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Brand building: Definition, its importance and simple steps to make it successful

Brand building: Definition, its importance and simple steps to make it successful

Every shop owner wants their business to be recognizable and profitable. To do this, brand building plays a crucial role. If you build your brand successfully, you can maintain a stable amount of income and long – term customers. However, building a strong brand is easier said than done. Now, in this guideline, we will provide some information about brand building

What is brand?

Brand building
What is brand?

Brand is not merely your brand name or logo. It’s much more than that. “ Brand” is how other people or customers define your business. It implies the core value of your business. For example, your brand name, slogan, advertisements and so on. Simply speaking, a brand is the image of your business in other people’s minds. 

What is brand building?

What is Brand building
What is brand building?

Brand building is simply to raise awareness and recognition of your business. There are many ways for you to build your brand. For example, you can run marketing campaigns, run ads on social media or sponsor some projects. Thanks to brand building, shop owners can access more customers. Moreover, customers can know more about your business value and mission. Thanks to that, shop owners can gain more buyers as well profit. 

There are three main phases when it comes to brand building

Brand strategy

This is when you analyze your difference, advantage and market. In this step, you should come up with your vision, mission and your business plans. 

Making plans is important for any types of business. If you jump right in building your brand, you might have to face some risks and hassle. Therefore, spend some time to assess your business.

Brand identity

Next step is bringing your brand into the community. In this step, you need to convey your ideas, value to your customers. You can do this via SMS marketing, email marketing or telephone. This step might be challenging. However, if you do this well, your business might run well in the future. 

For brand identity, consistency is key. Make sure your brand name or slogan can reflect your brand vision as well. 

Brand marketing

We come to the final step – brand marketing. You need to raise brand awareness and recognition. After this step, your business will turn into a brand. Thus, it will bring you more benefit than you expect. However, everything comes with a price.  You will need to invest a lot of money and time on brand marketing. 

How can brand building benefit you?

Now might immediately know that brand building can bring you more customers and revenue. But it’s much more than that. Here to name a few

Attract more customers

Brand building
Brand building will gain you more customers

Needless to say, brand building can bring you a lot of customers. If you offer great products, old customers will introduce your business to others. Often, people will trust word – of – mouth more than advertisements. Also, when your business turns into a brand, people will likely trust you more since they will believe in a big brand.

Gain more loyal customers

No matter how well you ran your marketing campaign, in the end, your value is what matters. To build a strong brand, you need to focus on your core value as well as quality. Thanks to those factors, old customers will come back to your business for more. Therefore, you’ll gain more loyal customers

You’ll have more benefits than your competitors

Brand building
You will have more advantage than competitors

With high – quality products and great service, surely you’ll gain more customers. Make sure you highlight the difference between you and your competitors. 

You can become the market leader

You join the market sooner doesn’t mean you have more advantage and vice versa. Exclusive, great marketing campaign as well as well – functioning products can do you good. They will help you gain lots of customers. Then, you might become the leader in your market.

Increase your revenue

You have more new customers as well as existing customers. Needless to say, your revenue will increase 

Brand building
Brand building will enhance your revenue

Improve employee satisfaction

Brand building
Employee satisfaction will be improved as well

Brand building not only impacts your business externally, but also internally. First, when your business turns into a brand, you can attract more high – quality employees. Secondly, with high income, you can create a better workplace and salary for your workers. Thus, employee satisfaction will increase significantly. 

How to build your brand?

Now, let’s get into how you can turn your business into a brand. 

Find the core value of your brand

To get a strong brand, you need to have a good start. Therefore, it’s important you understand the basis of your business. Analyze your business carefully before starting building a brand. For example, what you want to convey to your customers? What makes you different from your competitor? What are your problems and so on. 

There are many effective ways for you to analyze your business. For example, SWOT analysis. Also, “ Golden Circle” is another great way to assess your business. In Golden Circle, you start with “ Why”, then “ How” and “ What”

Brand building Golden Circle
Th Golden Circle
Are you doing what you love?

Keep in mind that brand building is not easy. It can cost you lots of effort and money. Therefore, if you don’t love what you do, you hardly can go until the end. 

Check your logo and slogan

Logo is not merely an image, and slogan is not only a sentence. First, your logo and slogan can reflect the visions and missions of your business. Secondly, if you want more people to know your business, logo and slogan become more important. Moreover, colors can affect customers’ behaviour psychologically. 

Thus, make sure you have a unique and exclusive logo. Also, your slogan should be memorable and exclusive as well. Want to know how to have a great slogan. Check out our slogan article and tools for you to get a great slogan.

Assess your website
You should check your website before brand building

This is extremely necessary for online business. When you start brand building, your website should look professional and well – functioning. Thus, if you aren’t satisfied with current Shopify themes, check out our top best Shopify themes

Moreover, your online inventory should be integrated with those in warehouse in real – time. This will reduce the misunderstanding between you can customers. Thanks to this, your customer experience and customer satisfaction will be much higher. 

Another factor you should consider is the traffic. When your business becomes a brand, the number of traffic will be much higher. Make sure you optimize your online store so that it can handle large traffic

Understand your market

This is an important step when it comes to brand building. You will need to learn about market size as well as your competitors. You should also learn about past companies. Then, you will know why they succeed, or fail. 

