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Order confirmation: The definition, how it works and stunning examples

Order confirmation: The definition, how it works and stunning examples

The order confirmation is an extremely robust message that creates the biggest open and click-through rates in the eCommerce industry. With minor improvements, you can optimize your order confirmation for higher engagement, and boost your revenue on autopilot.

What is an Order Confirmation?

An order confirmation is a transactional document that confirms customers that you received or processed their order. It’s the first step in converting one-time customers into repeat customers, and repeat customers into brand advocates.

The Main Elements of Order Confirmation 

The main components of the order confirmation page.

  • Success message
  • Order number
  • Purchased products/services
  • Order summary (total costs, delivery costs, taxes, etc.)
  • Payment method
  • Billing and delivery address
  • Estimated delivery time
  • Shipping method
  • Return policy

However, these components are only the backbone. The devil (or, in our case, the power) is in the detail. Those details can be various.

  • A powerful Thank-you message at the top of the email
  • A limited-time discount for the next order
  • Related items listing for up-selling and cross-selling
  • Various kind of promotions: partner program, loyalty program, mobile app,
  • Invitation to social media
  • Asking to write a review, etc.

Frequently, marketers utilize these elements for promotional emails. If you find the golden spot between necessary and attracting information, success will be yours

Order Confirmation Stunning Examples

1. Set expectations

Confirmation operates as receipts of purchases, that’s only the beginning of their aims. See this example by Bestseller:

Order confirmation

You see a progress bar with 3 icons on the top. Bestseller understands that you might have some questions about your order. That’s why the second headline you see in this email is “Need Help?”. After offering you the transactional details, Bestseller encourages you to sign up for their newsletter.

2. Reward program

Confirmation emails are perfect for promoting your customer loyalty program. Keep in mind to sometimes remind customers of their unused benefits that they’re missing out on. You can see IHerb mentions their reward program, loyalty points in the confirmation

Order confirmation

3. Guide your customers

Cult Beauty caught your excitement with its headline. After providing you a helping hand, they encourage you to click back to their website with three different options:

  • Update your preferences and receive a discount on your next order (read: data enrichment and segmentation);
  • Look at what’s new on the website
  • Learn beauty tips and trends (read: content marketing.)

This is a smart example of charming order confirmation emails. Cult Beauty understanding that their shoppers are not the same. That’s why they guide customers to places of different engagement levels, with irresistible reasons.

4. Recommend Complementary Products

Cross and up-selling with order confirmation emails are nothing new. The key to the effective cross-selling campaign is recommending genuinely complementary products. In some niches, like clothing, it’s easier to make complementary items recommendations. Check out how Zalando cross-sells in its order confirmation emails:

5. Multiple benefits

Uber’s order confirmation emails are sleek, clean, with smart upgrades. It seems that this eCommerce retailer puts everything that has the best into one order confirmation. A huge open rate and active engagement within this email might be a reason for this

  • A short crucial thank-you note.
  • Inside the email, they added a link to upselling -> “Complete the look”
  • Ability to quickly cancel your order. This feature helps to add something more to your cart.
  • More similar items with images
  • A content block with important information regarding the order placement, returns, and modifications.
  • Short and sweet return information, other benefits, links to social media, app stores.

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