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Shopify coming soon page: What is it and how to create it on Shopify.

Shopify coming soon page: What is it and how to create it on Shopify.

When you prepare to launch a new product, a hint for customers is one of the most important parts in marketing campaigns. So how would you do to release a hint in the era of eCommerce? According to experts in digital marketing, a coming page is one of the most efficient ways. It will attract customers’ attention to the appearance of your new product. Besides that, it is the initial step of your marketing campaign. In this blogpost, I will instruct you how to customize a Shopify coming soon page.

At first, do you have a Shopify eCommerce website? If not, let me give you some advice.

Shopify is one of the most outstanding platforms in the eCommerce market. It helps you to build your own online store without too much technical knowledge. Besides that, you can customize your brand in your own style. Moreover, it also provides a convenient interface for both sellers and customers. Particularly, it is suitable for all types of online stores. I guarantee it is one of the most functional eCommerce platforms. Let’s be creative to be the best one.

Furthermore, Shopify developers offer a wide range of customized apps and themes. In particular, two Shopify apps are totally free. It will assist shop owners who are not good at technology. Let’s explore Shopify and be unique.

Now we will find out about what is a coming soon page and how to create an outstanding coming soon page. 

What is Shopify coming soon page?

When you start your own business, Shopify coming soon page is the very first step. Shopify coming page stands for a place where customers discover your brand. Besides that, it is also responsible for capturing customers’ interests and some personal information. Yet you have to remember that it’s just a placeholder not an official website.

Under Construction Coming Soon – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores –  Shopify App Store
Reproduced from Shopify Appstore.

Benefits of Shopify coming soon page:

From my viewpoints, there are three primary benefits of Shopify pre-launch pages.

Constructing brand awareness:

Let’s come back to the real world. When a brick-and-mortar store is constructed, the store owners tend to display a “coming soon” banner. It is situated in front of the main entrance of the store. It enables owners to attract customers’ attention to your brand. Then they will remember your brand. Hence, like actual stores, Shopify coming soon helps online store owners to raise customers’ awareness about their brands.

Brand Awareness là gì? Bí quyết xây dựng Brand Awareness hiệu quả!

Provide customers with other funnels to connect with your Shopify website:

When your page is online, Google Bot. will index it. Hence, please write a genuine page title,  description and user-friendly URL. It will help you to enlarge your potential customers.

Collecting Email from customers:

Coming soon page enables you to collect customers’ information. It will help you in developing your future marketing campaign. Particularly, if it connects with a third-party software, all datas will automatically synchronize with email marketing automation systems. 

What a Shopify coming soon page can do?

Although a Shopify coming soon page has a wide range of ability, I appreciate these three following features the most:

Explaining what is ‘coming soon’ and when:

A Shopify coming soon page is regarded as an efficient tool to listen to early feedback about your products. It is a valuable suggestion for you to design your website and position your brand. Furthermore, you can indicate exactly the time that your brand launches via the support of apps like ULTIMATE Countdown Timer.  

Interacting with potential customers: 

Feedback is the most valuable gift for store owners. Hence, establishing a communication channel between you and customers is urgent. Please invite some of your potential customers to 1-on-1 conversation. It enables you to receive honest comments about your new products. In general, you can add a widget chat to your coming soon page. Shopify Chat can be an ideal choice for you. 

Building your pre-launch Email list:

Although keeping customers in an empty page is a challenging task, it will help you to build your pre-launch Email lists. Email lists enable you to boost the results of your future marketing campaign. Besides that, it also establishes a communication channel for consumers to discuss the new launch products. Yet you should introduce some incentive to attract customers. It can be early bird pricing, valuable content, discounts for newbies and more. Overall, an Email list is key to the success of online stores.

How to create a Shopify coming soon page:

If you want to create a Shopify coming soon page for your online business, there are two common ways.

Use your Shopify password page as your coming soon page:

In general, it is the simplest way for you to create your Shopify coming soon password page. If you only want to have a simple placeholder, a password page can be an ideal choice. Since almost all password pages contain necessary features to create a Shopify coming soon page. It can be Email signup form, social sharing button and more. 

Firstly, you have to log into your accounts. Then click on Online Store’s Preference to “Enable password”. At this site, you should customize your main message to customers. In particular, it is about why you start your business.

Next you will customize your themes directly. Furthermore, you should turn on the newsletter signup field. After all, you have to add an additional copy to frame your form. After a couple of minutes, you possess your Shopify coming soon page.

Create a “coming soon” of your theme:

An additional way for store owners is to publish a “coming soon” page of your theme. A “coming soon” version will be published, while you are working on your official online store. It can be a single page which consists of call to action, explaining your products and more. 

The combination of your added length and available features enables you to persuade consumers. Furthermore, it also helps you to raise customers’ awareness about your products.

To conclude:

Here is my introduction about Shopify coming soon page. Moreover, it includes instructions to create a Shopify coming soon page. I hope it will be useful for you. I ensure that it will help you in your future marketing campaign. 

Please remember ArrowHiTech always offers a wide range of excellent Shopify themes and apps.If you have any problem in setting up your online store from scratch, do not hesitate to meet ArrowHitech. Our 12-year experience staff in Shopify development and outsourcing will help you set up your dream online store.

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