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E commerce marketing : An overview and powerful strategies to use in a downturn

E commerce marketing : An overview and powerful strategies to use in a downturn

Marketing is crucial for every type of business, including e commerce. Having a right marketing strategy can greatly enhance your company and boost your revenue. Therefore, understanding thoroughly about e commerce marketing will benefit you a lot. In this guideline, we will deliver you an overview about e commerce marketing.

What is e commerce marketing?

E commerce marketing is the strategy, tactics to draw more traffic to your online store or website. A good marketing brand will greatly affect your business image and brand awareness

E commerce marketers can use many tools for the best performance. For example, social media, blogs, search engines or marketing campaigns.

e commerce marketing
What is e commerce marketing?

Types of e commerce marketing

Social Media marketing

Social Media marketing refers to the e commerce marketing strategies on social media. More and more people are using social media these days. As a result, it is a great and potential market for many businesses. You can reach a lot of people if you run your marketing campaign on social media. Moreover, people can like, comment and share your contents. Thus, this will give your product natural promotion.

You can create content or run ads on popular social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, those media platforms now offer shoppable content. For instance, customers will see the price of each product when they click on the photos. 

e commerce marketing
Shoppable content on Instagram

Content marketing

Next we have content marketing. Content marketing will deliver helpful, truthfully and relevant content to customers. This type will show customers the solution for their current problems and why should they use your products. Most of the time, content marketers will use blogs or video to carry out this strategy.

e commerce marketing

Here are some useful ways for your to enhance your e commerce content marketing

Improve product page

First, you should encourage customers to buy products on your website. This might be tricky without great contents. To do this, make sure you use short sentences and concise words to describe your products. Also, don’t forget to include keywords that include the name of products. Besides, you should add alt tags to your images as well. This will enhance SEO and drive more traffic to your online store.


You might ask: “ Will blogging be worth your time?”. Then, the answer is “ Yes”. Blogging is a cheap yet effective way to raise brand awareness and gain more prospect to your store. Then, you can create a great e commerce marketing strategy by writing relevant blogs. This will also enhance your SEO as well.

Shopify blog
Blogging can increase traffic to your website

Use guest posts

Guest posts are articles published on someone else’s website or blogs. This e commerce marketing strategy can help build a strong relationship between you and bloggers. Moreover, it also increases authority of your content. Thanks to this, search engines will assume you have relevant content. Thus, your SEO will be enhanced. 

In some cases, you don’t have to write a new guest post. You can ask to extend the existing content by adding new text or videos.

Create videos for your products

Videos can deliver much more information than images and words. Therefore, this is a great way to fully show off your products’ functions. Also, you can use videos to explain the use of your product. As a result, this strategy can grant you high customer satisfaction. 

Use video to deliver more content

Create keyword – driven FAQ section

Customers will ask questions related to products on the FAQ page. Therefore, you should add high volume, long – tail keyword searches to your answer on the FAQ section. This will increase the number of keywords on your website. Therefore, it will draw more traffic to your online store

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing includes Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) and paid advertising. SEO is the practice of increasing traffic to your website naturally. Whenever a keyword is typed in the searching bar, your website will appear on the very first pages. To best enhance SEO, you need to deeply learn Google algorithms as well as analyze keywords.

Let’s move to paid ads. You’ll pay money to have your website appeared on the top of the search page. This method involves pay – per – click ( PPC) campaigns, display campaigns or product – specific ad campaigns. 

Email marketing

This is a very cost – effective e commerce marketing strategy. There are many helpful tools to help you with this issue. Mailchimp and Aweber, for example, are two popular ones.

Here are some benefits of email marketing

Send follow up email

Most businesses want to gain loyal customers rather than one – time buyers. Therefore, it’s important to remind customers of your service. And email marketing to it very well. You can send them email about your events, or special offers on customers’ birthday

Abandoned cart reminders

Based on many e commerce research, the cart abandonment rate is about 68.81%. This is such a huge number. One solution for this problem is email marketing. You can send customers email reminding them of their carts. 

