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Product reviews: The benefits and how to add it to Shopify store

Product reviews: The benefits and how to add it to Shopify store

These days, most online stores have customers review on their website. Thanks to Internet and social media, people now can easily see previous buyers feedback and thought of product. It’s undeniable that customers rely on product reviews to make the purchase. So, what benefits product reviews can bring to your store

Benefits of product reviews

Now let’s discuss how product reviews can boost your online store revenue

Product reviews
How can product review benefit you?

Inform customers

You can add the specific features of your products, such as colors or sizes, on your website. However, this is only half of the work. The other half is the reviews from buyers. When people purchase goods from an online store, they can’t have the touch-and-feel experience like brick-and-mortar store. Many people afraid to spend money on unsuitable products. Therefore, customer reviews is one of the most common source where they can know more about your products. A survey from BrightLocal shows that 91% of consumers between the age of 18 and 34 rely heavily on online reviews.

Improve our products

You can understand buyer’s thoughts and feelings of your products. If complaints about the same problem appear repeatedly, you need to make some changes and adjustments. In the end, customers buy and use your products. Therefore, their opinions are valuable and more objective.

Insight on service

Beside products, for online store, service is one of the important factors. The shipping process, customers service play vital roles in customers satisfaction. Therefore, you can evaluate your services through customers feedback to make right decisions.

 Gain trust from customers

When customers see the reviews on your website, they will assume you’re honest and having nothing to hide. Openly allowing people to review shows that you value buyer’s opinion and ready to adjust to satisfy customers. Of course you can’t avoid negative reviews. However, customers will trust a store with both good and bad reviews, rather than positive-review-only stores.

Social proof

Product reviews is a form of social proof. It can greatly affect the decision-making process of customers. Your product gains great reviews and the number of customers. Then, more people will want to try it since people often claim social proof as personal recommendations. You can click here to learn more about social proof to boost your sales

Enhance SEO

Product reviews can bring you great benefits besides on-site ones. One of them is improving SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps your web shop appear at the very first pages when a key work typed in. 

As a result, product reviews can improve SEO of your web shop. They often contain a lot of relevant contents, keywords to help build context around you e commerce site. These ratings and reviews redirect consumers to retail websites. Then, your store will reach the top spot of SERPs.

product reviews

Satisfied customers

As mentioned above, product reviews help customers assess the product before deciding to buy. They will consult many opinions, read about the most concerned aspect. Therefore, customers will gain more details and clearer picture of the products. As a result, this will improve the customer satisfaction and lower returning rate. Moreover, you’ll have more loyal customers thanks to product reviews

Build strong relationship with customers

When customers feel satisfied with your products and services, they will likely to come back for more. Besides, some companies often send follow-up emails or pop-up request for feedback. Customers will think they’re respected and their opinions are valuable. Therefore, you will have strong relationship with your customers

product reviews
Product reviews help you build strong relationship with customers

How can you add product reviews app on Shopify store

You might know the necessity of product reviews to your online business. The more the feedback, the better. However, you might struggle to gain product reviews. One main reason is the ease of writing reviews on your store. If you’re opening an online store on Shopify, you can add the product reviews onto your store using Shopify apps. This is a great, cost-effective way to gain more feedback. Here are our recommendations


This is a commerce marketing cloud for all brands and business. It allows shop owners, companies to receive product reviews, feedbacks as well as Q&A through buyer journeys and across social platform. Also, Yotpo can drive high-intent traffic by displaying ratings in organic search results and Google Ads.

