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Feedback: Strategies to collect it from users onsite

Feedback: Strategies to collect it from users onsite

For every online store, customer feedback plays an important role in growing the business. Each quality feedback helps the store owners to once again look back on their shop’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, they will build different strategies to make customers more satisfied with their products and services.

How is customer feedback helpful for your online store?

Today, online business has become popular all over the world. Therefore, the range of customers becomes very large when crossing the borders. This has caused a great obstacle for businesses. It is more difficult to provide the best experience for all customers. Each customer market has different thoughts, interests, and needs. Therefore, businesses need to find a solution to understand their customers well.

Nothing can provide more exactly the needs of customers than the feedback of customers does. Through feedback, customers can give their opinions, personal views about your brand, service or items. In addition, they can suggest what they are looking for from your business. 

Customer feedback gives you a great opportunity to identify their needs and desires. Thanks to that, you can give solutions to each type of customer. Not only that, but it also helps improve your overall online business.

Customer feedback is essential and appropriate for all types of businesses to help build better business strategies.

Some of the effective strategies for getting customers’ feedback

In this article, we will provide you with some of the best strategies to get your customers’ quality feedback. This can be very helpful if you want to build a perfect online store for your customers.

Collecting by live chat

Live chat is the fastest way to approach customer feedback and reviews while they are still active on your site. When customers don’t know who can solve their problems, they immediately have a bad impression of your store. They will then give a negative review of your store and turn to find a new store. Unfortunately, your store has been ignored. Therefore, direct consultation allows customer service to solve all customer problems directly on the store interface. Thanks to that, you can eliminate the unfortunate risks above.

Feedback: Strategies to collect it from users onsite
Collecting feedback by live chat

In addition, live chat gives you the opportunity to better understand your customers’ needs. Customer feedback will be a valuable asset for building a good business system and improving the experience for subsequent customers.

Some ways to bring customers to a live chat:

  • When customers are active in your store for a certain period of time, a chat box will pop up. In addition, you can link the consultation page to buttons that provide support. When customers click on that button, your site will navigate them to an online support team to resolve issues.
  • Chatbots are built on every page so that customers can easily see and use them when needed. You can build an automated chatbot to answer frequently asked questions. In addition, it can also automatically notify the customer service team in case of complicated problems. 

Moreover, you also need to give customers a feedback form after the live chat ends. Thanks to that, you will both receive feedback on your online store and be able to manage the way the customer support team works to make reasonable adjustments.

Collecting by conducting a survey

Live chat is one way to collect customer feedback. Besides, the survey method is also a good idea to get quality feedback. You can provide customers anonymous surveys. Customers can confidently give honest feedback without worrying about their personal information. There are many forms to create a survey. These include long answers, choice questions, checkboxes, NPS scores, etc. The ultimate goal of a survey is to identify customer requirements to improve the store. In addition, you can also see the store’s adaptability through valuable reviews from the feedback.

Feedback: Strategies to collect it from users onsite
Collecting feedback by conducting a survey

There are many ways to make your survey accessible to customers. For customers who have registered information on your store, you can send the survey via contact address like email or through phone numbers to find social accounts, for example.  However, there will also be customers who buy in incognito mode. How can your survey get their attention? You can offer customers incentives like discount codes, bundled gifts or vouchers to attract customers and give them to those who completed your survey. Posting it on social accounts to approach as much as customers possible. 

In addition, from the feedback through the survey, you can segment objects that are experiencing the same problem. From there, you can narrow the scope and offer the fastest and most effective solutions.

On the other hand, through feedback, you can search for customers’ contacts. For customers with positive feedback, you can send a thank-you letter and encourage them to conduct reviews with small promotions. For customers with negative feedback, you have to contact them quickly to resolve any concerns. Thanks to that, you can convert them to loyal customers in the future. 

Sum up

Generally, user feedback is an important factor in growing an online business. You do not know what customers think about your store or products? You do not know what customers are requiring or looking for from you? The strategies we offer above can help your business improve customer experience. When customers are satisfied with your products and services, your business will be able to convert new customers into loyal customers. As a result, you can expand your customer base thanks to the other relationships of those customers.

Moreover, to improve user experience and enhance customer purchases, your store also needs to integrate useful tools for customers to have the best experience.

Feedback: Strategies to collect it from users onsite
Spify Lookbook – Magical tool to create image collections

Spify Lookbook app – a great tool for eCommerce Shopify stores may be necessary if you want to enhance conversion rates on your online store. With Spify Lookbook, you can attract customers with combos combined on an image. In addition, customers will have a great experience at your store. Because Spify Lookbook can help customers navigate to single product pages from an existing combo. 

When you provide customers with great experiences, their feedback for you will surely become more positive. Check Spify Lookbook now!

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