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Customer experience vs User experience: Key difference you need to know

Customer experience vs User experience: Key difference you need to know

With every business, customers is the center. Therefore, customer experience and user experience are the key performance. However, most of us still confuse between these two terms, and think they are the same. Although they need to work together for the best result, customer experience and user experience are different. Now, we will deliver the key difference between these two.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience (CX) is the overall experience customer gain from a business, from beginning to the end. This process include all platforms, products, channels and interactions with the company. CX results in the attitudes or feelings toward brands, business or companies of customers over time.

Customer experience composes of these followings:

  • Customer support
  • Sales process
  • Brand name/ Brand fame
  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Shipping/ delivery
Customer experience
What is customer experience?

What is user experience?

UX is the experience customers gain through the use of your products. For example, in digital platform, UX comes from customer’s interaction with your website. Different from customer experience, user experience (UX) is measurable. Through such data, you can assess UX performance

Here are some of the most common UX metrics

  • The success rate
  • Cart abandonment rate
  • Error rate
Customer experience
What is user experience?

Difference between customer experience and user experience

Many people still assume customer experience and user experience are the same. However, they are quite different. Let’s see some main differences of them


Customer experience mainly focus on overall experience of customers with the company. This whole process starts from the beginning to after customer make their purchase. As a result, CX include many interactions. 

User experience is customer’s interaction with your products, for example goods or apps. Also, it’s measurable via many metrics such as success rate or abandon rate

How they boost revenue

Customer experience often raise revenue through advertising, improving brand and creating great customer service

To improve user experience, UXers also need to concern with all these followings. However, they focus on the usability more


Customer experience is the experience of the whole brand. 

User experience looks at a more specific target, for example experience on an apps or website. Generally speaking, UX is a component of CX


Customer experience deliver the possibility customers will introduce your products/ brands/ companies to others

User experience give us information about how long it will take to fulfil a task, conversion rate and so on.

Examples of customer experience and user experience

Although they’re different, you need to improve both CX and UX simultaneously to deliver customer the best performance. Having great customer service doesn’t mean having good user experience and by versa. Let’s consider these following examples. 

Good customer experience but poor user experience

You download an app recently. However, you have some trouble using it and feel frustrate. Then, you contact with the company and receive the answer nearly immediately. Moreover, the company offers you some solution and compensate as well. This sounds great, isn’t it?

However, the main problems here is technical issues. Thus, if customers constantly meet this issues, they might feel frustrated. They don’t want to contact your customer service all the time. Thus, no matter how good your customer service is, customers still feel annoying.

Good user experience, poor customer experience

This is an example of good customer experience, but terrible user experience. So how about good UX but poor CX? Let’s look at this example

You want to order something online, and the process goes smoothly. The website runs fast, great design with seamless checkout process. However, when you receive the products, you find our some problems with it.

You contact the company to have solution. But it takes you 2 days to receive their reply. Will you satisfy with this?

Tips to improve both customer experience and user experience

Therefore, it’s best to improve both CX as well as UX. Great CX along with good UX is the goal of many business. Now, we will deliver you some ways to greatly improve both customer experience and user experience

Make “ Support” or “ Help” button visible

With this, customers can easily contact your business when they have problems or questions. To make it visible, you can put the “ Help” button in a individual category in the navigation menu. 

Another option is adding live chat window. Thus, customers can receive the answers for their questions almost immediately. However, make sure you can afford the cost of hiring clients for live chatting. Otherwise, you can display FAQ on your website. Therefore, customers having common question can get the answer in no time

Reply to all feedback as soon as possible

No one wants to wait a few days for an answer. Customers expect instant reply from you. Then, remember to check every comment as well as feedback and answer all of them, even negative ones. 

If you want to use social proof to enhance your business, check it out.

Create seamless, hassle-free process

Making your website easy to use, with smooth process is the key to enhance user experience. To do this, we recommend employing web developers for the best performance.

Great customer support

Needless to say, customer support is one of the key factor for customer experience. You should solve customer problems or issues as fast as possible. Also, you should train your employees well. Thus, they can solve customers’ issues by themselves without asking you first.

Create equal experience on all channels

If you sell products on many channels, make sure all of them perform well. For example, customers can go to your site with different devices such as desktop or mobile phones. Thus, you want to optimize your website on all these devices. 

To do this, we recommend mobile-first design.

In conclusion

Both customer experience and user experience are important to every business. Therefore, business have to improve their CX as well as UX for the best performance. 

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