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E-commerce conversion rate: Effective method to maximize the conversion rate in order to boost sales in an online environment.

E-commerce conversion rate: Effective method to maximize the conversion rate in order to boost sales in an online environment.

In the advent of the development of cutting-edge technology, global citizens tend to find out and purchase whatever they want the Internet. Therefore, e-commerce platforms are considered as one the most lucrative landscapes for businessmen. A wide range of shop owners does not achieve their desired rate of conversion rate. Do your online stores accomplish the low level of E-commerce conversion rate? Let me reveal some secret tactics helping you to achieve a high level of E-commerce conversion rate.

The role of E-commerce in the modern business:

What is E-commerce?

Literally, E-commerce stands for electronic-commerce. It is an online transaction. In particular, this type of transaction occurs between sellers and buyers via a website. Like the brick-and-mortar store, E-commerce offers the buyers to see the outstanding features of their targeted products. It is the price, the image of products as well as physical attributes. However, consumers can go shopping all around while they take a rest on their comfortable sofa.  Because of its convenience, modern customers regards E-commerce as a primary way of doing shopping. Besides that, a brilliant shopping store enables shop owners to achieve economic growth.


So how to set up a user friendly online shopping store?

Based on the foundation of Shopify, a wide range of Shopify themes was developed by many IT companies so as to to propose the shop owners a wide range of choices. Therefore, it is a daunting task for the shop owners to choose an e-commerce platform.

Now, you can find Shopify themes on Themeforest

or you can find some unique Shopify themes on Spify. ArrowHiTech develops these themes.

Overall, all of these websites will supply you with some unique themes to start your own business.

The definition and type of conversion:

Conversion rate

The definition of conversion:

In terms of literature review, conservation stands for the alteration of an entity from one state to another ones. In term of marketing, conversion is :

  • Turning an online store visitor into an actual customer, who decides to purchase the product, or a potential customer, who registers for an websites’ account.
  • Changing a participant in a conference into an actual customer, who affords for the product.
  • Turning a shop visitor into an actual customer, who buys the product. 

The type of conversion in the Age of E-commerce:


Purchasing a product from the site.

Requesting a quote.

Subscribing to a service.


Signing up for the email lists.

Creating an account.

Adding products to the cart.

What is the conversion rate?

Conversion rate optimization

An e-commerce conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who complete a certain action in a period of time.

With a view to ensure the success of an online store, we had better optimize the conversion rate.

In this blogpost, I will propose some special methods to boost the rate of conversion. I hold the view that only when the customers have positive brand experience with the brand’s online store, does the process of conversion occur. Therefore, the brands should make full of efforts to improve the condition of the online store.

Better users’ experience

To boost the purchase decision of customers, the shop owners should focus on upgrading the interface of their E-commerce platform completely. For this will make the e-commerce more handy for the users. In reality, a large amount of customers decide not to buy the products on E-commerce due to the fact that they cannot seek the brand that they love. 

Enhancing the trust: 

In order to boost the level of customers’ trust on the online shopping store, the online shop owners should indicate the origin of the products for the customer. When the customers know obviously about who manufactures products that the shop sells. Definitely, they will be ready to afford the products.

Giving the detailed information of the product:

At first, make sure that you provide your consumers all information relating to the product. Since they do not have a chance to touch the material of the product or observe the color of them in actual condition, etc. Secondly, the customers always want to know exactly about the product they decide to buy.

Allow the consumers to to review the quality of products:

At first, a wide range of customers will search for the review of the product before they decide to buy it. The positive review from the customers will establish positive brand reputation. Besides that, allowing the customers to complain about the products will prove brand’s attention to the customer experience. Customers will fall in love with your store since your store respects the customer.

Introducing a great return policy when the products is corrupted:

The great return policy is considered as the most effective way proving the quality of the product and your responsibility for what you sell.

Using live chat software:

In reality, live chat software is considered as an effective method to answer immediately any questions that customers meet in the progress of choosing products. 

An unique solution for the efforts of optimizing the conversion rate:

Spify has developed an outstanding Shopify app. Its name is Shop by brand. 

What is Shop by Brand, a Shopify app?

Shop by Brand enables store owners to set up a brand page. It contains the logos, banners and descriptions in their own way. The brand page includes all the brands that you sell. Hence, it will help the customers to find out the brand that they want more easily.  

Why Shop by Brand enables you to optimize conversion rate?

Currently, purchase decisions of customers have been boosted by the brand name. In reality, the order of priority of buying products tends to be based on the order of the brand that the customers love. You will lose a wide range of potential customers if you do not provide the brand the customers want. So Shop by Brand is one of the most effective method to maximize the conversion rate.

Highlighted feature of Shop by Brand:

  • Brand Management Page.
  • Brand Listing Page.
  • Brand Detail Page.
  • Brand Widget.
  • SEO – Friendly Brand Pages.
  • Management Friendly.

Lucky you! Shop By Brand is totally free so please download right now.

Way to optimize conversion rate.

In conclusion: 

All in all, I hope you will find out the most favorable way to optimize the E-commerce conversion rate of your own business. Good luck to you!

Please remember that ArrowHiTech always offers a wide range of excellent Shopify themes and apps.

If you have any problem in setting up your online store from the scratch, do not hesitate to meet ArrowHitech. Our 12-year experience staff in Information Technology and outsourcing will help you set up your dream online store.

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