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Bopis( Buy online,pick up in store): Important understanding to implement it for your retail strategy

Bopis( Buy online,pick up in store): Important understanding to implement it for your retail strategy

Bopis has brought a new world to retailers and buyers. It can greatly increase retailers’ income as well as customer satisfaction. According to Invesp, 67% of US shoppers have made purchase with Bopis and that number is increasing. It’s incredible. Now, let’s break down more information and how you can benefit from it.

What is Bopis?

First, we need to understand its meaning. Bopis stands for “ Buy online, pick up in store”. Described in the name, customers will make their purchase on shop web or app, then go to brick-and-mortar stores to get products. Thus, retailers can blend online with traditional stores seamlessly and meet customer needs.

Bopis stands for “ Buy online, pick up in store”

Bopis process

The process is quite simple.

First, customers will order online

They can make their order either on your website, or on your apps. Then, they will choose the place to get their products. This will highly benefits customers. Sometimes they don’t have time to choose at store, or might be overwhelming among too many products. On the other hand, people can order online at any time and easily find their wanted products.

Then, it’s time to fulfill the orders

After receiving customer orders, shop clients will enter and check the inventory. 

If the products are still in stock at customer’s chosen place, shop clients will begin packing, holding them and tell buyers to pick them up. 

In case it’s out of stock, you can contact with other stores or warehouse. After it’s ready, you should notify customers to pick it up.

Customers will go to brick-and-mortar store to get their products

Finally, customers will go to the chosen place to get their products. This step should be smooth and easy for customers. For example, you can send them email with order code, or notification or QR code. It’ll make this step much faster and convenient for both shop staffs and buyers

Bopis requirements

When it comes to Bopis, keep in mind some vital elements before implementing it to your store

Online website or app

Customers need a place to order online. Thus, you have to provide them either a shop web, or an app, or even both.  

You must build your website or app first

At least one brick-and-mortar store

Obviously, purely online stores can’t implement Bopis. You need to have at least one place for customers to get their products. When choosing the place to build brick-and-mortar stores, you must consider the convenience for customers, as well as the chance to improve foot traffic.

You must have at least one brick-and-mortar store

Updated inventory in real-time

Your online store need to integrate with real-time inventory to improve convenience and avoid misunderstanding. Your customers might be disappointed when buying goods that still appear on your site or apps, but not in available in your stores. This can greatly affect customer satisfaction.

Seamless process

The main reasons why customers are fond of Bopis is its convenience. They can choose products at anytime and anywhere, and pick them up whenever they like. Therefore, a seamless process will satisfy your customers even more. 

Make the ordering process easy by giving customers clear instructions. Also, you should allow buyers to choose where they want to get their products. An easy checkout is essential as well. The fewer steps, the better.

Advantages of Bopis

Bopis can benefit both customers and sellers. That’s why it getting more and more popular these days. We’ll list down some of its advantages.

Benefits for customers

First, let’s see how customers can benefit from Bopis

No shipping cost required

Most of the time, customers abandon their cart due to high shipping fees. Then, with “ Buy online, pick up in store” methods, this problem is resolved. People will make their purchase online and go to store to pick products up. Thus, they can get stuffs at their favorable time without paying shipping cost. Such factors will decrease the number of cart abandonment.

Convenient shopping experience

Most of time, when ordering online, customers might have to wait for a few days to few weeks to receive goods. What if they need the products now? That’s when Bopis comes in. Buyers can make their orders anytime and get their products when they want, often on the same day.

Product validation

When buying online, customers can have “ touch-and-feel” experience. With Bopis, it won’t be a problem anymore. Buyers can go to brick-and-mortar store to see the goods with their own eyes and see the real size, shape or colors. If the products can’t meet their expectations, they can cancel the orders.

Easy returning process

In case of online retail stores, if customers want to return products, they’ll have to go through many processes such as: shipping back to shop, checking, then delivering back to you. This will be very daunting and frustrating. However, customers can easily return or change products with Bopis as long as they follow shop policies.

Benefits for shop owners

Increase profits

First, since customers can get products within a short period, your money turnover will be enhanced. Secondly, when customers come to your stores to pick their orders up, they’ll likely to go around the shops. If they see something interesting or helpful, they can buy it immediately. As a result, your profit will increase more than you expect.

Low shipping fee

Shipping fee is always a concern for online retailers. If customers drive to get the products themselves, there’s no need for shipping fees. Thanks to lower shipping expenses, you’ll boost your profit. Want to know how to lower shipping fee even more. Check it out

You can reduce delivery fee thanks to Bopis

Shorten checkout line at brick-and-mortar store

You will send customers notifications or order code. Then, they simply go to their chosen destinations, show clients the code and get products. Thanks to this fast process, your checkout line won’t be heavy or long. 

Manage inventory better

When working with Bopis, you can’t separate online store and traditional store. You have to update the number of products in stock in real-time to meet customers requirements. Thanks to that, you can manage inventory a lot better.


Often, with online shop, people just choose what they need. But you can encourage customers to spend more money when they come to your store. For example, introduce some products that might be helpful for them. Or maybe offer them coupons or discounts for next purchase. Thus, you will earn a lot more.

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