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Shopify multi vendor: Top 7 best apps for Shopify marketplace.

Shopify multi vendor: Top 7 best apps for Shopify marketplace.

The diversity is key to the success of any online business. The more diverse your store is, the more attractive your store is. Furthermore, the diversity helps store owners to maximize the amount of potential customers. Since you have everything thus there is no reason for customers to engage with your competitors. So how should we enlarge the category of your stores? Enabling more vendors to participate in your business can be a noticeable one. In this blogpost, I will propose an overview of Shopify multi vendor and top ten best apps.

What is the Shopify multi vendor?

Shopify multi vendor is a solution turning your online store into a fully functioning marketplace. It is the same as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and more. More specifically, you can add different sellers to your website as well as detect their productivity. Hence, a large amount of different sellers with different products will diversify the category of your website. Furthermore, you as an admin can force them to follow the website’s commission or global commision. In particular, each seller also has their own profile and collection page for all products. In the next section, I will give the name of ten most valuable Shopify multi vendor apps for your business.

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Top 7 best Shopify multi vendor apps for Shopify marketplace:


Shopify multi vendor

Jetti is a multi-purpose app enabling you to control your Shopify multi vendors business in the easiest way. More specifically, withe support of Jetti, every orders on you website will be sent directly to the vendors’ system. Moreover, you are able to control the inventory stock of your vendor. Using this app allows you to be available to access a multi-warehouse management system as well as automate both in house and dropship sessions.

More importantly, Jetti will erase your worries about losing money because of vendors’ fraud. In general, all sellers’ updates on price and inventory will be automatically synchronized with your Shopify multi vendor website. In terms of payment, everything will be processed via digital payment gateways such as Paypal, BACs and more. Thus these attributes will ensure the equality between sellers and merchants. Besides that, the automatic data processing will save a large amount of time on managing websites and sales. 

Highlighted features:

  • Create individual dashboards for each seller helping them to take full advantage of your site.
  • Introduce separate rules and commission for different sellers.
  • Automatic calculation for payment on e-payment gateways to ensure the equal.
  • Synchronize automatically the vendors inventory and your site.

Marketplace in a Box:

Shopify multi vendor

Marketplace in a Box is considered as one of the most powerful Shopify multi vendor supporters. What makes the difference for this app is that it manipulates different regulations for different vendors. Based on their category and products, you can consider different rates of commission. 

Moreover, Marketplace in a Box assists you to maximize the scale of your business. The link for vendor registration is attached anywhere on your multi-vendors’ sites. In order to assess a vendor, you can process it manually or automatically. 

More importantly, there are a wide range of distinctive features for you and your vendors. At first, notifications for orders can be sent automatically for both you and your vendors. It will help you to manage the total sales on websites. Additionally, vendors can take full advantage of your website since they can manipulate information by themselves on their dashboard. They are responsible for their profile, products, orders and fulfillment. In terms of vendors’ dashboard, only vendors are able to edit it.

Highlighted features:

  • Compatible with Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify and more in synchronizing inventory data.
  • Individual dashboard for each seller to manage their own tasks.
  • A diversity of sources of automation tasks.

ShipTurtle Shipping Invoice:

Shopify multi vendor

If you want to find out the most functional Shopify multi-vendor solution with an affordable price. The key thing of ShipTurtle Shipping Invoice is the user-friendly interface. In addition, the documentation is quite easy for vendors to understand.

With the support of Ship, you can process Order Splitting and Routing automatically. In particular, each seller has an individual dashboard to manage their business tasks. It can access their orders, create Shipping labels and generate their own custom invoices. Yet you also possess some powerful features to control your vendor. For instance you can prohibit a seller to edit their products, Shipping, Invoicing and Order routing. With ShipTurtle Shipping Invoice, your vendor will work in the most comfortable environment. Yet everything will be under your control. 

Highlighted features:

  • Robust Order Processing workflow.
  • Interact with outstanding shipping partners such as FedEx, Blueart to manage the tracking progress easily.
  • Powerful tools for Bulk actions.
  • Set a different rate of commission for each invoice.

MultiVendor Marketplace:

Shopify multi vendor

If you want to set up the most functional and profitable marketplace, MultiVendor Marketplace is a plausible choice. With the role as an admin, you can set the global commission for all sellers. Yet based on the categories and products, you can introduce the individual commission for each of them. Moreover, you are the person who considers the product that a vendor can sell. It can be normal or digital goods. 

In terms of improving the quality of customer services, you can check the progress of each order fulfillment. To help customers to understand vendors, each vendor will have an individual Profile page. Finally, the rating of each vendor will be calculated based on customer comments on their experience.

Moreover, to eradicate the language barriers of foreign vendors, you can install the Weglot app. It helps you to translate your website into different languages to expose easily to international vendors.

Highlighted features:

  • Auctions features for vendors’ products.
  • Membership plan for sellers, instead of taking a commission.  
  • SMs alerts.

Puppet Vendor:

If you seek a handy solution to manage the sales, commissions and payouts with vendors effectively, please try Puppet Vendor. Especially, it provides you with insights and analytics in order to help you build up a thriving store.

In terms of commission, you can set both flat or percentage-based commissions for each sale for each vendor. Moreover, you can introduce different commissions for each vendor based on categories and products. In particular, customers are able to buy different products from different vendors in one cart. In this case, vendors in these carts will know all of the customers’ carts. This will help them to discuss on a reasonable commission.

For vendors’ responsibilities, they will offer information relating to sales history, commission history, payouts, products sold and other key business metrics on their individual dashboards. 

Highlighted features:

  • Two systems of commission: fixed and changed.
  • Provide vendors with historical data.
  • Tackle an order with multiple vendors.


If you face difficulties in calculating payment for vendors, you can endeavor to use VendorDen. Yet this app is only available for the United States and every transaction uses US dollars.

There are three steps in the process. Firstly, you have to invite vendors to add their payment details to this system. Then you add vendors’ products in the Not added section so as to calculate the rate of commission for each order. Finally, everything is ready to process.

With the support of VendorDen, it is easy for you to encourage vendors to go with you. 

The rate of commission will be applied individually for each category of product. For instance, for high-end products, you will have a large amount of commission split. Yet for low-ticket products, the higher reward belongs to vendors.

Highlighted features:

  • A free app.
  • Different commission for product-by-product basis.
  • Easy to attract vendors.

Vendor Consignment: 

Vendor Consignment provides you with a smart solution to manage vendors commission and report it. More specifically, PayPal is the key player in processing the payment for vendors. Since using a third-party payment gateway ensures explicit accounting. Besides that, vendor commissions and payment records will be reported continuously to you.

Furthermore, you manipulate the commission based on your own decision. When you want to conduct an insightful analysis, you can download these datas. There are a wide range of file formats that can be suitable for your purpose.

In terms of commission rate, Vendor Consignment also enables you to detect the period of commission. It is the first date of it. Additionally, the manipulation of commission rate is processed based on the categories or products. Especially, you are able to ignore any orders manually.

In order to maintain relationships between you and your vendors, a live chat function is available. Thus it is easy for you and your vendors to engage continuously. Finally, the historical data on orders is also archived to understand customer behaviors.

Highlighted features:

  • Payment via PayPal.
  • Effective interaction between you and your vendors via live chat.
  • Different rate of commission for different vendors.

Final words:

Here is my overall introduction to the Shopify multi vendor on Shopify. Besides that, I propose the top seven of potential multi vendor apps for yours. I hope it will be useful for you to increase your profit.  

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