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Shopify error: The most common and how to fix them

Shopify error: The most common and how to fix them

Shopify is one of the biggest e commerce platform in the world. It can provide shop owners with all-in-one package to help them easily set up their online shop. However, you still might meet some message errors when using Shopify. We will list down some common Shopify error and how to fix them

Shopify error 1: Error 500

When you see this error message, it means a server or website is having an internal issue. This is the “server-side” problems, not yours. Many Shopify users might also see this Shopify errors. As a result, you can’t do anything in this situation. However, this problems won’t be likely to stay for more than 24 hours. Also, you should contact Shopify support to notify them and get further information

Shopify error 2: Error 404

This error could be one of the most popular error not only in Shopify, but also across the Internet. This Shopify errors means the website you are looking for is not available or not found. However, this problem is not very difficult to fix

First, if you want to link people to that URL, you can create a page at that URL.

Secondly, if it not the URL you want to direct customers to, you should find and fix it by using broken link checker. Then, customers won’t be directed to the wrong page.

Finally, if 404 error appears on a website you don’t have the authority, then you can redirect customers to a page that still live on your website. To do this, you should use “ 301 redirect”. 

  • Go to your Shopify and choose navigation section
Shopify error
  • Next, choose “ Add your first URL redirect”
Shopify error
  • Then, you add in current broken URL and where you want to 301 redirect to
Shopify error

Shopify error 3: Liquid error internal

Every Shopify themes are coded using Liquid. Thus, Shopify liquid error is the issue with the theme code of your Shopify store.

The reason for this Shopify error might be the flaw in coding. Therefore, you should review and fix Liquid programming. However, Liquid is very hard to debug. Thus, we highly recommend seeking help from Shopify experts or professionals.

Shpify errors

Translation missing error

Often, Shopify themes are in English. But some themes provide users with some other languages, or you can install different language with your apps. However, sometimes, the translation is missing or not found. 

You can fix this problem by following this guide

  • First, in your Shopify Admin, choose Online Store-> Themes
  • Choose the themes you want to edit, then click on Actions-> Edit Language
  • Choose Filter this page-> filter translation
  • From the second-drop down menu, click on Missing or Complete
  • Click Add filter

If you still see this error message, then you should check your liquid programming. 

Communicating with server error

Your website is not to blame in this case. This error means your computer can’t connect to your Shopify store. The reason might be either the issue on Shopify server, or your internet connection.

If this error comes from side server, you can wait to get it fixed. Otherwise, make sure your Internet connection is stable or still working

Uploading image error

This problem often happens when upload an image that too large in size. 20MB is the highest size Shopify allows. However, you rarely need to upload images this big. Also, these large photos can greatly slow your site. To avoid this problem, you should check image size before uploading.

Shopify error: Can’t save theme

This one is quite similar to liquid internal error. Shopify doesn’t want you deliver false theme to customers. Therefore, if your theme has some problems, it won’t be saved. 

To solve this problem, like liquid internal one, you need to review and debug Liquid. And again, we highly recommend you seek help from Shopify experts or professional

Login Error

This happens when there’re some problems when you log in. Commonly, the reason is typos in your password or username, or other issues

To solve this problem, remember to turn off Caps Lock or special keyboard when typing in password. If you forgot your pass code, you can click on “ forget my password” to get a confirm email to reset it

SSL Error

SSL Certificates make your site highly secured. Moreover, it also contribute to Search Engine Optimization and many other benefits. Shopify provides SSL Certificates for every shop on its platform. You’ll meet SSL Error  when you switch to a custom domain, it’ll take SSL Certificates about 48 hours to  process for the new domain.

You don’t have to do anything to solve this problem. After 48 hours, it’ll resolve itself. If this problem still lingers around after that, contact Shopify support team.

Despite all your efforts, error messages are still inevitable Such issues can negatively affect your business. Then, if you need some support from experts, you need to contact ArrowHitech. ArrowHitech is the leading outsourcing IT company in Vietnam. With more than 12+ years in e commerce, we can grant you optimized and strong website. You hardly have to worry about programming flaws or Shopify error when working with our decade-long experience developers. Moreover, we also provide you with themes and Shopify apps. If you want to customize your web shop, contact us here or via email: or hotline + 84 243 7955 813

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