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Shopify menu app: Top 10 best apps to improve the user experience in your Shopify store

Shopify menu app: Top 10 best apps to improve the user experience in your Shopify store

Shopify menu app is an important module of designing your website for great user experiences. If visitors can find what they want fast, they’re more likely to finish the transaction. Integrating one of the Shopify menu app featured in the below list will help you create better navigation across your online store and improve your store’s revenues.

1. Menus Uncomplicated

Menus Uncomplicated

This is a simple Shopify app that helps you to generate an aesthetically pleasing navigational experience on your online store. There are no requirements to know any code, mess with theme coding, or regenerate your apps. All the menu is set up using Shopify’s native ‘Navigation’ admin interface, so you don’t need to learn any new dashboard or system to generate your new website menu.

You can have to manage what items you sell via your menu, how many are showcased, and how they can find the items through your menu. You can also show product counts for your shoppers, so you can generate a sense of urgency by showcasing when there is limited stock.

Customization is very simple with this app. The menus can come with their colors, titles and links changed with ease.

While this app doesn’t require a developer to install and use, there is an option to customize more options with the custom CSS mode. This will need someone with CSS knowledge and experience. However, if you have that, or employ a programmer, you could take your menu to the next level.

2. Smart Menu ( Free)

mart Menu ( Free)

Smart Menu offers the most features for your store to fully create a mega menu FOR FREE. Moreover, by using our flexible templates, you can build a complicated mega menu in an uncomplicated way within a few minutes. Furthermore, this app comes with options to hide specific menu products on desktop or mobile. So you can have a comprehensive menu on desktop, but a simple and clean one on mobile.

3.Collection Filter

Collection Filter

Collection filter by Supple provides many powerful features for your Shopify store. Firstly, the app allows your customers to find your products by vendor, size, color, or custom options. In fact, automatic filters can be easily made and can sort the items based on the information in product descriptions. Moreover, you can generate manual filters to handle custom sorting selection. With the auto-tag function of the app, customers can type in a field things they need to categorize like type, size, or color.

Besides making your life better, filtering can confer users with better shopping experiences because those filters which are shown as navigation menus can help your shoppers to figure out the way around your website. Take note that some customization options also include translating or renaming for each option. Another function is that the app can improve engagement and then diminish your bounce rate.

4. Meteor Mega Menus

Meteor Mega Menus

Meteor Mega Menus app is designed to help organize collections, products, and pages for your website. You can easily customize colors, text, animations, or other settings in the template and the app always sets up new templates to offer users style and layout choices.

You can easily add this app to your site with some easy steps and you do not need to edit the theme’s liquid code. In fact, the app allows users to build up menus in minutes, and, at the same time, the app team also aids help through documents including guidance with videos. If you still have any trouble, don’t worry, the app team is available to support you. As you might not know, menus are regarded as one of the initial things for your shoppers to connect with the shop and it can access lots of visitors. Besides, the app helps users with a tailored mobile menu that is more user-friendly.

5. Filter Menu

 Filter Menu

Filter Menu by Power Tools focuses on promoting your navigation as well as conversion with the collection filters. In fact, the app aid you to enhance navigation because it is designed depended on leading retailers such as eBay or Amazon. Additionally, you can keep the hands-free filter so that you can receive the full experience of the filter menu.

At the same time, the “tag sync” function can maintain and sort your own filter menus. Besides, you can filter options flexibly, which means that filters are generated based on brand, price, types, or variants, color, size, tags, or collection. Remember that when you use a native theme, the app’s supporting theme can adjust the app under your needs. With only 14 days of free trial and easy installation, you can get started today without coding. In case you have any issues, the app’s supporting team is ready to listen to you and help you with support at any time.

6. Categories Uncomplicated

Categories Uncomplicated

This Shopify menu app is a helpful app for any Shopify store. The first function of the app is that it aids admin to organize their collections into a structure that their shoppers can easily understand although they just glance at that. In addition, the app comes with three in one bundle of products, which means it can cover all of the bundled items.

With this app, it highly suggests admin choose themes with sidebars, select the place for the category list, cut, and paste the embed because the category lists must be embedded in some places on the online store, and it needs an HTML or CSS coding knowledge. In fact, the module is unable to offer users services to embed this for the store or customize the Shopify themes to make the category different, hence, you can choose the app’s sisters requiring no coding. Categories Uncomplicated allows customers to show their products better and serve search engines to improve SEO. Users can index their product collections with a unique URL.

7. Floatton

Shopify menu app

Floatton supports you to build sticky floating link buttons on your website that allows your customers better navigation across your site. While this isn’t exactly a Shopify menu app, it does act like one and provides many of the same features. In fact, in some circumstances, it offers s better options for your website.

The app also offers you the ability to add Scroll to the top, go-to-cart, and social network buttons.

The app is designed to operate on all devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. You can also enable and disable buttons to operate at any time from a handy dashboard in the backend of your Shopify store.

8. Widgetic


If you want to showcase your product images within a limited space, you should showcase them in a slideshow. If you need to take it further, you can enable customers to take a sneak peek at what’s next. In this way, you can set customer expectations right from the start and this can dismiss cart abandonment and enhance conversions on your online store.

This app is the option to make that all occur. What it does is generate an accordion-style menu that can be made on your website. The app displays large hero images at once on your website. These can be showcased vertically or horizontally, basing on your store’s design. Then you can link the product images to the product and as such can be used as a great visual menu.

This app’s completed design will be responsive and so the menu will look good on desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

9. Smart Mega Menu & Navigation

Smart Mega Menu & Navigation

Smart Shopify menu app is known as a free mega menu app. The app can allow you to save money and time to create great Shopify navigation and clear it to help shoppers find your items easily. This app allows you to place the products, along with promotional banners on the mega menu to attract customers’ attention.

Customers can easily improve sales by providing the best deals to the navigation. The app includes some of the effective features such as the unlimited quantity of menu products, dropping and dragging menu items, or editing the menu with the real-time preview. Additionally, the app offers users both horizontal and vertical menus and allows users to include many kinds of menu products. With just one click, you can select a menu from the Shopify navigation to replace with smart menus or use a CSS selector to add an advanced menu. Some of the app’s functions are also highly customized like custom color and font or animation to display a submenu.

10. Mega Menu Pro ‑ Drag & Drop

Mega Menu Pro ‑ Drag & Drop

Mega Menu Pro is much similar to the drag and drops page builders. In this way, you can easily make a responsive menu that is customized to your Shopify store’s exact requirements. There are a lot of content types that can be supported in your menus, that aids your customers to experience a smoothy experience whether they’re on a mobile or a desktop.

The app is very user-friendly, and the results can be very impressive. There are five pre-built menu layouts within the free app that can allow you to save time. Once you’ve chosen the theme, you can customize the text, colors, and effects on the menu items.

There are several different kinds of content that you can include in your menus. This includes text, images, collections, articles, videos, and custom HTML. There are other types as well, but these are the key ones that most store owners use.

In Conclusion

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