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Events Calendar: The Best Free And Premium Apps For Shopify Store

Events Calendar: The Best Free And Premium Apps For Shopify Store

If you need to promote an event for your online store, you can check out these Shopify apps.  In general, these events calendar Shopify apps help you setup time, sell tickets for events, display a calendar of upcoming events, add a timer to your website to count down an event, and more. 

So in this blog, we have Best 10 Shopify events calendar apps list for your ecommerce website. This list is based on rating reviews search results, social metrics and experts from many ecommerce market websites. 

Events Calendar by Inlight Labs

With Events Calendar, you can add a beautiful calendar to your website in 1 click and inform your audience about upcoming events. In addition, you can add events with images, links, “save event” button, and more.

events calendar

Already managing your events in Google, Outlook or Eventbrite? Connect your external events calendar with our app and automatically display all the events in one place.

Highlight Features

  • Sync with multiple Google Calendars, Outlook and Eventbrite calendars
  • Manually add events to your events calendar
  • Add images, links, “save event” button and more to each event
  • Display events in monthly, weekly or agenda view
  • Customize the fonts, colors and layout design to best match your website
  • Mobile browsers support
  • Display up to 5 events for free
  • Choose from over 30 supported languages (contact us for more languages support)
events calender
Pricing of Events Calender bu Insight Labs

BookThatApp by Zetya

BookThatApp launched by Zetya is known as the seamless Shopify booking calendar. With free plans available, the app allows your customers to reserve time on the business calendar. In fact, you cannot let your customers wait for quote or make them send emails since the app real-time availability can show the dates and times in the product page so that your customers can book or place an order at any time no matter days or nights. BookThatApp possesses user interface designed to adapt various screen sizes or any resolutions, hence, the customers can easily find the product they are looking for. Don’t forget that the BookThatApp supports both free and paid store themes on Shopify, which can help you complete the theme compatibility.

Highlight Features

  • Enable customers to book online
  • Send emails and SMS to customers
  • Provide complicated booking as well as payment
  • Update inventory at once
  • Set rules for booking time
events calender
BookThatApp’s Price

Event Calendar App by Events Calendar App

If you want customers to take note of your activities, you need a manner to exhibit your occasions in a manner that appears the first-rate. So the Event Calendar App will help you to remind users through the calendar.

It’s a lovely, smooth to use dashboard that helps you to construct an occasion Calendar which is ideal for your internet site. Personalize as tons or as little as you like. Further, you can add your activities directly to our device or sync with Google, Apple or Outlook Calendars. You can keep your clients updated approximately your activities. Customers can ‘subscribe’ in your calendar, meaning that your events will seem directly internal in their calendar. So it is an unbelievably easy way to live linked to your customers without being intrusive.

Event Calendar App seems super fit on your computer, tablet and mobile website. It also absolutely adapts to the distance in which you supply it. So let’s download it and make a test.

Highlight features

  • Support to sell tickets to your events
  • Keep your customers updated events
  • Fully responsive and adaptable to your store
  • Users can choose from multiple views
  • Provide different themes and presets
Event Calender App’s price

Christmas Calendar Sale Boost by Heartcoding

Christmas Calendar Sale Boost is an app which helps you significantly increase your sales during the holiday season. From the first day of December, the week before Christmas and also the season with the highest turnover in the world of online business will start.

Christmas Calendar Sale Boost app will allow you to get the most out of these important weeks. You will have 24 opportunities to increase sales before Christmas with everyday new promotions significantly. Besides, there are 24 ways to release new products, present promotion campaigns or discount codes, or communicate raffles. This app will provide you many ways to let your customers visit your shop daily and find out about the new specials. Furthermore, you can contact customers via email and social networks for customer service. You can add a snowfall effect on the storefront, so the Christmas atmosphere will make your store online beautiful.

With fast and easy help from this app, you will increase potential purchasers to your store if you install the Christmas Calendar Sale Boost.

Highlight features

  • Create 24 opportunities to enhance sales
  • Provide 24 ways to release new products
  • Contact customer daily
  • Can contact to customers via email and social networks
  • Add a snowfall effect on the storefront
About pricing, you have just pay only $29.99 for one time charge

Christmas Deals Calendar by Saio

Christmas is all about sharing and Christmas season is upon us. So, the Christmas deals Calendar is created for you and your customer’s pleasure.

With this app, customers will receive a Christmas deal for each day in December. You have to create 24 special Christmas deals to engage better with your customers. This Christmas calendar has 24 vacancies where you can create a new Christmas deal for each day. This is a great way to get your customers coming back each day to check your store for a new deal. Remember that customers always like the discount program. So you can create a discount both manual and automatic. Moreover, the free snow falling app which snow falling effect in our app and that will be forever free. This will be an amazing effect for Christmas eve.

You should install quickly because it only updates to the app from now and to the end of December.

Highlight features

  • Create a Christmas deal in December
  • Can create discount both manual and automatic
  • Set newsletter signups
  • Link to collections
  • create a snowfall effect on the storefront
App’s Pricing

Booking App by Webkul software pvt ltd

With the Booking App, you can add Calendar, slots easily so that the customer can book the Product as per the slots provided. This app will provide you several benefits to manage booking or rent houses.

