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E commerce customer service: Simple understanding and how to improve it on Shopify

E commerce customer service: Simple understanding and how to improve it on Shopify

For every business, great customer service is a key factor to enhance revenue. Moreover, in a competitive market like e commerce, e commerce customer service plays an important role in gaining more customers. In this guideline, we will give you some basic understanding about e commerce customer service and how to improve it

What is e commerce customer service?

Generally speaking, this is the support e commerce business deliver to its customers. It can be answering questions, or giving customer assistants after purchase. 

What is E commerce customer service
What is e commerce customer service?

Why you need e commerce customer service

There are 2.05 billion online shoppers in 2020, and this number will continue growing. As a result, e commerce customer service is becoming more and more important.

Great customer service will not only create great customer experience, but raise your profit as well. Here are some reasons why you need to improve your customer service

It directly customer experience

Customer support can greatly affect buyer’s feelings. With great support, buyers can tolerate some flaws of your products. On the contrary, poor support can greatly damage your business and you might lose your customers. 

E commerce customer service
Your support can greatly affect customer experience

Gain customer trust

Since customers have great experience with your online store, they will trust your business more. They will think you’re always available to answer their questions or solve problems. Thanks to that, you can gain more loyal customers

Get more customers

With great e commerce customer service, you will not only have more long-term customers, but also new customers as well. Existing customers can leave positive reviews, or introduce your business to their friends. Moreover, people can assess your business through social proofs. Therefore, when they see many positive feedback, they will trust your business and won’t hesitate to “click” buy

You can gain more customers thanks to e commerce customer service

Increase your business reputation

With more customers and great feedback, surely your business will gain more fame. Also, thanks to positive reviews from customers, you can rank your business on site searching such as Google or Amazon higher than your competitors. 

Earn more profit

With more customers and higher reputation, needless to say, you will earn more profit.

Help assess your business

Customers can ask questions or even complain to your customer service. From those, you can gather invaluable information to evaluate your business. For example, you can find out what are the most common issues. Then, you can find solution to that problems to enhance customer satisfaction. 

How to improve your e commerce customer service

Now you might understand the importance of e commerce customer service. But how can you improve it? In this guideline, we will illustrate some ways for you to effectively enhance it

Understand your existing e commerce customer service

If you already have customer support, you need to evaluate it first. Find out main problems, issues of your current customers support. Then, you will know what to improve and what to maintain.

Fast response

Customers expect instant reply from business when they meet some problems. 24 hours should be the maximum time for an answer. Longer than this, customers might feel frustrated or they even forget about the questions.

One great option for online business is offering live chat. Whenever a customer ask questions, a customer support clients will answer those almost immediately. However, this method is quite costly for small business. Then, we recommend displaying FAQ on your site. Therefore, customers having common questions can find their answer instantly on this category.

Training your employees.

Customer support clients communicate directly with customers. Therefore, you should train them carefully. First, clients should learn how to listen and response to customers. According to research, 68% of customers appreciate polite attitudes.

Secondly, customer support staffs must understand thoroughly about the products. Thanks to that, they can answer or solve customer problems immediately. 

E commerce customer service
Your employees should have polite and positive attitudes

Personalized support

When you deliver your customer personalize support, customers will feel important and respected. Thus, they will trust your business and likely to come back for more

Provide international support

If you want sell internationally, this is a must. You should expand your customer support to other market to help foreign buyers. To do this, you should support multi language by using automatic translation. If you find implementing many languages too expensive, you can use only common languages such as English. 

Measure and evaluate customer feedback

As mentioned above, customer reviews give you priceless information to improve your performance. Listen to your buyers and find out the main problems. Moreover, you should reply all reviews, including negative ones. This will help boost your business reputation. For new customers, they can see your integrity. Also, your replies can avoid misunderstanding to current customer as well.

In conclusion

We hope deliver you some basic understandings about e commerce customer service. If you want to increase customer satisfaction on your Shopify store, you need to contact ArrowHitech.

ArrowHitech is the leading IT outsourcing company in Vietnam. With 12+ years in e commerce, we confidently deliver you the best service, from consulting to web developing. Moreover, our decade-long experienced developers will bring you your dream website. Thus, your customer experience will soar more than you expect. We also sell and develop Shopify themes and Shopify apps for a modern and professional-looking website. Contact us here or via email: or hotline + 84 243 7955 813

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