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Dark mode: The definition, benefits and tips to make it look perfect for your Shopify store

Dark mode: The definition, benefits and tips to make it look perfect for your Shopify store

More companies are releasing the dark mode for their website as well as apps. So what’s the reason behind all the dark themes launching. Now we will tell you further information about it and its benefits. 

What is dark mode?

Dark mode is an additional mode allowing users to change the UI of the web or apps into dark colors. For example, black, gray, navy,etc. It nowadays is preferred by many people, especially the young. As a result, more and more companies, from social media to app stores, come up with their dark themes.

dark mode
What is dark mode?

Benefits of dark mode

Dark mode can bring users a lot of advantages. Below are some of them

Health benefits

Imagine you are in a low light or dark room, then bright screen with white background can blind you. Light screen or color will put more pressure on your eyes when in dark space. As a result, dark mode is a great solution. Besides, it can reduce the blue light and make your eyes more relaxing.

Battery saving

Dark mode can reduce the light emitted, especially on OLED or AMOLED screen. To illustrate, at 50% brightness, dark design saves about 15% screen energy more than white one. At 100% brightness, this number rise to 60%.

Great looking

We must admit, dark color design looks great. It implies power, mystery and professional. When there are too many white-background app and website, dark mode bring in a new breeze. Moreover, color seems to pop up more on dark background thanks to high contrast.  

dark mode
Dark design can create professional looking

Drawback of dark mode

Although dark mode is great, you still need to consider some factors when using it. Originally, dark design tends to be used in low light environment. Therefore, with sufficient light, it’s hard to read with dark design. Also, long text on dark background can make your eye fatigue. Hence, depending on the situation, you can choose between dark or light.

Tips to make dark mode look perfect on your Shopify store

If you’re opening an online store on Shopify, you can consider changing the theme into dark design. However, you need to think about these factors first

Things to consider before implementing dark mode

Your type of product

Customers are the priority, You need to assess which customers you want to attract, understand their preferences and interests before going dark. 

Dark colors are cool, powerful and mysterious. Therefore, it’s often used in high-end brands or edgy products. Moreover, with the young or teenager, they will prefer dark color since they think they’re cool.

On the other hand, if you’re selling toys for kids or products for the old, dark design may not be the right option. Dark color might be too negative or implies unfortunate to those customers. Moreover, with old people, their eyes are not good as the young. Therefore, they hardly can see clearly with dark colors.

After understanding and evaluating your target customers, you can decide whether or not choose dark mode. 

dark mode
Dark design is often used for high-end brands


If your web shop is in light mode at the moment, changing it into dark will require some changes in the picture of products. Colors, for example, is often less vibrant in dark mode. Also, if you sell many products in black or gray, dark background will make it less visible for customers. This can affect your business greatly. 

If you still want to go dark, then you should consider asking photographer to retake product pictures to best fit your themes. A more simple way is increasing the contrast of the products by using lighter gray or use pop.

Tips when changing into dark mode

Now you might have some brief idea about dark color. You want to implement it to your Shopify store? After consider some basic factors above, here are some tips for you when changing into dark mode

Types of mobile device

Customers might use different types of devices to visit your store: desktops, laptops or smartphone. This will result in different in hue, color of your themes. Even diverse in light exposure can change the color as well. 

Even pure black ( hex color code #000000) can’t appear the same in every device. It can be changed into dark gray or ashy gray depending on the level of backlight.Then, to make your shop look great in any situation, this is the initial thing to consider.

Choose right dark color

Dark doesn’t mean only black or gray. Moreover, pure black theme with white letters might be too drastic for human eye due to high contrast. Then, you can alter the color a little, maybe change in light or hue. Navy, dark blue for example, it’s a great dark color you can consider.

Right contrast color

Some people might think when it’s come to dark design, white letters it’s the best choice. On the contrary, it’s not fully true. White color on black background create high contrast, and pressure to your eyesight. Also, try to avoid pastel or fluorescent since they might be too “ vibrant”.

Instead, you can choose light color, for example, light violet rather than electronic or pastel one. This will make your web shop easy to read.

Highlight important part

Dark Mode is best when it comes to highlighting. You can use color contrast to make some part pop up more. For instance, you can set “ Add to cart” button on light, or colors that can gain attention, and call action.

We hope to give you some understandings about dark mode and how to best utilize it. If you want to implement it to your Shopify store, then you must call ArrowHitech. Established since 2007, our company has 12+ years in e commerce. Therefore, we can give you the best advice as well as service with confident. Moreover, ArrowHitech is also Shopify themes and apps developer. We surely will deliver you modern, professional-looking website that suits your vision and preference. Contact us here or via email: or hotline: +84 243 7955 813

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