What are the features of Yotpo

  • Google Ads compatible
  • Then, it help share your best customer content on social media easily
  • Help you assess the analytics and customer feedback to make the best decision
  • It’s Free
product reviews


Some customers might be lazy or don’t have time to write reviews. Then, you can solve this problem by letting them write reviews with emoji. Emojics allow customers to express their feedbacks with Emoji. It also engage with customers and encourage them to write reviews after every purchase

What are features of Emojics:

  • Create new and more fun way to write reviews
  • Customize according to products, shops
  • Affiliate program
  • Allow emotion analytics to assess the performance and products
  • It’s Free
product reviews


This Shopify apps can grant you great benefits of product reviews as well as minimize its negative impact. Reputon works like email marketing. It sends emails to customers after the delivery. The positive reviews will be redirected to popular site, while negative ones will be sent to your contact page. This will help you restrict the bad effects of products reviews and make the right adjustments.

What are the features of Reputon

  • Send email to customers automatically
  • Avoid publishing negative product reviews 
  • Send follow up email to maintain relationship with customers
  • Allow free trials
  • The cost of fee is from $9.99/month to $49.99/month
product reviews


This will help you to get product reviews if your products are listed on AliExpress. Reviify let shop owners import positive reviews without making it look like a list of entries. Also, you can check online reviews to build higher credibility for your online store

What are the features of Reviify

  • Review notifications help you keep track of online product reviews
  • Best product reviews will appear on the very first 
  • User settings
  • Eliminate “ copy/ paste” importing
  • Price ranges from Free to $9/ month


Growave allows you to get all tools in one place to get good reviews. It also let customers reviews with pictures to enhance products’ credibility. Moreover, this apps is also compatible with social media. Customers can use social media networking sites to write reviews. You can also launch rewards and loyalty program with Growave

What are the features of Growave

  • Review integration with social media and Google Shopping
  • Moreover, Growave will help you launch rewards for reviews on social media
  • Constant product notifications
  • Using photos reviews
  • Price ranges from Free to $299.99/month


With Survey+Poll, you will get product reviews indirectly by releasing Surveys and Polls. Also, you can post these reviews on your Shopify POS or site.

What are the features of Growave

  • Customized designs and question settings
  • You will have different options to present the survey or poll
  • Email notifications of survey or poll
  • Free package is available, and paid-ones start from $8/month

Tawk To

Instead of using expensive real-time chat box, you can use Tawk To for free. This Shopify apps work well in almost any browsers. 

What are the features of Tawk To?

  • Tawk To deliver personalized and real-time interaction with customers 
  • Secondly, you can monitor your website
  • Then, Tawk To provide constant customer support
  • It’s free

Judge me

With Judge me, you’ll receive feedback directly via email. Moreover, this Shopify apps allows reviews in form of photos and videos. Moreover, you can also share reviews on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

What are the features of Judge Me

  • First, it has 30-day refund policy
  • Secondly, Judge me generate reviews on autopilot
  • Moreover, you’ll get constant review notifications
  • Allow to share reviews on social medias
  • There are 2 pricing range in Judge Me: Free and $15/month package


This Shopify apps allows product reviews with photos. Besides, customers can ask sellers questions before deciding to buy. Shop owners can decide to publish the questions or not. Moreover, if your products are listed on AliExpress, you can import your reviews to your store on AliExpress as well

What are the features of Rivyo

  • You can customize features according to your needs
  • Show reviews as testimonial
  • Free package is available, and paid-ones starts at $15/month

Facebook Messenger live chat

More and more people are using social media nowadays, and Facebook now have more than 2 billion users. Therefore, it’s very convenient to have a alive-chat. Customers then can easily connect with you at any time. This will allow customers to give product reviews with ease

What are the features of Facebook Messenger live chat

  • Compatible with textbook of Facebook and Messenger
  • Technical support
  • Customer portal for offline message
  • It’s free

Final words

We hope to deliver you overall knowledge about the importance of product reviews and how can you add it to your Shopify stores. If you want to implement product reviews to your Shopify store, ArrowHitech is a right option. Established since 2007, ArrowHitech has 12+ years in e commerce. Then, depending on your needs and visions, we will recommend the right product reviews app for your store. Moreover, we’re also Shopify themes and apps developers. Our company can grant you your dream website and optimize your online sales. Contact us here or via email: or hotline: +84 243 7955 813

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