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Let’s start your own business with unique and small business ideas

Let’s start your own business with unique and small business ideas

You have saved up a valid amount of money and want to start up your own business. However, you still confused and have no idea for your business. Then, you can consider these following business ideas. Even when you don’t use any of those, you still can get some fresh idea from them. 

Furniture craftsman

If you have skills and passion for crafting, you can consider this. Spend your time and you’ll gain more than you think. First, in case someone need to fix their furniture, they can come to you. Secondly, you can sell your products on many e commerce platform such as Etsy, eBay or Craigslist. Once you have strong reputation, your business will grow significantly.

Date matching

You will help people create perfect online dating profile. Besides, you can match two people according to their preferences. This business ideas might sound strange at first. However, when people are too busy with their work these days, they hardly had time to find their soulmates. Thus, they’ll be very grateful with your help.

Remodeling basement

Some people might want to use their basement for other purposes. However, they either don’t have time or don’t know to remodel it. Then it comes your role. Helping them clean and redesign the basement based on their demands. This is one of the most unique business ideas

Rearrange clothes

Similar to previous idea, this is an identical business ideas. With people having to many clothes, they’d like to have someone rearrange them for you. With this business idea, you won’t have to invest too much money. 

Business ideas
Business ideas: Decluttering Clothes

Cleaning service

People tend to leave their house for trusty and dependable people. Thus, if you are an honest and hard-working person, customers won’t hesitate to entrust to your service. Then, you will gain much money thanks to this business idea.

Business ideas
Business ideas: You can offer cleaning service

Art classes

You are talented in art and want to make money from it. Then, you can open your own art classes. People’d love to attend your classes if you market it properly.

Day care service

This is one of the low cost business ideas. Parents nowadays have to work nine-to-five in weekday. Therefore, the need to hire babysitter is increasing. Thus, you can earn much money with this idea. Make sure you show customers your integrity and passion.


Thanks to the expansion of Internet, people now can work from home. Especially in this COVID-19 pandemic, freelancer becomes the hot topic. Freelancer covers a wide range of jobs, and if you have skills and knowledge in a major, you can be a freelancer.

Business ideas

Business consultants

More and more people want to start their own business. However, not everyone have the skills and knowledge to come up with a valid plan. Then, if you have experience and knowledge in the market, this business ideas is for you. You can give customers advice according to your knowledge as well as experience in the market.

Personal trainer

You might think personal trainer is someone at the gym and encourage people to workout. However, you can still be a personal trainer while sitting at home. By giving people balance diet and suitable workout schedule, you still can make a lot of money. Nevertheless, we recommend accompanying with gym or fitness center to stabilize the number of customers.

Home baking

You can open a bakery at your home. If you have unique recipes, or confident with your cooking skills, just go ahead. You won’t have to spend too much money with this business idea. The main factors are your skills and recipes

Business ideas
You can open your own bakery

Home landscaping

Home landscaping is not solely mowing the lawn. It’s about designing and arranging elements around your house. With big house, this is an important factor to consider.

Business ideas
Landscaping is more than mowing the lawn


This is a creative business idea. However, it’s hard for you to break into this market since you’ll have to compete with many designers or experts. Therefore, it’s very important for you to develop your skills and experience in decorating

Thesis checker

You can earn a lot of money with this business idea. With students looking for scholarships, thesis plays an important role. For university/ college students, thesis can affect their graduation. As a result, the need for thesis checking is very high. However, you need to gain valid amount of knowledge to carry out this idea

Resume writer

Employers spend only few seconds to see applicants’ CV/ Resume. Then, you can help applicant create perfect Resume by arranging information or creating catchier design


Being a translator, you can work at home and no need to spend too much money. You can work with international company or tourist agency for stable number of customers. This is one of the low cost business ideas

Business ideas
Business ideas: Translator

Marketing service

Understanding market is a vital factors. However, not every company has enough workforce and time to do that. Instead, they can hire somebody do that for them. That’s when you come in. You can do some research and get real life statistic. To do this, you need to accompany with other companies and efficiently sell your service to them.

Online shop owners

Selling online is very popular these days. You can start your business online as well. There are many e commerce platforms to help you with building your online store with ease, for example, Shopify, Magento or Woocommerce. 


You can take pictures from outside and sell them. Another option for you is opening your own studio. However, make sure you have proper marketing plans for your business. Otherwise, you’ll hardly compete with other competitors. We suggest you do photography for public or groups to raise your brand awareness.

Video maker

You will have to invest money to get proper equipments to carry out this idea. However, you’ll gain more than you pay. 

Room rental

Do you have some spare rooms in your house? Then why just leave it there. You can make a fortune out of by letting people rent them. This business idea won’t take you too much money, but will give you back a lot

Property manager

People can’t single-handed manage all their properties. Then, they’ll need to hire a property management. This idea will offer you stable income and you’ll learn about ins and outs of property


You can spend some money on cosmetology school to gain basic skills. Plus, you will have to invest money on facilities, hair dyes and so on. However, you can have stable income with this idea. And if you’re doing well, you can expand your business

Business ideas
You can open your salon at home

Makeup artist

Similar to previous idea, to be a makeup artist, you need to go through some training. Nevertheless, you can have stable income 

Sales trainer

If you have wide knowledge and experience in sales, then this job is for you. Many business nowadays hire experts to coach their employees, thus their workers will work more efficiently. However, most of the demands come from large companies. Then, if you don’t have many relationship with enterprises, you can start with smaller firms. 

Virtual assistant

This job will give you the flexibility to work at home and at any time. Moreover, you might not be occupied every time. Thus, you can have time to develop another business plan.


