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How to get rid of powered by Shopify: 2 simple methods

How to get rid of powered by Shopify: 2 simple methods

If you’re using Shopify Free themes, you might notice that there’s a footer on your website saying: “ Powered by Shopify”. Although it won’t do harm to your website, you should remove it from your website. The main reason for this is the prospective trust of customers. When they see this footer on your website, they might think that you don’t fulfil your processes. Remember that customers want to work with you, not Shopify. Then, in this guideline, we will show you how to get rid of powered by Shopify

What does Powered by Shopify mean?

First, we need to understand the meaning of the phrase “ Powered by Shopify”. Simply speaking, it means that your eCommerce site is running on a system that belongs to Shopify. Particularly, as a Shopify subscription customer, you license their site – building software and hosting services. Thanks to that, you can easily build your website with little to no coding skills. Therefore, the Powered by Shopify will appear as the footer of your website 

How to get rid of powered by Shopify 

Now, we will deliver you two simple methods to remove powered by Shopify

Remove Powered by Shopify by editing language

This method is highly straightforward and comprehensive. 

  • Go to your online store
How to get rid of powered by Shopify

On the Shopify admin panel, choose “ Themes” under “ Online Store”. After that, choose the drop down Action menu

  • Select the “ Edit languages” option

Once the menu drops down, click on “ Edit languages” option

How to get rid of powered by Shopify
  • Then, type in “ powered” in the filter search. Just scroll down a little, you’ll see two categories which are “ Powered by Shopify” and “ Powered by Shopify html
How to get rid of powered by Shopify

Then, you can delete the text in the “ Powered by Shopify” field. Moreover, you can replace the “ Powered by Shopify” by typing the text you want in this field

Now, you can also delete, or replace the text in the “ Powered by Shopify html” field. Then, you can remove or change the footer on your password page

Click save

How to get rid of Powered by Shopify using Edit Code

This step is a little harder than the previous one since it involves a little bit of coding. However, you still can manage to work it out easily

Just like the first method, you go to the admin panel, choose “ Themes” >> click on the Actions drop down menu. But in this method, instead of choosing “ Edit languages”, choose “ Edit code”.

After that, locate and expand the Selections folder. Then, choose footer.liquid file

Then, hold Ctrl + F or (Cmd + F if you’re using Mac) and find the following tag: {{ powered_by_link }}

Once you find that tag, delete all occurrences of this tag in the footer.liquid file. Then, you can get rid of the “ Powered by Shopify”. Simple as that. 

If you want to remove this footer from your password page, hold Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F) to find the password-footer.liquid file. Then, get rid of the highlighted tag in the image below

Then, click save.

In conclusion

After this, we hope that you know how to get rid of “ Powered by Shopify” phrase. However, when working with Shopify, you might encounter some unwanted problems. To avoid unexpected problems, we highly recommend you contact ArrowHitech

With more than 12 years in e commerce, we can grant you an outstanding and professional-looking web store. Working with our decade-long experienced developers, you surely get your dream online shop. Also, our company sells and develops Shopify themes and Shopify apps. What are you waiting for? Contact us here or via email: or hotline + 84 243 7955 813

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