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How to become a Google trusted store: Explore now!

How to become a Google trusted store: Explore now!

With the advent of the development of eCommerce markets, there are a wide range of online stores on the Internet. Thus, it is a competitive landscape for any online store owners. So how would you stand out from the fraud ones? Yet customers tend not to trust your promise. They want to seek reviews or comments from a prestigious third-party or other customers. Fortunately, on Google, there is an effective way to prove the credibility of your Shopify store. It is Google Trusted Store. In this blogpost, I will instruct you step be step how to become a Google Trusted Store. 

At first, do you have a Shopify eCommerce website? If not, let’s read these following instructions to make a friendly user online website:

Shopify is one of the most outstanding platforms in the eCommerce market. It helps you to build your own online store without too much technical knowledge. Besides that, you can customize your brand in your own style. Moreover, it also provides a convenient interface for both sellers and customers. Particularly, it is suitable for all types of online stores. I guarantee it is one of the most functional eCommerce platforms. Let’s be creative to be the best one.

Furthermore, Shopify developers offer a wide range of customized apps and themes. In particular, two Shopify apps are totally free. It will assist shop owners who are not good at technology. Let’s explore Shopify and be unique.

Now I will tell you how to become a Google trusted store. 

What is a Google Trusted Store?

Google Trusted Store is a free certification provided by Google Inc. It proves that your Shopify store offers customers with positive shopping experience. Once Google recognize your store, a badge will appear on your online site as well Google Search result. It is based on your own desire. Because of alteration in Google’s policy in 2015, it is more convenient for online stores to become a Google Trusted Store.

In the past, you had to submit each document for shipment and cancellation. While, from 2015 to now, the owner of an online site only needs to embed two snippets of code to your coding version after creating an account. 

How to become a Google Trusted Store

What are distinctive plus points of becoming a Google Trusted Store: 

Customers know that other customers like you:

Customers are more likely to listen to other customers instead of your brand. Thus Google Trusted Store is considered as one of the most clear social proof. Since its badge is a combination of other customers’ feedback on your store. Thus it is more objective. You can not generate GTS certification by yourself to display on your online store.

Boosting you seller ratings to compete with your rival:

In general, seller rating is of the most important criteria in persuading more customers. Because you are able to add GTS certification on your ads and shopping posts on GoogleAds and Google Shopping. The richer your snippetts are, the more persuasive your shopping posts are.

Your Status is shown on ads:     

Besides displaying ads and shopping posts, a Google Certified Shops tag will appear when your advertisement on Google AdWords is displayed.

Show your status on your site:

In addition, after becoming a Google Trusted Store, a badge will be situated on your website. It helps you to compete with other brands everywhere from the Google Search Results to your sites. 

Give protection for customers during purchase process:

Every customer is worried about the security of their personal information when processing a transaction. Google Trusted Store Certification will help you to tackle this problem. All certified online stores will offer customers free purchase protection at a fixed amount of money.

Detailed instruction to become a Google trusted store:

Step 1: Go to Google Merchant Center:

Firstly, you have to arrive in Google Merchant Center.

If not, you have to sign in for an account. Generally, you should spend a couple of minutes.

If you have a Google account, please log into your account. And you can scroll down to familiarize with the dashboard. 

Then you have to navigate the situation of the three dots. More specifically, it is on the right corner of your screen. Besides that, the three dots are next to the image of your profile. Now please press on the Three-dot symbol. 

After that, a drop-down list will display. And you must press the Google Merchant Programs button.

Step 2: Choose customer reviews:

As you can see, there are a wide range of extensions for your websites. These are shopping ads, product reviews, dynamic remarketing, and much more. 

You can take full advantage of these for promoting your sites. Yet, in this blogpost, please click the Enable button under the Customer Reviews extensions.

Step 3: Read and Agree:

Next please ensure that you read carefully all policies in Google Customer Reviews Agreement. Since there is a wide range of useful information for you in this.

After reading this agreement, you have to tick on the box for your confirmation. Finally, to complete the process, you must press the Save & Continue button. 

Step 4: Paste a survey on your website:

After the process completion, you will receive a snippet of code. It will request customers to give their own feedback. In particular, Google will instruct you how to add it to your online site.

Overall the customer feedback will be collected to consider whether you can receive GTS certification or not.

Step 5: Display your Badge:

In the past, the evaluation process tended to take about 60 to 90 days based on your merchants. If it is shorter, you will receive an Email to announce whether you are recognized or not.

If you are accepted, Google will send you a Google Customer Review Badge. You can display it wherever you want. 

To Conclude:

Here is my overall introduction for how to become a Google trusted store.. I hope it will be useful for you to easily achieve the GTS certification. Definitely, it helps you boost your reputation.

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