There are always people need some help with their subjects, or simply want to improve their skills. Then, you can give them a hand and get paid for that. You can market your business at schools, universities or on social media. Payments for tutors are often quite high, especially for high-quality tutors.

Business ideas
Tutoring can bring you great profit

Coffee shop owner

Starting a brand new coffee shop is not easy. You’ll need to set up business plans, coffee recipes and marketing strategies. Then, you can be a franchise of a coffee company, or buy an existing coffee shop. This is a less-risky business idea

Clothes shop owner

You can earn a lot with this business idea. You can simply buy and sell clothes. If you have skills in sewing and designing, you can create designed clothes for customers. 

Delivering service

Since many people are buying and working online, the need for shipping service is very high. However, this is a highly competitive market since you have to compete with many rivals. Therefore, we suggest working with e commerce stores to maintain your earnings.

Property brokerage

You can go searching in the market and find customers for real-estate companies. Then, you can get commissions for your sales. 

 Life coaching

Nobody is perfect. Sometimes, people might feel confused and need objective views from others. This is when you come in. Using your expertise and experience, you can give them advice. This job allows you to work part-time. However, to give your customers the best advice, you should attend some life coaching course or read about this field.

Career consultant

Career is not simply a job. Thus, many people are concerning with their career choice, especially high school students. Should they go to higher education or not? Which jobs will best suit their abilities? You, then, can give them recommendations and advice to help them decide. High schools and colleges are your perfect markets.

Event planner

There are many events out there, and not everyone have time and skills to organize them. Thus, the need for event planner are increasing. You can help with organizing from wedding, ceremonies to kids parties.

Tourism advisor

When people travel to other places, or countries, they might be confused and bewildered. Therefore, you can offer them tourism service. Give customers the information about their destination, where they should go, what they should prepare. Moreover, you can support them before as well as during their journey. If problems come up, you can support your customers.

Handmade shop owner

You can either handcraft your products, or hire someone to do that for you. Keep in mind that doing handmade stuffs will take you a lot of time and effort. Thus, it can be daunting and exhausting if you handle everything by yourself.

Test prep coach

For important exams, such as SAT or IELTS, people often want to test their knowledge before attending real tests. Thus, you can give them some help. With this business ideas, you will have to set up practice test, navigate and mark the exam. This idea requires a valid amount of knowledge and skills. However, you can gain a lot from it.

Social media manager

Most shops these days have pages on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. If they don’t have time or enough workforce, they’ll hire social media managers. They will decide what and when to post on the wall, estimate the cost for running ads and answer customers’ questions.

Content writer

One of the most potential business ideas these days is content marketing. Since more and more business are trying to post more, you’ll likely to have many opportunities. Some fields requires you to have knowledge about it, but some others don’t. Moreover, if you’re doing well, companies will tend to buy your content. Thus, you can gain much without investing too much

Data entry

Many business hire people to enter information into their system. If you have strong computer system, this job might be for you.

Pet sitting

In vationala period, people need to find someone take care of their loving pet. It’s surprising that many people are willing to pay for great pet-sitting service. Furthermore, this is not a very stressful job. Just remember you’ll have to keep an eye on the pet.

Business ideas: pet sitting

Book renting

You own a lot of books and want to make use of them. Then, allowing people to borrow your books is a great idea and charge them for that. This idea might not bring you a fortune, but you won’t have to stress yourself too much. 

Human resources service

With big companies, they hardly can control or hire a large number of employees. Then, they will likely to draw a contract with a HR service. If you work with this idea, you can earn stable income. However, you need to have good relationship with big companies since small or medium business just need their own HR department.

Electric device support

We are living in a period when technology is a part of live. But nothing last forever, and neither does electric device. Then, you can help with maintaining and fixing broken or old electric equipment. To do this job, you’ll have to go through some training and courses.

Affiliate marketing

You will find and bring customers to other business. Then, you will get commission. With this business idea, you won’t have to invest in too much money. However, stable or high income is not guaranteed.

eBay seller

You can sell your old, unused stuffs or maybe your handmade products. But this business idea might not bring you profit in short term


People can write blog on their own website, or other company’s site. Just like content writer, some business will be willing to pay for your blog. However, blog will require a much deeper understanding and analyzing.

Product reviewer.

Many people heavily relies on reviews from previous users. Thus, business and companies often send PR products, or buy feedback from reviewers. Therefore, you can earn money from your reviews. 

You can review products on many social platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, etc

SEO specialist

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an important factor in marketing strategy. You can offer business your SEO service if you have skills and experience in this field. With good performance, you’ll gain lots of money.

Web developer

This business idea requires much knowledge and expertise. Moreover, to compete with other IT companies, you need to well market your service. 

Car wash

You don’t need too much skills to carry out this business ideas. Moreover, this job can give you stable earnings. However, it’ll be very stressful and exhausting when washing car alone

Nursing service

The demand for nursing service is increasing since people need someone to take care of the old. You will gain a lot with this business idea, but you must be caring and thoughtful when working the elderly.

Wedding service

There are many things to do when it comes to wedding. You will choose clothes for brides and grooms, make wedding cakes, send invitations and so on.

We hope you can find your business ideas now. If you haven’t, why don’t you run your online business on Shopify. ArrowHitech, with 12+ years in e commerce, will deliver you the best service, from consulting to developing your web. Moreover, you’ll get a modern and professional-looking website with our themes and Shopify apps. What if you need to customize your site. Then, contact us here or via email: or hotline: +84 243 7955 813

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