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Customer pain points: The most common problems and how to overcome them in e commerce

Customer pain points: The most common problems and how to overcome them in e commerce

Customers are the center of every business. Therefore, to deliver buyers the best service, shop owners always have to concern with customer pain points. Otherwise, they can easily lose customers in a highly competitive market like e commerce. Now, we will dive deeper into customer pain points and how you can overcome them.

What are customer pain points?

Customer pain points are the root problems, or issues of prospective customers with your business. You can simply understand they’re problems that need solving. 

Types of customer pain points

Customers might meet many problems when buying goods. However, they often fall into four groups:

Customer pain points
What is customer pain points?

Financial pain points

Issues in this groups often involves money. You customer might overpay their current products/ providers. Therefore, they want to reduce their expense. However, reducing the cost too low it’s not a right option since people might question products quality.

Productivity pain points

Prospect customers is spending too much time on their current products/ providers. Therefore, they might not have enough time. 

Process pain points

Your prospect want to improve their internal process. For example, you can assign sales rep to high potential customers, and lower priority leads for nurturing prospect.

Support pain points

Your customers don’t receive enough care and support from your business during the purchase.

How to know customer pain points?

Customer pain points are problems. As a result, identifying and resolving customer pain points are necessary. However, sometimes, customers might not acknowledge the issues unless it’s pointed out for them. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to determine the problems. 

Now we will show you some ways to find out customer pain points

Customer research

This is one of the most common way to identify customer pain points. If you want to understand your customers, you need to listen to them first. Researches can come in variety of forms. For example, survey, questionnaire or feedbacks. Some business can open workshop or events to know their customers better. 

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose suitable ways for your business. However, keep in mind that your research should be high quality. Otherwise, you will hardly gain useful information.

Customer pain points
You need to listen to customers to know them

Sales research

Your sales representatives interact directly with customers. Therefore, they can deeply understand prospects’ issues and their opinions are valuable.

However, you need to distinguish sales reps’ pain points from customer’s’ pain points. For example, sometimes sales reps’ problems come from low-quality data, lacking of potential customers. Thus, there’s nothing to do with customer pain points.

Review customer journey

You can identify customers issues yourself by going over customer journey. See how prospects can go to your service. Then, imagine you are a customer going in your store. Ask yourself about everything, in every stage: Is it simple, is this amount of time short enough, etc? By putting yourself in customer’s shoes, you can determine customer pain points. Nevertheless, remember that your opinions can’t represent all of your customers.

Go through customer journey to put yourself in buyer’s shoes

Common customer pain points

Now you know how to identify customer problems. Below are some of the common issues customers meet and how you can resolve those

Complicated checkout process

The average number of cart abandon is 68.81% based on different e commerce studies. The most recent research shows the number of 74.52%. One main reason for this high number is complex checkout process. Too lengthy forms or many options can exhaust your customers and make them want to move to another store. 

To solve this problem, you should make the process as simple as simple. For example, buyers don’t need to have an account to make a purchase. They only need to fill in enough information to checkout.

Here’s Klarna’s easy checkout process

Lack of information

When buying online, customers can’t have touch-and-feel experience. Therefore, they might worry that what they receive won’t live up to their expectations. This pain point can make customer hesitate to spend money on your web store

Many online shops have this issue. You can give customers short but sufficient descriptions. You must include crucial information such as colors, materials, shapes or sizes. Furthermore, with adequate data, prospect won’t likely to ask many questions. Thus, such factors can also reduce amount of time and support pain points

Besides, to enhance customers experience, you should use social proofs as well. Many people heavily rely on previous buyers’ feedback. 

False information

The fastest way to lose customers is giving them false information, for example, hidden fee or extra cost. If you are running a flash sales event, but charge customers for high shipping fee. Customers will hardly satisfy. 

Therefore, transparents information is crucial for online business. Make sure there’s no ambiguity between you and your customers. Such factors can greatly reduce cart abandonment and product returning.

High shipping cost

Nowadays, customers expect low, or even free shipping fee. High shipping cost can add on and make the bill seem too high for customers. Thus, they can easily abandon their cart.

The solution for this is reducing shipping fees. Check here to know how to reduce shipping cost to increase your profit

Poor shopping experience

This customer pain point can result from many factors. For instance, they find it hard to find their desired products or checkout. Also, slow or broken website can make customer move to competitor’s site. 

You might need some help from experts to resolve this problem. First, based on customer demographic, behavioral or browsing history through cookie, you can offer them relevant recommendations. Secondly, you can easily enhance website speed and capacity with the help of professionals.

Low inventory management.

When customer order online, then receive a call telling that their product is out of stock. Will they happy? Needless to say, this will negatively affect customer experience. 

To solve this issue, you should integrate inventory at warehouse with your online shop. Stocks at warehouse will automatically update on your website. This can help reduce misunderstandings as well as customer satisfaction

No access to POS

POS system can help reduce the hasleness of checkout. Customers won’t have to waste a long time waiting in both online and offline store. For instance, Shopify’s POS card reader can save buyers a lot of time. With store have no access to POS, to make a payment, customers have to have banking account. Otherwise, they will have to go to store to swipe their cards. Then, your prospect rather choose an online with POS.

Poor customer service

When customers leave question on your site, they want it to be answered immediately. If you let them wait for too long, they might choose another products from your competitors. Even when they don’t, they might not feel very happy with your service. 

It’s not very hard to solve this problem. You can include 24/7 hotline number on your site. Then, customer can call everytime they need help. Another option is live chatting. Prospects can ask any questions in the chat box and the client will answer them as fast as possible. 

These above solutions are very effective, yet costly. If you want a more cost-effective solution, you can use Q&A. Come up with most frequently asked questions can answer those. If customers have common questions, they can find the answers in this part instantly.

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