Ask for reviews

Social proof is very important. Many people rely heavily on others’ opinions before making their purchases. As a result, by adding social proofs on your web store, you can raise customers’ trust and also enrich the keywords in your website. You can ask buyers to review products after the purchase via email.

Influencers marketing

Influencers have many followers. Therefore, when you ask them to promote your products, you will gain a large amount of traffic. However, this e commerce marketing strategy might be costly

Affiliate marketing

You will ask people to sell your products and then give them commission. With this e commerce marketing strategy, you won’t have to do or pay too much. You only have to reduce profit margins. However, the higher quantity might make up for that

Learn more about affiliate marketing and dropshipping here.

Local marketing

This is how this e commerce marketing works. Shop owners will use cookies to determine the location of customers. Then, they will offer discounts or free shipping to the people living in local areas.

Tips for effective e commerce marketing

E commerce marketing is very crucial. However, it’s not easy to come up with an effective one. Especially during COVID-19 pandemic, shop owners need to be creative to gain more customers to their store. Then, we will deliver you some helpful tips with e commerce marketing.

Do market research

You can’t please everyone. Therefore, it’s best to focus on small specific types of customers. Try to learn about their behavior, demography as well as geography. This is the initial steps for an effective e commerce marketing strategy

Pandemic and economic recess can greatly change people’s behavior. For example, people might save more than spend, or they lessly to go out more. Therefore, after doing your research, you can resegment your audience

e commerce marketing
Keep doing market research

Use personalization

Personalization can greatly enhance your business. When you learn about customers’ behaviors, you can offer them the right products. Therefore, instead of letting them browse through your website, you offer the products they need right in front of them. This will encourage them to click buy and increase your ROI

Retarget your audience

You can target your old customers. They’ve already bought and used your service. Therefore, it’ll be easier to convince old customers to rebuy your products than new ones. 

User – generated content

User – generated content is the content created by customers. For instance, reviews or comments. With this e commerce marketing strategy, you will have your products promoted for free. Moreover, customers will trust previous buyers than sellers. Therefore, this will also increase customers’ trust to your business.

Here are some common forms of user – generated content

  • Reviews
  • Competitions
  • Give – away
  • Social media hashtags

Loyalty program

As mentioned above, businesses prefer gaining loyal customers to one – time buyers. One effective way to gain more long – term buyers is loyalty programs. For example, you can offer discount or freeshipping to people to buy a decent amount of products

Increase customer’s trust

Customers are the core value of every business. Therefore, to build a strong company, you need to enhance customer trust. Here are some tips for this

  • Use customer reviews or social proof
  • Referral marketing. With this e commerce marketing strategy, people will introduce your products to their families or relatives for some value ( discount, cash, gifts, etc). People often trust their relatives or families more than strangers. Thus, this practice will gain you a lot more customers
  • Testimonial
  • Case studies

Analyze performance

Everything can change, especially during this recession. Therefore, you need to keep track with the change and performance. Thanks to this, you will know when you should cut down the cost of e commerce marketing, or change the strategy.

Focus on improving your products

E commerce is already a highly competitive market. In this pandemic, it is getting more and more competitive. The best way to maintain, or even grow your business during this time is improving your products. Try to focus on high – performance products and service. This also means cut down on out – dated or low – performance products. It’s no point in wasting time and effort on those.

Bring out your value

Emphasize on your differences among thousands of rivals and why customers should buy your products. Customers might not have time to read through all products’ information. Therefore, you should emphasize the highlights or difference of your products. This will catch people’s attention. Then, they will want to learn more about your products

Offer low or free shipping

Customers often expect low or free delivery. Therefore, by lowering shipping cost, your products will be more appealing. 

Find out tips to reduce shipping cost here

In conclusion

E commerce marketing is very crucial. Therefore, every online business should invest time and effort in it. We hope to deliver you some useful information about e commerce marketing and how to effectively execute it. 

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