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Best Shopify themes: Robust, beautiful and conversion-driven design  for every industry

Best Shopify themes: Robust, beautiful and conversion-driven design for every industry

Shopify is one of the biggest e commerce platforms in the world. Then, if you want to start your online business on Shopify, choosing Shopify themes is initial steps. However, choosing among thousands of Shopify themes might be daunting. Therefore, we will deliver you our top list Shopify themes

Lusion – Multipurpose Shopify theme


Lusion is one of the best multipurpose Woocommerce themes in 2020. And in 2021, its developers proudly announce the Shopify version of this well – known theme. Since Lusion is a multipurpose theme, it can be used for a wide range of online stores, from Fashion, Clothes to Electronics

The special thing about Lusion is its layouts and designs. Lusion has neat and minimal design. By utilizing neutral colors like white as the background, it highly focuses on your products, not on other elements. This will encourage customers to make a purchase on your website. 

This Shopify theme comes with 15+ beautiful and clean homepages, 6+ shop page and 4+ product page. Overall, Lusion can deliver you everything you need to build a solid website on Shopify.


Some other highlights of Lusion

  • Lusion is mobile – first designed. Thus, it can bring a better experience to mobile users compared to responsive layouts.
  • It includes many useful and advanced app such as Mega menu, Ajax cart pro, etc that are worth $1000+. As a result, you can save thousands of dollar when working with Lusion
  • Include fake sales popup, recommended products, built – in mega menu, Ajax Search Auto Complete and so on
  • Fully customizable. Therefore, you’ll have a lot of freedom to customize the theme as you like

As that said, Lusion is one of the best Shopify themes to boost your sales in 2021. During this limited time, you can get this powerful Shopify theme with just $19

Get Lusion Now!

GemMart – Marketplace Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Marketplace is a greatly potential business. And when it comes to marketplace or multi vendor business, we can’t miss GemMart. This is one of the best Shopify themes for marketplace and electronics stores.

There are 18+ homepage demos

With clean structure and neutral colored background, GemMart is highly product focusing. Moreover, there is much white spaces for you to write description for your products. There are 18+ different homepage demos with amazing layouts for you to choose. Also, GemMart is highly customizable and user – friendly. Thanks to that, you can take control over fonts, colors and a lot more. No need for coding or technological skills.

Also, GemMart is mobile – first design. Therefore, it’s more than responsive Shopify eCommerce themes. Mobile – first design can bring your customers much better experience on mobile devices like smart phones. Moreover, it can boost your web loading page as well.


Finally, GemMart includes best Shopify apps. Then, instead of spending 1000+ on those apps only, you can get GemMart with all those apps above with much lower price.

During this limited time, don’t miss the chance of getting GemMart with only $19Get GemMart now!


Best Shopify themes

Wokiee is proud of being one of the best Shopify themes. Also, it has the highest rate on Themeforest. Needless to say, Wokiee has everything you need to build your online store. There are 75+ homepage layouts for you to choose. Moreover, Wokiee supports 3D video, AR as well as video in product page


Best Shopify themes

Coming to other next best Shopify themes – Avone. Avone is the best selling and best – rated Shopify themes. This is a fully responsive, multipurpose Shopify theme. Thus, it can meet most of users requirements. Also, Avone has clean, modern and unique layouts. Avone has fast performance and loading speed. Thus, it can grant you high customer experience. 

There are 22+ stunning homepages for you to choose. Besides, this best Shopify themes is highly customizable


Best Shopify themes

Universe is one of the best multi – purpose Shopify themes. It offers users both light mode and dark mode. Regardless of the mode, Universe can grant you stunning, modern and stylish – looking websites. Beside, this Shopify theme has mobile – first design. Some highlights features of Universe include Advanced Shopify sections, powerful mega menu, and fully customizable


Best Shopify themes

When it comes to best Shopify themes, we must mention Roxxe. This is a multipurpose Shopify theme with more than 50 shop demos. Thus, it will surely fit in almost every type of business. Roxxe has quite fast loading speed. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about buggy or slow loading pages. Other highlight features of Roxxe are Exit – intent pop up, email collection bar, quick announcement bar or even free shipping bar application


Best Shopify themes

Porto claims to have the best Shopify themes design since 2014. And this is not merely a calm. It demos can give you clean and niche look for your website. From classic to modern, this Shopify responsive themes can satisfy all those types of business. There are 20+ modern homepage demos for you to choose. If you don’t like them, you can easily customize them to fit in your business


Best Shopify themes

Tubo is able to deliver users high speed and powerful performance. Moreover, it has stunning and outstanding designs. Once customers visit your online store, they’ll be overwhelmed by the appearance of your web. Moreover, Turbo also supports email marketing. Thus, you can reach more prospects and gain more revenue


Best Shopify themes

Shella is one of the best Shopify themes with multipurpose. It’s fast, clean and fully responsive. Shella is best for fashion, clothes, cosmetics and so on. It is the fastest Shopify theme with mobile – friendly design. Besides, there are 99+ pre-designed pages and many skins. Furthermore, Shella supports multi currencies. Thus, it’ll be very handy for cross – border e commerce


Best Shopify themes

This best Shopify  themes is for every business of all types and sizes. You surely can choose your favorable homepages among 200+ demos. Moreover, Lezada is very user friendly. It’s not only simple on the outside, but also the inside as well. The coding is quite simple, thus you can add new features or apps easily.


