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Shopify Polaris: The new design system to deliver a better user experience for merchants

Shopify Polaris: The new design system to deliver a better user experience for merchants

If you are about to start your e commerce business, you might be familiar with Shopify – one of the most famous e commerce platform in the world. It helps you create your own webshop with ease. Then, to make it even easier for users to customize their websites, Shopify has released Shopify Polaris.

Now, let’s go through some basic information about this design system. Thus, you will know how to best utilize it.

What is Shopify Polaris?

Shopify Polaris is Shopify design system to help users create great UI/UX. It contains sets of guideline of choosing color, themes or content. Also, it includes sets of react components and HTML/CSS markups. Users will find it much easier to add suitable features to their Shopify apps and admin panel.

Shopify Polaris
What is Shopify Polaris?

Shopify Polaris features

Shopify Polaris has many great features to support users with designing work. Here we will list down some if them

Clear instruction

Shopify Polaris will deliver customers guidelines for perfect design, content and other elements of your dashboard. Its instructions are very clear and comprehensive. Thus, users can choose the correct and suitable color, typography and other design factors. After that, they can create right UI for their Shopify themes.


You can utilize Shopify Polaris components to enhance your website. There are React, CSS component as well as other available interface elements for designers to create consistent experience across Shopify apps and channels.

HTML and CSS markup

As mentioned above, Shopify Polaris composes HTML as well as CSS markup. Thanks to those, users can create their Shopify App UI. Besides, each component has source code in both React.js and HTML/ CSS which make Shopify Polaris highly adaptive. It can even adapt to non-react developers

UI Kit

If you don’t want to spend too much time customize designs, UI Kit will be the perfect solution. Extended UI Kit has predesigned components, for example, button or list. You only have to change or modify according to your needs. Thus, you can save quite a lot of time with this feature

Advantages of Shopify Polaris

Surely, this Shopify Polaris can greatly benefit users, especially designers. Below are a few of its benefits.

  • B2B-friendly with UI/UX design for wholesale portal
  • Constantly update. Thus, you can easily maintain through this frequent update
  • Clear instructions and documents about designs, content and others. This will greatly support designers, content writers as well as developers
  • Improve the quality and performance of frontend development
  • Maintain brand identity by making your brand recognizable on your site. For example, adding logo on navigation bar.
  • Work well with other e commerce platform, not limited only to Shopify. The main reason for this benefits is Shopify Polaris is an open source projects and you can apply your products in many platforms
  • Pre-verified codes can lower the chance of buggy or abnormal performance.
  • Save time with with pre-written components

With all those benefits, you might now be interested in Shopify Polaris. Let’s see what you can with it

Set up customize dashboard

You can easily build a custom admin panel or dashboard for an app. For example, this one looks quite similar to Shopify admin panel

Shopify Polaris

Manage lists of product

From the admin panel, users can list products and enter their information. Moreover, they can easily edit the description or location of goods. 

With big stores, their inventories are huge. Then, to quickly find the products you need, you just simply type in the “ Search bar”.

Shopify Polaris

Section products into particular location

Admin can better keep track of the products with this. By placing product in related aisles, racks, or Bin, users can easily add, find or eliminate the product.

Easier to find products

To make it even easier for users to find goods, you can create a Report section. Users can either enter the location code or choose the location manually.  To achieve this, you’ll need to customize the components of Shopify Polaris. Then, implement them to your app to traverse through product location and achieve comprehensible list of products stored in the desired places.

Changing language 

Most of the time, Shopify is in English. However, you can implement and swap languages with Shopify Polaris. This will help merchants as well as customers overcome language barrier.


Shopify Polaris might be new for some of you, but it can bring many great benefits, especially for designers. It can highly improve UI/UX for your app. 

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