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Inbound marketing: Best strategy to explode your sales

Inbound marketing: Best strategy to explode your sales

Marketing is vital to boost your revenue. Some companies spend thousands, even million dollars annually on marketing strategies. Nowadays, inbound marketing, a popular marketing method, can enhance your sales in a long term. Now let’s break down to see why so many business adopt inbound methodology.

What is inbound marketing?

First, we need to understand what’s inbound marketing. This is a method of marketing attracts customers using search engine optimization, blog, social media,etc. It focuses on customers’ need and gains attraction through contents. On the other hand, outbound marketing find customers through paid advertisements, public relation and so on. While the outbound marketing broadcast the customers, inbound marketing gives customers reasons to come to you.

inbound marketing
What is inbound marketing?

Benefit of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing can bring shop owners great benefits in the long-run.Here are some of those

Generate visitors

Thanks to the expansion of Internet, customer can get access to lots of information. They can read previous customers’ experience with just one click. Therefore, great contents and products can highly ensure your business success in a long-term. They can draw people attentions and be shared across the media. As a result, more customers will visit your online store and improve inbound links visits.

Get more loyal customers

Many companies is doing their best to gain loyal customers rather than one-time customers. Loyal customers will not only buy your products often, but also offer your services to their friends. With inbound marketing, customers needs and experience are focused. Therefore, it will increase the number of repurchase on your store as well as loyal customers.

Improve brand awareness

With the increase in the number of visitors and loyal customers, you brand will be more appeal to buyer. Most people tend to buy products from well known brands with valuable contents. Thus, enhanced brand can make it easier to make sales. And you’ll gain more profit

First steps to launch inbound marketing for your online store

Inbound marketing is crucial in the technological industry. As a shop owner, you’ll want to set up marketing plans carefully. There are often problems with rushed or overlooked parts of your strategies. Thus, we recommend assessing the market and customer before getting started. 

Set up business expectations

Knowing what you want and your goals is the initial steps. Set up your expected KPIs, then you can assess the performance on the go. KPI in inbound marketing should be:

  • Website traffic
  • Rate of e commerce conversion
  • Average number of order
  • Average number of access
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Revenue from online stores

KPIs in inbound marketing is not the same with that in e commerce. When you set up your goals, you can evaluate the effectiveness of inbound marketing strategies. Therefore, make necessary adjustments.

Segment your customers

Inbound marketing focuses on customers experience and contents. Therefore, shop owners must spend some time learning about the buyers. Who is your targeted customers? What do they have in common? Understand their demography, behaviour, interest, etc. These information will allow you create the best inbound marketing strategies for your goals and objectives.

Inbound marketing strategies

Now it’s time for you to draw up some strategies to achieve your goals. When it’s come to inbound marketing, using “ inbound flying wheel model” is very common to set up marketing plans.

 So what is “ inbound flying wheel model”?

inbound marketing
Inbound flying wheel model has 3 main stages

One main purpose of inbound marketing is increase customers satisfaction and repurchasing. Inspired from the shape of the wheel, “ inbound flying wheel model” is the process make the old customer come back to you and repeat sales. Then, your business will keep running.

“ Inbound flying wheel model” has 3 main stages: Attract, Engage and Delight. There are different strategies for each part. Now, we will go in to Attract stage.

Attract Stage

inbound marketing

In this stage, you will want to gain as much new customers as possible. You can optimize search engine, use social media or paid advertisement to increase the number of visitors to your website

Search engine optimization

Optimizing search engine can make your website appear in the very first pages whenever a key words was typed in. This will not only attract more customers but also enhance brand awareness.  

Many tools and websites can help you with SEO. They can evaluate the text or sentence length, check the repetition of your key words and so on. 

However, there are still many things to consider when it comes to SEO. 

Write blog

Blogs can deliver useful information and experience to the readers. When customers read your website’s blog, they will gain more knowledge and expertise. Automatically, in their head, they will think that the writer might have deep understanding about the issues or products. Thus, their trust and belief in your services will increase. Your sales will be enhanced to the next level.

Visible customer reviews.

Thanks to the expansion of Internet and social media, customers have control over many information and data. When a customers buy a good, they will likely to go over reviews from previous customers. 

Hence, make sure you make the reviews panel available. This will increase customers trust and satisfaction with your online store. Although this strategies have negative effects, you should still do that. Without seeing previous comments, new customers will hesitate to buy your products. Furthermore, you can’t understand the situation and customers’ experience to make some changes.

