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Customer needs: Common types and how to solve for them

Customer needs: Common types and how to solve for them

Customer focusing is a great way to build strong organization. Many companies are trying their best to become a customer centric business. However, how they can reach this goal is not that easy. One of the key factor in this model is customer needs. Now, let’s learn more about customer needs.

What is customer needs?

As described in the name, customer needs are what customers expect from your products. In simple terms, they encourage customers to make purchase on your stores.

Therefore, many companies see customer needs as an opportunity to resolve or contribute value to it. 

Some common customer needs

Customer needs
What is customer needs?

Customer needs in products


When customers buy your products, they want to solve some problems. Therefore, they expect your product or service can function to fulfil their needs.


Different customers have different budgets. Something cheap for this person might be expensive for others

Customer needs
People always concern with the cost


Your products or service should be a convenient solution for customers’ problem. For example, product availability, or ease of use. Otherwise, they may choose your competitors products.

Ease of use

Is your product easy to use? Does most customers can easily function your products? 

Make sure your products are user-friendly. Otherwise, customers will feel frustrated and won’t likely to use your service anymore.


Customers expect a product which has great functionalities as well as good design. Great presence not only attract customers, but also can make the best use of products


Most of the time, customers buy products simply because they trust them. They believe that product functions will live up as advertised.


No one wants a product that get broken after a few days. Therefore, sustainability is a factor you need to consider


Most of the time, customers focus on the performance regardless of designs, sustainability and so on. Thus, products must perform well to help customers solve their issues


Time is money. As a result, customers don’t want to spend too much time solving a single problem. As a business owner, you need to find ways to enhance product efficiency.


Your products should be compatible with other goods which customers are using. For example, many companies include integration with smartphones or tablets in their products. 

Customer needs
How compatible are your products?

Customer needs in service

No matter how hard you try, customers will still meet some problems. This is when customer service become important. 51% of customer who met bad customer service say that they will never do business with that company again.

Here are some customer needs in customer support


Needless to say, friendliness is the priority here. It can create comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, even though buyers might feel angry or dissatisfied, friendliness can ease their tension

Deliver friendly customer service to buyers


This customer needs is crucial, but hard to accomplish. Customer support client must put themselves into customer shoes to understand their feelings. However, you can gain a lot more than you expect


Customers want clear information, from pricing to process. First, this will avoid unexpected fees or spending. Moreover, customers won’t need to contact you several times to get adequate information


You should be fair from pricing to firms, from beginning to the after sales. Make buyers feel comfortable when they spend money on your store.

Interaction with the company

Customer interaction shouldn’t end right after sales. First, customers might meet some problems, or have questions they need to fulfil. Then, they will contact your company for customer service. Secondly, company also need to maintain relationship with customers. This will help customers remember about your business. Thus, you will gain more long-term customers


The more options you offer to customers, the higher chance they will come back. Thus, consider giving theme many options, from products, subscription to payment method. For example, in checkout, apart from common payment methods, you can offer other methods such as Paying-Over-Time or Bopis ( Buy online, pickup in store)


Customers often find information before making their purchase. 

Therefore, business should invest time and budget in product blogs, base contents or email newsletter. Besides providing information to customers, it will also improve your SEO ranking.


When customers meet problems, they want you to solve them as soon as possible. Therefore, you should provide customers different channels for customer service. For instance: 24/7 hotline, email or contact forms

Customer needs
Make sure customers can contact with you anytime

How to solve customer needs?

Customer centric model is a great way to build strong organization. To achieve this model, you need to resolve customer needs to meet buyers demands. Below are some effective ways for you to accomplish these issues

Evaluate and analyze customer needs

To solve customer needs, you need to know what they are first. 

There are many ways to find out the problems. One popular way is conducting a survey, online or offline. However, keep in mind that your survey must give you relevant data to find out customer needs. Your questions should include

  • Customers attitudes toward your brand
  • Customer opinions toward your competitors
  • Why they choose your products over others

Nevertheless, survey result can be subjective. The main reason is the limited number of people doing the survey.

Mean-ends analysis

After gathering primary information for survey, now you can use those data for analyzing. It’s time you answered the questions you set before. Often, there are three main reasons why customers choose your products

  • Features: This includes function as well as design. For example, customers can buy a computer thanks to it light weight or portability.
  • Benefits: People decide to buy a product because it can solve their current problems. If customers choose your products, they might see more benefits from your service than others. For example, with your computers, they can integrate with other devices.
  • Value: Value can differ from customers to customers. It depends on customers’ perspective. Some people buy expensive things because they feel confident in them.

Finding out customer needs is the first step to resolve them. Next is how to handle them.

Deliver customer service

When customers meet problems, they will contact to customer service first. Therefore, delivering quality customer support should be your priority. 

Make sure you train your clients well. Then, they will be confident to handle customers problems with emphathiness and friendliness.

Also, you should include different channels of customer service. Here are some common channels you should consider


This is the basic form of customer service. It might take customers a long time to get the reply. However, it’s always available and cost – efficiency. You should make you domain easy to remember and professional. For example: support@

Don’t keep the customer waiting for too long. Otherwise, they will either forget about you or won’t come back to your business. One solution for you is using email marketing apps. Whenever a customer send a complaint, they will receive an auto-replied email. This will partially help ease their tension.

Email is a standard support channel

Another common form of customer support is hotline. Customers will receive the reply instantly. However, you will have to pay for support clients. The fee will be much higher if you pursue 24/7 service.

Also, make sure you train your employees well. Thus, they will be confident to resolve customer needs. This will save both customer time and yours as well.

Live chat

This is a great customer service channel. Customers can ask any questions on the chat box and receive answer almost instantly. Moreover, this channel is very flexible. Customers can simply go to your website and ask questions. 

Social media

Social media is expanding. Besides helping you reach more prospects, social media is a great customer support channels. Customers can go to your page and ask questions. Many social medias, Facebook for example, list common questions on the chat box to make it easier for customers. If they are having one of those questions, they simply click on it and receive answers instantly.

In person

This is one of the best customer supports. Sometimes, problems can’t be solved with advice on the phone. This is when you need to meet customers in person. Technical or brick-and-mortar stores should offer this channel to customers. 

Right advertisement messages

People choose to buy a products because they think it can fulfil their needs.What if they find out it’s not what they expected? This will be a huge disappointment and can greatly damage your business

Therefore, don’t exaggerate your product functionality. Misleading information can gain you a lot customers but only in a short time. Only true value can make your business strong in a long term. 

Deliver clear and adequate instruction

One of the best ways to solve customer needs is eliminating them. Most of the time, problems come from unclear instructions.

Provide easy-to-understand instructions not only can avoid confusion, but also help customers realize the value of your products instantly.

Customer feedback

Feedback from customers is a great way to determine customers problems. You can’t solve the problems without knowing what they are. 

Want to know how to get the most customer feedback. Check here

Maintain strong relationship with customers

In the end, customers are the central of your business plans. Therefore, don’t forget to nurture relationship with your buyers. Sales process doesn’t end after customers pay for products. It goes a lot more beyond that. Follow emails, customers support, etc are the essential factors to have good relationship with buyers.

Solve right customer needs

Let’s face fact. No matter how hard you try, there are still problems you can’t handle. The company can’t treat all problems equally due to limited workforce and budget. Thus, it’s important to prioritize customers needs that you can tackle with.

To do this, set up your vision, find your target customers or analyze customer feedback. 

In conclusion

Customer needs is one of key factors to achieve customer-centric model. It will not only help build strong business, but also keep you competitive among thousands rivals. 

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