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Brand name: How to choose the perfect one for your e commerce business

Brand name: How to choose the perfect one for your e commerce business

If you’re about to open your own online business, then choosing a right brand name is crucial. First, the brand name will express your visions and missions. Secondly, different from brick-and-mortar stores, online shops have domain name. Hence, in this guide, we will show you how to choose the perfect name for your e commerce business


You define your business vision, mission and purposes, you can brainstorm some few words. Write down everything that comes to mind. Words, non-word, meaningful or meaningless. Sometimes, you’ll find something interesting during this phase. 

However, remember don’t spend too much time on this. Since you’ll have more task to solve, 40 minutes to an hours for this step is perfect.

brand name
The first step to choose the right name is brainstorming.

Distinct your business from others.

You might have many competitors when penetrating into the market. Then, why not learn something from them, for example, their brand name. Find out what they’re trying to convey, why they choose that name. From those, you’ll have more factors to consider for your business name.

Another method to differentiate your business from others is choosing distinct brand name. Don’t go on the same way as your competitors. For example, if you competitors select heavy-keyword name, you can choose more abstract one. 

Selecting the right brand name can affect your business more than you think.

Build structure for your brand name

Nowadays, most of e commerce brand names fall into two categories

  • Descriptive one: The name will describe the company’s products or service. For example:, OurHavest
  • Abstract one: Customers hardly get the meaning in the first glance. Out-of-context, sometimes random. For example: Sprint, Apple

These two types have one thing in common. As you might know, words with meaning often are non-tradable, copyrighted or registered as domain name. Therefore, company tends to choose names might seem incomprehensible.

As a result, you will want to build some structure for your brand name first.

Brand personality

Without knowing your brand personality, you hardly can distinguish yourself from others in the market. Therefore, your brand name must reflect the business’ personality. Is it bold, cute or friendly? If you say “ bold”, you can choose promoting names such as the name of Victory goddess. Want a friendly name, then you can utilize name of some animals such as Panda.

brand name
Define your brand personality

Benefits of your products

To boost your revenue, customers should know how they can benefit from your products just by looking at the brand name. For example, wind, bullet can refer to fast speed. Or take a headphone brand- “Beats”- as an example. Just by a single words, the company tells its customers that “ you can listen to every beat with our products”.

How different is your product

If your products are unique, don’t hesitate to tell your customers. Think about an image, quote or words according to your business upper hand.

Select the best ones

After brainstorming and assessing, you now have some favorite names. It’s time we chose the right one for your business. At the end, the brand name must reflect your business and brand-worthy


Now we’ll list down some factors for you to evaluate the brand name. Consider these questions first. Then, you will get a suitable business name.

Is your brand name available?

Make sure you don’t use the same name as any other companies, businesses or organizations. This will not only affect your brand awareness, but also legality. You don’t want to end up in court.

Is the name easy to remember?

However different your brand name is, make sure it’s still readable. Moreover, you should try to avoid ambiguity in your name. When it comes to e commerce business name, the domain name will appear without spaces between words. Therefore, some unexpected issues might happen. For instance, Kidsexchange is an example.

Is it short?

Brand names are often from 2 to 9 letters. Long names with 15 to 17 letters are still OK as long as you keep them readable and unambiguous. However, too long name ( more than 20 characters) might be impractical and spammy.

Does the brand name reflect your products?

E commerce is a highly competitive market. Therefore, to gain more profit, customers should know how they can benefit from your service at the first glance. Thus, your business name should imply your vision or mission. This will help boost your revenue more than you think

Is your brand name cover your service?

As mentioned above, the brand name must imply your products. Then, if you’re an ambitious people and want to expand your business in the future, you should consider your brand name carefully. In fact, many companies in the world has changed their name when targeting another different market

Take Amazon as an example. The initial name of Amazon was Cadabra. At first, Jeff Bezos- CEO of Amazon- wanted to build a web solely for selling and exchanging books. Latter, when Jeff want to expand his business into others categories like selling goods online, he changed the name from Cadabra into Amazon, implies that you can buy anything, from A to Z on this site.

Check for availability

First, you must make sure your brand name isn’t used by any other companies, business or organizations. Secondly, if the business names are too popular or authoritative, it’s might not be goods since it can affect the SEO. Too negative tone or meaning is not good, either.

Testing your brand name

You hardly can foresee anything. Therefore, doing some surveys, asking for opinions are necessary to avoid unpredictable problems

  • Customers review: Ask your customer how they think about your brand name. Do they make out the meaning or benefits of your service. 
  • Online survey: This is a great and cost-effective way to gain a large number of opinions. However, remember to register your brand name first. Otherwise, someone still steal it from you
  • Language: Some words might sound meaningful in one country, but in other regions, it can be negative or meaningless. Therefore, you need to translate your brand name to see if it suitable for your targeted areas
Evaluate public reaction with your brand name

Combine your brand name with tagline

Tagline is great to show your purpose of your brand. If you use abstract or out-of-context name brand, tagline can greatly benefit you. It’ll show your customers the true mission of your brand. Here are some example

  • Nike: Just do it
  • Apple: Think different
  • General Electric: Imagination at work

We hope after this, you will be able to choose the right brand name for your e commerce. If you’re having difficulties in building your online store, you need to contact ArrowHitech. ArrowHitech is the leading outsourcing IT company in Vietnam. With 12+ years in online business, we surely can deliver you the best service, from consulting to web developing. Moreover, we’re also sell and develop themes and Shopify apps. Working with our decade-long experience developers, you will get modern, professional-looking websites. Thus, our company can boost your revenue to the next level. Contact us here for more information or via email: or hotline +84 243 7955 813

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