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Spify Shop by Brand
Shopify apps: Top 5 must-have apps in 2020

Shopify apps: Top 5 must-have apps in 2020

Shopify is one of the top e-commerce platforms for anyone interested in building an easy-to-navigate, minimal yet elegant online store. Also, the effort to create a Shopify website using Shopify apps is less than any other e-commerce platform-integration website. Shopify is loaded with powerful apps to help you monetize your store. This is why a lot of merchants rely on this platform for their e-commerce ventures.

In this article, we – Spify would like to introduce the top 5 must-have Shopify apps that will boost your store’s sales and reputation. These apps will help you promote your store, sell your products, reward your customers, and handle inventory and shipping so you can earn more revenue.

#1. Spify Lookbook

Lookbook – a magical tool to create multiple image collections for your products based on the images you upload. Though it has just been released this February, this app goes up as one of the best, must-have Shopify apps for your store. Because of having a simple, minimal yet elegant and easy-navigation integration, Spify will probably be developed in the first half of 2020.

Thanks to Lookbook, you will able to bring to your customers a product collection just with an image. In addition, Lookbook is an effective and interesting tool to give each item in the collection a separate tag to put their description. Therefore, your customers have a comprehensive look for the whole set of products as well as the individual items taking up that set. Also, this app can create appealing combo packages to motivate customers to buy as many products as possible. As a result, this helps minimize your online stores’s inventory. TL; DR: This is one of the best Shopify apps in 2020, with tons of features and benefits that will compatible with your e-commerce website. 

Highlighted features:

  • Boost your sales & conversion: Create an attractive collection to make customers have a completed look then motivate them to spend more money to buy products.
  • Make image collections easy to create a product collection just with an image. Also, give each item in the collection a separate tag with their description.
  • Simple to use and friendly to operate

Check Spify Lookbook now!

#2. Seguno

Online stores can build trust among visitors by something as simple as a welcome email. That’s when Seguno comes to life. Seguno is one great way to implement online marketing and turn your new buyers into regular customers. Moreover, this is one of the must-have Shopify apps because it can help you send welcome emails to new customers.

Seguno – Email Marketing app

Seguno is a good fit for those who don’t want to annoy their buyers with long-form sales copy and just want to thank them for making a purchase. Moreover, this platform is doing just fine with generating thank-you emails and builds trust among your customers. This is especially helpful in the long run by ensuring buyers remember your brand.

Highlighted features:

  • Sends quick welcome and thank-you emails using an automated system
  • Helps turn new buyers into loyal customers
  • Uses dynamic recommendations for helping with abandoned cart
  • Generates unique discount codes

#3. SEO Image Optimizer ‑ Auto SEO Shopify apps

According to a study of U.S. web-based searches, the world’s “second most-used search engine” is Google Images. According to a recent survey, 26.79% of searches take place on Google Images, compared to just 3.71% on YouTube, 2.25% on Bing and 0.69% on Facebook. 

SEO Image Optimizer ‑ Auto SEO is one of the list of must-have Shopify apps.
SEO Image Optimizer ‑ Auto SEO app

This app will ensure that you are set up for On-Page SEO success. To be more specific, constant monitor and automatic optimization for your store to ensure you are meeting Google’s best practices when it comes to Technical SEO. By optimizing SEO effectively, this app is become one of the best Shopify apps.

Highlighted features: 

  • Automated SEO
  • One-click install for SEO: One-click install – get set up in less than 30 seconds and have peace of mind that your SEO is being constantly monitored and optimized.
  • Set and forget SEO

#4. PageFly Advanced Page Builder Shopify apps

PageFly is a powerful page builder with a drag-and-drop system and designed for conversion rate optimization of your store. With PageFly you can build home page, product page, collection page, landing page, sales page, about us page, contact us page, and other. In addition, with 50+ Shopify page templates and 40 – page elements, this could give you the freedom to build the home page to match your brand identity.

Pagefly apps

Moreover, with PageFly engine, your home page will automatically be mobile friendly and responsive. This is crucial during the past few years, because of the booming usage of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. So far, this is still on the list of must-have Shopify apps for your online business.

Highlighted features:

  • Create Landing, Home, Blog post and Coming soon pages.
  • Product and Collection page add-ons.
  • 50+ high-converting templates in variety.
  • Mobile-friendly by default and mobile-customization by choice.
  • Live-chat available 24/7

#5. Oberlo

Oberlo is a dropshipping app that allows you to find trending products to sell online, add them to your Shopify store, and start selling today. By integrating this Shopify app, you should never worry about packaging or shipping. Besides, worry about the things which matter – making sales, and growing your business is no more. So far, this app is on the list of must-have Shopify apps because of its convenience during the drop shipping sequence.

Oberlo app

Highlighted features:

  • Find trending products to dropship from worldwide suppliers
  • Ship directly from supplier to customer without any interference
  • Track all orders in a few easy clicks

Our bonus: Spify Shop by Brand

Here is our bonus for you – Spify Shop by Brand. You might immediately know that this Shopify app will sort out the brands of your products. As a result, it’ll be much easier for customers to find their needed products

Newly released in 2020, this Shopify app include many advanced technology. It’s optimized in many aspects, from features, functions to SEO.

Here are some highlight features of Spify Shop by Brand

Brand Listing Page: Shop By Brand app allows you to create a page containing all brands. Simply type in the brand name in this page, and your customers will see all the products within this brand

Brand widget show the most popular brand on any site page. Hence, you can encourage people to buy certain products on your website

Moreover, this Shopify app is highly customizable and easy – to – use. You can customize the out look of your listing brand page without any knowledge of coding or special skills

Also, Spify Shop by Brand is SEO – friendly thanks to SEP – friendly URL, meta title and meta keywords. Therefore, it’ll be very helpful for digital marketing

And above all, it’s FREE!

What are you waiting for? Get Spify Shop by brand now!

This may sum up the 5 best and must-have Shopify apps that can be compatible with your e-commerce website. By integrating one of these apps, your website’s reputation and conversion rates will be skyrocketed. As a result, the selling rates will rise, as follow. We – Spify offer Spify Lookbook and Spify Sort by Brand. They are the best, free and must-have Shopify apps for every e-commerce business ever. Check Spify Lookbook and Spify Sort by Brand now!

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