Best Shopify themes

Yanka is one of the best Shopify themes for fashion stores. It has clean, neat and modern layouts. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about clutter websites. Moreover, there are 18+ stunning websites for you to choose. Each one is different from each other. Therefore, high chance that you can find your go – to layouts with Yanka. Other features of Yanka include multiple header options, information top panel and banner section


Best Shopify themes

Next best Shopify themes is Belle. This Shopify theme is ideal for Fashion and Clothes stores. However, you can use it for other purposes, from jewelry, perfumes to skin care.Belle supports full – width and large images. As a result, this theme and display your products beautifully to attract customers. Thanks to this, your store’s traffic will be enhanced.


Best Shopify themes

Goodwin is one of the best Shopify themes. It can be used for many purposes and industry, from clothes, fashion to furniture or fitness. Web layouts are what make this Shopify theme get in this list. Goodwin has unique yet clean layouts. Moreover, users can choose between light and dark mode. There are more than 14 homepage pre -sets for you to choose. Get the one that you like the best, and then easily customize it with drag – and – drop sections


Best Shopify themes

Looking for best clean, minimal best Shopify themes. Then, you need to check Outstock. Its neat, simple design will grant you a clutter – free website. Thanks to its bright color mix, Outstock can bring you fresh, positive and product – focused websites. Moreover, this Shopify theme is highly customizable and SEO optimized


Best Shopify themes

Mobilia is one of the best Shopify themes that can bring you a stylish and modern website. This Shopify theme is ideal for Fashion and Clothes Stores. However, you can use Mobilia for other businesses such as jewelry, perfume or skin care. There are 4 different styles for you to choose. As a result, you can select the best one for your business. Also, Mobilia is user – friendly and SEO optimized. 


If you are looking for product – focused, minimal Shopify themes, then Basel might be the best Shopify themes. Thanks to its minimal design, Basel can fit in many types of stores, from clothes to perfume. There are 40 demo layouts for you to choose. If you want a unique website, you can customize the demo to make it right. Besides, Basel is translate – ready. Therefore, if you want to pursue cross – border ecommerce, Basel is a nice choice


Best Shopify themes

Looking for a bold, youthful Shopify theme. Then, you can’t miss Banita. This is a multi concept theme, therefore it can fit almost any e commerce projects.

With this theme, you’ll have to pay $59. However, after 6 months, you’ll have to pay additional fees for support and updates.


Icon is one of the best Shopify themes to show off your visual content. It supports full – width and large images. Thus, you can display your product beautifully to catch people’s attention. There are 4 different styles for you to choose. Each one promises to bring you neat, stunning websites. Some other highlights of Icon are sticky navigation, slide show, multi column menu and parallax effect


Fastor is the best Shopify themes in 2019. Thanks to Fastor’s multipurpose layouts, this theme is used for many businesses. You can utilize it for any types of products, even perfume, jewelry and technology. There are.many design options. For example, unlimited color option, 600+ Google fonts and more. Also, Fastor integrates with social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Thus, your content will easily be shared and you will reach more prospects


Ella is one of the best Shopify themes. It’s multipurpose. However, it’s often used for Fashion and Clothes stores.Therefore, with this theme, you’ll get a stylish, modern website for your online store. Another great thing about Ella is Ella Shopify Theme’s special category module and product filters. Thanks to those, customers can easily find their products in a short time. As a result, your conversion rate will be enhanced

Highlights of Ella Shopify Theme


If you want to start your dropshipping business, Kalles will be the best Shopify themes. First, it has clean, and stunning layouts thanks to its outstanding block arrangements. Therefore, Kalles can make your website stand out among thousands of competitors. Secondly, Kalles is integrated with Orbelo which is very helpful for dropshipping. Thus, you can discover thousands of products that you can sell on your website.


You want to create unique, bold and youthful websites? Then, you should take a look at Parallax. This Shopify themes offers users 4 completely different styles. Therefore, you can choose one of them that fits in your store. If you want to change anything, you can do it easily with the drag – and – drop section. Moreover, parallax effects will create animated depth – effects to catch visitors’ eyes.


Split is one of the best Shopify themes that can grant your website a distinctive look. First, this Shopify theme has 3 different styles with unique layouts. They are simple, minimal yet elegant. Secondly, Split supports full – width and large images. As a result, you will be able to show off your products effectively. As a result, this best Shopify themes can fit in many types of business, from Clothes, Jewelry, Perfumes to even Real estate.


Want to catch people’s eyes at first glance? Then, Retina is the best Shopify themes for that. This Shopify theme has neat and sleek layouts that can bring an elegant vibe to your web store. Moreover, Split offers custom promotion tiles for you to promote sales and discounts. There are 4 different styles for you to choose.