First and foremost, this app allows customers to select from the 6 different types of booking types available. However, admin can add from the six different booking types provided. Of course, the administrator can manage the booking such as approve, reschedule. You can also cancel the customer booking if you realize something wrong with your customer. Secondly, in some specific events, if you don’t want to receive booking, you can blackout certain dates from the booking period. You and customers will get notification emails for every action. Thirdly, admin can add Custom Fields and Custom Information with the Product on Booking. You can easily add appointment type booking, rent type booking, event type booking, etc.

So with the number of benefits features, you can install for the trial version to explore this app. The 15-day-trial will satisfy you.

Highlight features

  • Provide 6 types of booking
  • Can blackout certain dates from the booking period
  • Set mode to send emails to Admin and Customer
  • Create multiple variants as products.
  • Easily book room with perference
events calender
Booking App’s price

Tipo Appointment Booking by Tipo

Tipo Appointment Booking app is a powerful tool you should never ignore in the eCommerce. The app will bring a quick booking experience to your customers due to easy booking steps, speedy loading, and amazing design.

You can manage the booking information due to track appointments with detailed booking information such as status, date and time, customer, employee, and location filtering by month, week, day or employee in the calendar view. Furthermore, booking activity log and an analytic dashboard showcased help store owners build a proper business strategy. It integrates Google Calendar & Apple Calendar. So your customers can sync their calendar to work easily. Customizable designs on the appearance of the store such as font, color and background image to perfectly match your store. Send notifications via email to customers and employees in different cases.

In addition, friendly user interface allows you to easily install and set up the app without technical knowledge required.

Highlight features

  • Manage the booking information
  • Integrate Google Calendar & Apple Calendar
  • Customizable design on the appearance of the store
  • Send notifications via email
  • Set up blackout days for important events

About price, it’s totally free.

Custom Delivery Date Calendars by Bonken apps

Custom Delivery Date Calendars is an easy to use date picker which can be turned on within 30 seconds of installation. This app allows you to create as many date pickers as you want and enable or disable as you see fit.

When you install this app, you can automatically add to the cart page. Then, you add options like time selection with ease. Moreover, you can show on your Shopify order page to order products. When the order is completed, it will be shown on your page. Further, you can create and delete date pickers easily. Just delete them as many as you like, show multiple at once. Purchasers will see the description that you choose. Those descriptions let them clarify products and choose their preferred items to purchase.

One more feature that you can choose to disable certain days and historic dates as well as reset them. You can take a trial for 5 days and purchase this app later.

Highlight features

  • Automatically add directly on the cart page
  • Shows on your Shopify order page to order products
  • Can create and delete date pickers
  • Choose a description for the purchasers
  • Choose to disable certain days
events calendar
About price, 5-day free trial then pay $8.99 per month for basic plan

BookedUp by Promeate

events calender

Calendly Sheduling run by Promeate is an app which integrates with Calendly and Acuity scheduling to enable the customers to book classes, meetings or call while they do not need to leave the Shopify stores’ sites. Besides, the app integrates with Amazing known as a booking service into your Shopify. You can receive support from all the app’s features like time-zone detection, event buffer times, daily limits or double booking protection and more. Also, the app enables the event booking buttons so that they are placed automatically.

In addition, you can get supported from free as well as premium versions of the app. Don’t forget that if you have any problem with the app after installation.Then you can contact with the support team by commenting or sending them emails.

Highlight features

  • Support customers to book meetings, calls or classes
  • Intergrate with Calendar and Acuity booking service sites
  • Place booking buttons anywhere
  • Add events to Shopify easily
  • Premium version of Calendly is supported
events calendar
Price: $4/month – 14-day free trial

Calendar Rate by Pix applications inc

events calendar

If you want to provide your consumers with a better shopping experience, or more specifically, you want to improve the check-out experience, do not miss out an app called Calendar rate. This software combines the Delivery date and the Shipping rate selection into one step only that it is more time-saving for shoppers to place an order. Moreover, because all the check-out is displayed on one page, it is easier for customers to check and manage their shipping fee payment. Another thing is that the tool will use your current shipping setup then you don’t need to install a new one. The user interface is relatively friendly that it is simple to use and change the appearance for the calendar. A trial of 30-day is provided that you can take this chance and decide whether to pay monthly for this app later.

Highlight features

  • Integrate Delivery date and Shipping rate selection into one step
  • Simply customize calendar look
  • Easy for customers to control shipping cost
  • Friendly user interface
  • No new shipping setup require
events calendar
Price: $9.99/month. 30-day free trial.

To Sum Up With Events Calendar

These above 10 Calendar apps for Shopify are ranked based on the following criterias:

  • The ratings on Shopify App store
  • The app’s rank on search engines
  • The prices and features
  • The app provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 10 Shopify Calendar apps. Above all, we honestly recommend you to give every app above a try if possible. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels. So please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

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