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Shopify blog: Unique tips to optimize it to generate more traffic and sales

Shopify blog: Unique tips to optimize it to generate more traffic and sales

“ Will blogging worth your time and effort?” Has this question ever come across your mind? And if you need an answer, then “ YES”. Blogging can bring to you more than you expect. If you are about to start your Shopify blog now, then we will give you some useful information in this guideline. 

What is Shopify blog?

Shopify blog is the content, or online journal on Shopify. Writers can share their thoughts or points of view about something. For business, blogging is a great strategy to draw more traffic to your website. If you constantly update, daily or weekly, your SEO will be enhanced Then, you will have more potential customers.

Shopify blog
What is Shopify blog?

How can Shopify blog benefit you?

Shopify blog can bring you more advantages than you think. Let’s list down few of them

Enhance Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine like Google loves content. Therefore, when you write blog regularly, your website will have more content and keywords. Thanks to that, search engine will rank your website or webpage higher than those with less content. Thus, you can drive more traffic to your website.

Needless to say, enhancing SEO is the main reason why Shopify blog is so important. 

Shopify blog
Blogging can enhance SEO

Strengthen the relationship with existing and prospect customers

Allow readers to leave comments or feedback at the end of your Shopify blog. First, you will get more insights of your audience. For example, what they concern about, what they want to know, etc. From those, you’ll be able to write higher quality content for your website.

Shopify blog can strengthen relationships with customers

Build trust

More and more people are searching for information online. Therefore, if your deliver good quality or expertise content, you can attract more readers. Over time, with SEO enhanced, your website will be a “ go to” source of information for many people.

Allow customers to know more about your brand

Shopify blogs can show some sides or aspect of a business that customers haven’t known about. From blogging, you can express your vision, mission and other characteristics of your company.

Provide value to your visitors

Tips, tricks or definition will be very helpful for many people. Therefore, when writing blogs, you are providing readers with valuable and useful information for free. Readers will appreciate your effort and more likely become your loyal customers

Easy to share

You should allow readers to share your blog on other media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. Then, you will have more chance to extend your reach and branding

Low cost marketing strategy

Shopify blog can bring you a great deal of benefits, with a minimum price. When compared with advertising or PR, blogging is much more cost efficiency. Of course, you can’t see the results soon. However, Shopify blog can bring your business many value in long term

Blogging is a cost – efficiency strategy

How to start Shopify blog?

Now, you might want to start your blogging on Shopify. However, instead of jumping right in writing, we recommend following some steps below

  • Understand how blogging can benefit you, or will it fit in your business. In the end, the main purpose of Shopify blog is generating more sales
  • Target your audience
  • Decide where you want to post your blog. Do you want to post it on a platform, or an individual website?
  • Analyzing keywords and topic
  • Set up strategy for your Shopify blog

What to avoid when writing Shopify blog?

Blogging can bring many benefits. However, if not used properly, it can damage your brand image or even your business. Therefore, here are some things you should avoid when writing Shopify blogs

Don’t write without plans

We highly recommend building strategy for your blogging. For example, analyzing keywords, or finding out which topic is the trend now. Valid planning can make your blogging more efficiency and then, drive more traffic to your website

Don’t write for Google

This is a common mistake of many blog writers. If you focus too much on Google ranking and put in too many keywords, your blog might not be genuine. In the end, you want people to trust and know your brand, not Google.

Don’t forget to include image

With the attribution of images or videos, your article will be much easier to understand. Sometimes, readers don’t read word – by – word. They just simple skim through your Shopify blog. Therefore, adding images can let readers understand your content briefly.

Don’t pushing readers to use your service

Of course, the main purpose of blogging in business is generating more sales. Therefore, you should include your service in your Shopify blog. However, don’t push people to buy it right in your blog. People read your blog because they want to get more information, not to buy something. 

How to optimize Shopify blog?

Below are some ways to optimize your Shopify blog

Create a valid plan for your blogging

As mentioned above, your blog will not be effective without plannings. Therefore, don’t forget to create a valid plan for your Shopify blogging. Set up a clear goals, what value you want to deliver and so on. 

Shopify blog

Choose content according to your audience

You should segment your customers before writing because you can find the suitable topic and tone for your articles. For example, your main audience mature and professional people. Then, you shouldn’t include slangs in your Shopify blogs

Analyze keywords

Find out which keywords is the trend now. Then, you can boost the Google ranking of your blogs. Therefore, more people can get access to your website

Use keyword thoroughly in your Shopify blog

THe number of keywords if important. However, you shouldn’t put them all in a few paragraphs. First, it might not be effective in boosting your SEO. Secondly, readers might be confused with your article.

Shopify blog

Title and meta description

People can decide whether they want to read your blog or not within milliseconds. Therefore, your title should be brief yet catchy. 

Meta description is the brief content of your blog. To encourage people to read your blogs, your meta description should be interesting enough. Don’t forget to include keywords in your meta description. Also, you can add some call – to – action phrases in as well.

Increase readability

People will read your Shopify blogs, not Google. Therefore, you should make your article easy to read and understanding. First, avoid using too academic words. Secondly, when writing blogs, you should use Simple Sentences instead of Complex ones. Otherwise, readers will find it hard to understand your messages.

Length of article

A good blog should has more than 500 words. The optimum number of words for a blog is about 1000-1500. However, article having more than 2000 words can have better Google ranking because Google loves content. 

Optimize article structure

You can make your Shopify blog more easier to read by including these following elements

  • Images and videos in your blog
  • Make short paragraph. Each paragraph shouldn’t have more than 300 words
  • Include keywords in top headlines
  • Use list to express main points
  • Using infographic
Consider site structure

Images attributes

Adding images can greatly benefit you. First, it can illustrate some points in your Shopify blog. Secondly, you can add tag in your image to enhance SEO as well. However, you should use relevant images. 

 Including links in your articles

You can draw a lot traffic for by adding links in your blogs. Your articles should both have inbound links and outbound links. Then, readers will be encouraged to read more articles of yours. 

Constantly update your blog

Google loves content. Therefore, when you post blog regularly, it will increase the number of contents as well as keywords. Then, your website will have higher ranking on Search Engine. 

Post your blogs regularly

Allow readers to subscribe your blogs

When you bring customers value, they will be likely to come back for more. Thus, they might want to subscribe your Shopify blog to get the latest updates or post. This is a great chance for your to build relationship with your customers. Thus, don’t forget to let visitors subscribe your blog. For example, including the link to sign up form.

Give readers the options to share your blog

If your article is unique and valuable, readers might want to share it to their friends. But what if they can’t find the sharing option?

We highly recommend you create options for readers to share your Shopify blogs. Maybe they can share them on social media, or other platforms. Thanks to this, you can greatly increase your reach and brand image

In conclusion

Shopify blog can greatly benefit business and companies. We hope to deliver you some useful information for building optimized blogging. 

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