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Shopify Plus features: Top 3 to boost enterprises effectively

Shopify Plus features: Top 3 to boost enterprises effectively

 According to some research, there’s a 126% yearly growth in sales with  merchants in Shopify Plus. This is a dream number for many business. So how Shopify Plus can incredibly boost sales revenue that much. Let’s break down some of Shopify Plus features that can effectively enhance your enterprises.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an e commerce platform for enterprise. While Shopify often targets individuals or small to medium business, Shopify Plus focus on large, high-pace growing ones. You can greatly enhance your business revenue thanks to Shopify Plus features.

Shopify Plus features
What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus advantage

What make Shopify Plus perfect for enterprise? Let’s see why and how you can benefit from this platform.

Multi Store management

With Shopify Expert, you can easily sell through multi channel. First, Shopify Plus allows merchants to sell their website as well as social media like Facebook. This will ensure the number of reach and customers to their stores.

Secondly, if you want to sell internationally, Shopify Plus is perfect for you. You can have up to 10 stores ( without paying extra fees) and tailored them in different regions to sell globally. Moreover, Shopify Plus features let you change into different language, locations as well as currencies.

High scalability

You won’t have to worry about overload or intense traffic with Shopify Plus features. Even in flash sales or event, your website won’t likely to be broken or slow down. There’s no limit in bandwidth, number of products and no transaction fee. It also processes up to 8000 orders per minute for each store. 

Unlimited staff account

At Shopify, there’s a fix number of staff account for each store. But when it comes to Shopify Plus, there’s no limitation. You can freely add staff account to your online store.

Open to wholesale

Shopify Plus allows you to extend your business and turn from retailer to wholesalers. You can create a seperate site for wholesaling. Also, you can integrate your wholesale site with retail site. This will make sure you can meet the demand of all types of customers.

Besides, thanks to user-friendly admin, you can set up wholesale site within a minute. Want to know more about wholesale on Shopify. Check it out

Advanced apps and integrations

Both Shopify and Shopify Plus are open for integrations, however, with Shopify Plus, you have total control over the customization. You totally can change the layout, content and branding as you like. Moreover, Shopify Plus can be integrated with advanced tools and Logistic. Such factors can enhance the ability of your online store

Shopify Plus offere users advance integrations

New Shopify Plus features

In 2020, Shopify Plus deliver users many new features that promise to boost sales revenue to next level. Now, we will list down 3 top Shopify Plus features.

Shopify Plus feature 1: Shopify Flow

Automation is the game changing for every business. As a result, Shopify has launched Shopify Flow to help merchants manage data and process automatically. According to Shopify, its users save up to 9.2 million hours since the launch of Shopify Flow. 

So how Shopify Flow template works? This template will offer you everything you need to start automating, from tracking and rewarding top buyers to assigning customer supports for negative feedback. Besides, there’s no need to hire a professional developers since you can easily customize the work flows within 10 seconds. Thus, you will gain more with less with this Shopify Plus features.

Shopify Plus features
Shopify Plus features: Shopify Flow deliver you e commerce automation

Shopify Plus feature 2: Shop Pay

Shop Pay is the new name of Shopify Name. But it’s not only the name that changed. Since “ buy now pay later” trend is increasing in the market, Shopify have added more financial options for buyers. Customers now can buy the products priorly and pay in installment. 

This is a very wise step. In this COVID-19 pandemic, when everything is slowing down and now everyone can afford paying a large amount of money. Hence, dividing payment into smaller parts is suitable. Besides, Shop Pay installments will be on a centralized platform. Thus, you can keep track of the sales performance and installment as well.

Shopify Plus features
Shopify Plus features: Shopify pay

Shopify Plus feature 3: Custom Checkout

This is one of the outstanding Shopify Plus features. While Shopify stores can’t get custom checkout directly, you can fulfil this need with Shopify Plus API. 

For example, Tax and Shipping Charge can be generate changeably according to the destinations. Shopify agencies will use Shopify’s liquid file to customize checkout. Basic users can’t use this file, instead, this file is only available for enterprise customers.

With this Shopify Plus features, you can deliver customers innovative checkout with these following updates

  • Cross Border Duties
  • Online Tipping
  • Local pickup and delivery settings

Such factors will not only help you improve customer satisfaction but also help you to sell cross border

Shopify Plus features can deliver you great benefits and surely can enhance sales revenue of your online store. If you still feel confused about new features, then you must contact ArrowHitech.

ArrowHitech is the leading outsourcing IT company in Vietnam. With 12+ years in online business, we surely can deliver you the best service, from consulting to implementing suitable features for your online store. Moreover, we’re also sell and develop themes and Shopify apps. Working with our decade-long experience developers, you will get modern, professional-looking websites. Thus, our company can boost your revenue to the next level. Contact us here for more information or via email: or hotline +84 243 7955 813

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