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Personalization: Strategic methods to increase your e commerce sales by using it

Personalization: Strategic methods to increase your e commerce sales by using it

Personalization is crucial for every business nowadays. This term means treating each customer like an individual. Each one has their own preference and needs, therefore, you can’t offer one product for all customers. As a result, more business want to deliver personalized experience to customers. Now, we will give you further information about personalization and how to use it

What is personalization?

It means you treat each customers as an individual. Instead of offer them an overwhelming amount of products, you can deliver them their desire ones. This can be done by using behavioral, demographic and geographic data. 

What is personalization?

Why customer prefer personalization?

Save time

People are so busy these days. Therefore, they don’t want to waste time on irrelevant products or ads. Moreover, some customers just simply want to visit your store, without purposely buying any items. If they see so many products, it’ll be daunting and time-consuming to choose from. 

Show how much brands care about them

Customer wants to feel important. They’ll be very happy when you remember their preference, or who they are. As a result, they might be willing to spend more on those stores which dedicate their time to learn about customers. Spotify, for example, creates a playlist of your favorite or repeated songs.

Why shop owners need personalization?

Encourage buying action

Some people don’t purposely go to your store to buy something. They simply browse through your site to see if there’s something interesting. Then, with personalized content, you can draw customers attention and inspire them to click “ buy”. According to Forbes, 49% of customers bought products they didn’t have intention to buy due to personalization

Gain more profit

Since you sell more, you’ll gain more. Then, you can boost your sales profit thanks to personalization. Moreover, if you set the right price range, you can improve your income even more. Learn how to set the right WTP( willingness to pay) price.

You’ll gain more profit thanks to personalization

Fewer returned orders

If you offer customer their desire products, the high chance they’ll be satisfied with those. Thus, you won’t have to worry about returned orders. Researches show that only of 5% impulse were returned.

Gain more loyal customers

E commerce is a competitive market. Therefore, customers can easily turn from your online stores to others. Thus, more and more shop owners are doing their best to gain loyal customers, and personalization is one of the best methods. First, when customers are satisfied, they are likely to come back for more. 

Information you need to set up personalization

Now you might know the importance of personalization. We’ll show you to to build and use it to enhance your business revenue. First, when coming to build customers personalized experience, you need to gather some information. Here are some sources for you to get information.

Collect customers data

You surely have to spend time to learn about your customers, which behaviour affects their buying action, their demography or geography. However, social media and apps will be helpful for you to understand customer insights. 

Some business ask new customers about their preferable contents at the beginning. Shopify, for example, will ask you to choose your favorite types of music, artist or relevant categories. Thus, it can create your own lists of songs and deliver you personalized playlists.

Customer feedbacks

Customer feedback are valuable source of data. It can give you objective and real thoughts of customers about your service. Thus, you should listen to their opinions to improve products. 

Customer feedback can give you valuable data

Using well-implemented CRM

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It can provide you with suite of interactive voice response (IVR) option, customer-centric data. For example, personal information, call or purchase history. As a result, well-implemented CRM systems can help you deliver customers personalized greetings. 

How to use personalization

Now you have gather some useful information about customers. Let’s use it to enhance your profit

Promotions for new visitors

First impression plays an important role when gaining new customers. Therefore, many business offers discount or coupons for first-time buyers. This will encourage them to look further into your store and make their first purchase. Moreover, when they sign up and fill in their information, you will be able to learn more about them


Personalized categories with browsing history

You then can offer customers their relevant products through their browsing history. For example, you go to an online store and accept the cookie. Then, you exit that store, go to another web to look for some skirts. After that, when you go back to the first online store, you’ll see the skirt categories appear.

This will save your customer time and grant you more profit

Personalized ads

Many people feel annoying with irrelevant advertisements. First, with ads on social media, they might feel their walls are full of spams and unnecessary information. Secondly, when they see ads run on video platforms like youtube, they will have to waste time watching them. As a result, you might end up wasting money on ads and customers still don’t care about your brand.

Therefore, personalizing ads is very important. Thanks to the advanced of Internet and social media, it’s not very hard to segment your customers. Social media allows you to choose the categories of customers, for example, geography, demography, age range or gender. Thus, your ads will be more effective.

Retarget on social media

Let’s illustrate this. When you visit an online store, but you don’t buy anything. Then, you surf social media, and surprisingly you see products from that online store. This is retargeting. 

Many people are spending their time on social media. Thus, retargeting can raise your brand awareness and gain you more profit.

So how does this work? When you have a pixel code on your website to set a cookie in the user’s browser, you can display retargeting ads. Hence, all customers’ action will be sent through the cookie. Using these information, you can run relevant ads on their social media 


Display recently viewed items

You should show customers the product they click on recently. When they click on it, they already are interested in them. Then, if you show them, they’ll likely to make a purchase

You can let customers add their favourite items into wishlist. First, they might buy them in the right situation. Secondly, through their wishlist, you can learn more about their buying behaviour and preferences

Geolocation targeting

With geolocation, you can target right customers. This is very helpful, especially for online business. Since you have to ship products to different areas, focusing on specific regions can help you reduce shipping cost. Furthermore, you don’t want to spend money on areas you don’t want to pay the shipping fee to. Know how to reduce shipping cost here.

Personalized recommendations

This method can definitely increase your sales. Sometimes,customers themselves don’t know what they want. Therefore, if your give them right suggestion, they highly choose your products. Therefore, you should learn about your customers and recommend them products when they visit your store, buy products or even at checkout

Here are some common term for personalized recommendations.

  • Recommend for you
  • You might also like
  • Users who bought this also bought
  • Users who like this, also like
  • Frequently bought together

Personalized email

Email is an effective way to show your care to customers. For instance, you can send them promotions or greetings on their birthday. This will make them feel important

Moreover, shop owners can promote sales through emails. You can send customers email of new arrival, “ you might like products”,etc. 

Send customer guideline

This one is more suitable for travel agent or tourism. When customer registers in a tour or event, you can send them instruction or details about the trip.

Allow customers to know how you know their preference

People are feel insecure in social media these days since they afraid of leaked information. Thus, you should allow them to know how you get all the information. Otherwise, they might think you are stalking them. Facebook or Youtube, for example, often have “ why do I see this ads” option. Thus, customers will know how you can personalize. Then, you can gain trust from customers.

Personalize can bring you great benefit and grant you higher revenue. But if you want to skyrocket your profit even more, you must contact ArrowHitech. ArrowHitech is the leading outsourcing IT company in Vietnam. With more than 12+ years in e commerce, we can grant you best services, from consulting to building your online store. Working with our decade-long experience developers, you’ll get your dream website. Moreover, we also sell and develop themes and Shopify apps. If you want to customize your web shop, contact us here or via support@ or hotline +84 243 7955 813 

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