However, to compete with others, you must differentiate yourself from others. Learning from the past is important, but you should make something different. Otherwise, you hardly can compete with your competitors.

Assessing your marketi will give you valuable information. Then, you might get the right direction for your business

Segment your customers

Target your audience

Let’s face facts. You can’t satisfy everyone. Therefore, you should target a specific group of customers and serve them your best. Moreover, this will lower the cost and time needed for you.

The key here is being specific. You should understand their overall behaviour, demographic as well as geographic. Thanks to that, you will be able to come up with their traits and preferences. 

Set the mission of your brand

What do you want to offer to your customers? Missions are simply why your business exists. It will show the value you want to convey to customers, as well as solutions for their current problems. 

Besides that, mission is the factor that makes your brand consistent. From brand name, logo to slogan, all of them should reflect the mission of your business.  

Gain trust from your customers

Now, you know your target customers, and understand their overall traits. It’s time to bring them to your business. The best way to gain more loyal customers is providing high – quality services. 

It’s no doubt that businesses which are the most trustly will gain the most revenue. In fact, people nowadays hardly trust brands. They often think sellers just want to get money from them. Therefore, if you provide them with high – quality products, they’ll likely trust you more than competitors. Thus, you will have more advantages. Here are some ways for your to earn trust of customers

Social proof

Social proof can earn trust of customers effectively. Customers, especially generation Z, believe previous buyers or peers more than sellers. Therefore, you should gain more customer reviews about your products. Also, don’t be afraid of bad reviews. They will show customers that your business is transparent and honest. Moreover, some bad feedback will let you know the issue of your products. Thus, you can fix it timely

Besides that, social proof can bring you more benefit than you might think. Check our full social proof article here. 


This is one of the most common methods for brand building. You can run ads on many platforms, from television to social media like Facebook or Google. Make sure you are authentic to customers. Of course, you can make it up a little bit, but don’t over exaggerate. Otherwise, you might deliver false information

Deliver great service

Customers might have some issues with your products sometimes. This is when customer service comes in handy. You should offer 24/7 service, so that buyers can contact you anytime, anywhere. Thanks to this, customers will trust you more, and great customer service might make up for those problems

Deliver good customer service
Find creative ways to deliver value to customers

We recommend using different ways to show the value of products. For example, instead of using stationery images, you can use product videos. Thus, you can deliver more information. 

Bring true value to your customers

Don’t tell them you’re the best. People might hardly believe you. Moreover, this might bring you many side effects. Instead, show them why your products are worth their while. 

Use SMS marketing or email marketing

SMS marketing and email marketing are low – cost, yet effective. However, there are some elements you should take notice of. Check them out.

Create voice for your company

When it comes to brand building, voice is very important. Your brand voice is not the thing you say, but mainly how you say it. Try to focus on the tone. Depending on your target audience, you can use a different tone to suit them.

For example, Apple focuses mainly on business people. Therefore, the tone on their product videos are quite slow, professional and powerful. On the other hand, if your want to target the young or teenager, use can use faster and higher tone with energetic music

It’s hard to come up with a perfect voice from the beginning. Therefore, you should keep assessing and improving your brand. Success takes time, so don’t be impatient. 

There are many ways for you to evolve your brand voice. For example, from customers opinions, learn from competitor’s brand voice and so on

Your brand voice can be in these forms

  • Text content
  • Video content
  • Podcasts
  • Images
Show your brand quality

You have something different, exclusive than others? Then, why don’t you show them off. When advertising your products, focus on what makes you different. Truely, customers might not need to change for other same products. Then, you need to show them why customers need to buy your products.

However, you shouldn’t make it too complicated. Use simple words or terms. Moreover, telling them your messages or real experience will be much better

Partner with other brands

This is one of the easiest ways for brand building. When you work with a brand, your partner will help promote your business as well. Moreover, you will gain a large number of customers in a short time. Besides, you don’t have to spend too much time and effort on brand building as well.

However, you must make sure everything is transparent. Otherwise, there might be misunderstanding and quarrel between you can your partner

There are 3 types of branding partnership


Actually, influencers are the brand themselves. When working with them, you can easily reach a large audience in a short time. Moreover, influencers often have many followers, who heavily trust influencers’ words. Therefore, by partnering with influencers, your revenue will be enhanced significantly

Market leader

You can learn a lot when partnering with market leaders. They will not only guide you, but also help promote your products. However, market leaders might not be interested in small businesses. Therefore, you might find it hard to partner with them. But the price will worth your efforts

Functional partnership

Sometimes, you can partner with some companies to promote your products. For example, Apple accompanied Hermes to create a high – end, luxury Apple Watch.

Brand building

Be consistent

As mentioned above, every element of your business should reflect your mission and vision. Unless you want to turn in another business, you should keep everything consistent. Since customers are familiar with your logos, brand voice, or slogan, changing them might not benefit you at all.

In conclusion

We hope to deliver you some helpful information about brand building. Keep in mind that brand building will take you lots of time and effort. Therefore, it’s important to prepare everything carefully.

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