Social media

Billions of people are using social media nowadays. The news can be spread across in no time. Hence, many companies hire influencers to promote their product to attract many people. 

You can use any types of social media, from Facebook, Instagram to Twitter. However, keep in mind that creating flexible and accurate content is the priority, regardless of the channel.

Paid advertisement

Media platforms are great for marketing. They can easily segment your customers and make your advertisement more appealing to them. On Facebook, for example, there are many types of advertise to choose. You can choose the targeted customers by limiting some categories such as: places, ages, gender and so on. You can also use Facebook Dynamite to find new customers similar to existing ones. The ads will appear according to your segmentation and you will gain more customers

That the first stage of “ inbound flying wheel”. Now we’ll move to the second stage- “Engage”

Engage Stage

inbound marketing

In this stage, you will encourage new customers from “ Attract” stage to buy your products. Here are few helpful strategies in this stage.

Optimize your catalogue.

When new customers visit your online store, they will likely browse through your catalogue. You will want to get rid of useless products and let top-selling ones appear on top. Shop owners should keep track with the number of sales and make some adjustments. Neat, organized catalogue will attract new customers and make them want to learn more about your products.

Searching tabs

Customer will want to find their desired product as fast as possible. Therefore, adding searching tab is important. They can easily type in the name of products or categories to find. 

Most of website nowadays have searching tabs. Therefore, you should optimize the use of the tabs. Sometimes customers can’t remember the exact name of products. Then, they type in the wrong name. You can make your searching tabs find the product having similar name to.

Promotion for new customers

Nothing attracts buyers than promotions. You can use discounts or coupons to encourage new customers to buy your products. Some companies, for example, offer free shipping, discount for the first purchase or maybe coupon for the next buy. You can make the promotion more appealing by make it pop up whenever a customer visit your website.

Email marketing

To gain loyal customers, shop owners should make them feel respected. You can set up automatic email delivering during events or promotions. This will attract not only existing customer but also call back old customers.

Live chat

Customers will appreciate instant response from shop clients. Some website have live chat box popped up whenever a customers visits. The client will answer all the questions in the least amount of time. Therefore, customer will be satisfied and likely to buy your goods.

However, the cost for live chat is not low. Especially in cross-border ecommerce, you need to have client answering question 24/7. Therefore, some companies have automated Q&A systems. If customers have common question, they can choose one and they will get answer right away.

Means of communication

Problems can happen anytime with any customers. Therefore, you should avail email address or hotline for customers. They can call you anytime to resolve the problem or answer some questions. 

Encourage upsell

Don’t just sell customers their desired products. You need to incent their need by introducing them other products. In many websites nowadays, when you find one product, they often show “ relevant” or “ often bought with” products under. By this way, customers will have tendency to buy more and you will gain more profit.

Reduce cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is when customer add products to cart but not checking out. To reduce this problem, you can set up automatic email delivery system. It will send email remind customers of their product and ask them to finish the transaction. As a result, shop owners can sell more and gain more.

And finally, we move to the last stage-” Delight” stage

Delight Stage

This stage is where the wheel begin to spin. It encourages repurchase from existing customers

Ask for constant reviews

In the past, the shops’ mission ended after the sales process. In the current market, everything has changed. After selling goods, shop owners still have to pay attention to the customers. You can send them email or messages to know their thoughts and feelings about your products. This will make them feel important and you will have data to analyze performance. Moreover, this strategies can increase the repurchase of previous customers. 

Call for old customers.

Old customers are potential customers. Some people bought your products a long time ago but haven’t repurchase recently. You can reach out to them using many ways. Shop owners can establish promotion for old customers to encourage them to buy.

Loyal customer program

Loyal customers deserve valid award. Shop owners can give extra promotion for loyal members. Or maybe in their birthday, you can send them either physical gifts or coupons and discount. Hence, they will feel being cared about and likely to come back to your store more


Inbound marketing is the new trend in the market now. We hope to deliver you useful knowledge about inbound marketing and information for your marketing strategies. 

If you want to enhance inbound marketing for your online shop, ArrowHitech will cover you. Having 12+ years in e commerce market, we have a valid amount of experience to bring you to success. Our company can support you from the beginning with our consulting services, developing Shopify themes and apps, to support 24/7 afterward. You can contact us here or via email: or hotline +84 243 7955 813

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