective app for navigating shoppers to every store’s address easily. Furthermore, this app offers dealers with the highest accuracy of their shop that clients are searching for the most. Last but not least, the unique feature of Store Locator by Secomapp is using the marking function on Google Maps

4. Rebase by Rehash

Shopify store locator

If you are looking for an app that offers you multiple functions, Rebase is the one you need. Particularly, once you install this app, it will automatically synchronize all the location information with your Facebook and Business page. Besides, this module also automatically generate product page feeds with various design and layout. Moreover, it allows your customers to make wishlists and easily add their favorite products from the collection page. Another main point is that you can create forms to gather information about your shoppers with customized actions for each kind, such as send a confirmation to the clients, forward a copy, etc. This app also collect all the data in one place that it is easy for you to view, check, and control all the available information.

5. MapifyPro

Shopify store locator

If you own both online and physical stores, MapifyPro is an effective solution for you. Particularly, this app allows you to utilize standard maps or custom image maps to identify your location. Besides, you are able to upload a batch of locations at once then you can spend your time doing other tasks. This app also offers navigation and detailed driving directions to your locations that will encourage your customers to come through your shop and buy something. You can share locations via social media as well to spread out information to your prospects

6. Simple Map

Simple Map

The map makes it easy for your shoppers to find the store nearest to them by allowing you to include a map to your online store with pins on all of your physical locations. Moreover, this store locator Shopify app comes with a responsive design. Therefore, it’s compatible with smartphones and tablets, and it provides easy color, background, font, sizing, and spacing customization.

7. Maps by Develic

Maps by Develic

Maps by Develic is a powerful tool allowing you to integrate Google Map with store location on your website then it is easier for your users to approach your physical store. Besides, you can use several maps on your page to meet your requirements and wants. However, it is suggested that you should add less than 1000 locations per map because it can lower the loading speed of your website if you overuse locations. Besides, you can easily active Google Map Directions to your store with just one click. You can also customize more than 20 other options to make the map presentation more personal and best suits your website theme

8. Store Locator by Metizsoft 

Store Locator by Metizsoft

Store Locator by Metizsoft is regarded as an effective beneficial assistant for every store owner. With simple installation, even the low-tech owner store can use this app for integrating the “locator” feature to their online store. Furthermore, only needing postal codes or street names, customers are immediately navigated to reach the nearest wanted store. In addition, with the unlimited store warehouse in-app, it has the ability to prevent any spike of data traffic without any waiting. Last but not least, automatically matching with every interface, Store Locator by Metizsoft app flexibly operate well with any device type.

9. Karibu Store Locator

Karibu Store Locator

Karibu Store Locator becomes one of the most powerful apps to set up locating features for any Shopify store. Due to its boundless data warehouse, the number of stores’ branches is updated unlimitedly. Furthermore, Karibu Store Locator app allows admin to generate unique filters and extra fields for every location to quickly meet their customers’ needs. Thanks to the flexible setting system, the showcase of every store branch on Maps such as size, color, shape,… can be customized differently by its owner to be consistent with its branding and draw more attention from prospects

10. Google Maps ‑ Store Locator

Google Maps ‑ Store Locator

Google Maps – Store Location not only allows your shoppers to find the store nearest to them but also helps them to get directions to the physical store without leaving your website. This Shopify app also lets you add helpful information to each listing such as store hours, an image of the location, the email address, and a phone number, and you can customize the color of any map factor.

If your business has multiple locations, Shopify store locator apps can prove to be crucial additions to your website. Also, check out some useful Shopify tutorial, and our roundup of the best sale-boosting Shopify apps and Themes

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