District is perfect for those who want to share their product collection in style. There are 3 different styles within this Shopify theme. They all support full – width and large images to create eye – catchy websites. Moreover, your customers will find their products much easier. Some other highlight features of District include promotional banner, slide show, marketing popup and collection gallery


Venue can suit many types of business, from classic to modern ones. It can promise a fresh, clean yet unique – looking website. Moreover, Venue is highly customizable. Whether you want to open a new online store, or refresh your existing shop, Venue will come in handy. Just a few clicks and you’re ready to go. There are 3 different styles for you to choose. Other features of Venue are age checker popup, physical store support, dates and events sections and more


Flow can deliver users a clean and minimal look for their online stores. This best Shopify themes greatly focus on products rather than other contents. Thus, customers will quickly acknowledge your products and want to learn more about them. Also, Flow claims to have a unique grid layout that highlights individual products. 


Pipeline is another clean, minimal yet impressive Shopify theme. It offers three styles: Light, Bright and Dark. You can choose the one that fits your business. Different from others best Shopify themes, Pipeline can handle a large number of inventory. Therefore, it will be suitable for a wide range of business, from small to large. Also, thanks to large image optimization and advanced product filtering, customers can easily find their products.


Atlantic, with four different styles, can bring you clean and professional websites. This Shopify theme is ideal for many types of business, from Clothes, skin care to even furniture. Also, Atlantic is built for large inventory. Therefore, it can handle large traffic. Other highlights features of Atlantic are mega menu, slide show, quick buy and modular – style home page


Tastement is designed specifically for Fashion and Accessories stores. Therefore, it has modern and stylish looks. Also, among 4 stunning styles of this Shopify theme, it might not be difficult to find the right one for your online store. Or, you can easily customize demos. Moreover, Teasement offers product quick view and instant add to cart functionality. Therefore, it will ensure high customer experience. 


Blockshop is one of the best Shopify themes that greatly utilize white space. With this Shopify theme, your website will look extremely fresh, spacy and elegant. Therefore, Bockshop is ideal for Clothes, beauty or spa. There are 4 styles for you to choose from. Moreover, Blockshop is integrated with social media. Individual products will have social share buttons to promote them.


Handy has mobile – first design, therefore, it’s very mobile – friendly. This Shopify theme will ensure you a higher customer experience than other Shopify responsive themes. Handy is extremely clean and professional. Thanks to its bright color mix, it can bring in freshness and positive energy for your website. There are 3 styles for you to choose including Light, Cool and Fresh. With them, it won’t be difficult to build the perfect online store


Empire is one of the best outstanding Shopify themes for devices and furniture. It has unique and stunning layouts that can display your products beautifully. Moreover, Empire supports full – width and large images. Therefore, customers will easily browse through your products. Other highlights of Empire are predictive search, custom promotion titles and home page menu lists

Palo Alto

Palo Alto promises to give you space to tell your story. And this is not merely a claim. This Shopify theme uses white space wisely to create spacy and fresh appearance. There are 3 stunning styles for you to choose. Moreover, Palo Alto allows users to add product videos on their website. Therefore, you can deliver more content to your customers. 


Elessi is a Shopify responsive theme that can bring you fresh and stylish websites. This is one of the best Shopify themes for Fashion and Clothes shops. However, you can utilize it for other business such as perfume or cosmetics as well. Also, it’s social proof friendly. Therefore, you can get more customers reviews. Furthermore, Elessi supports multi currencies and SEO. Thus, it’ll be very helpful for international selling 


Everything is a Shopify multipurpose theme. It is one of the best Shopify responsive themes thanks to its flexibility and easy – to -use. Moreover, you can experience great and helpful technical support from Everything developers. Thus, using this theme, you don’t need to worry too much about technical problems. Moreover, this Shopify theme is highly customizable. You can customize from colors, modes to background.


Best Shopify themes

Porto claims to have the best e commerce design since 2014. And this is not merely a calm. Its demos can give you clean and niche look for your website. From classic to modern, this Shopify responsive themes can satisfy all those types of business. There are 20+ modern demo concept for you. With just one click, you can import all those demos.


Best Shopify themes Amely

Amely can bring a clean and modern look for your online store. It is a best powerful Shopify themes that can fit in many types of business. For instance, fashion, clothes to perfumes. With Amely, your customer can easily navigate through your Shopify store.

Highlights of Amely

  • Fully responsive design. Thus, it can adopt to any types of device
  • Powerful Shopify theme with 8+ unique homepage layout
  • Highly customizable. You can choose the color, arrange section blocks and so on
  • Powerful Themes and Section Settings. Thus, you can easily create your own brand on Shopify store.
  • Integrate 17 new section types
  • FREE support upto 6 months

Get Amely now


Best Shopify themes Arangi

You want to start your organic business on Shopify? Then, you must take a look at Arangi. This is an innovative Shopify theme for cosmetics, or organic industry. It has clean and minimal layouts to ensure high customer satisfaction.

What makes Arangi special?

  • Fully responsive design
  • Clean yet professional designs. 
  • Powerful theme and section settings. Thus, they will help you easily build your website that actually yours. As a result, it will help a lot with branding
  • Highly customizable with 8+ homepage layouts and many design options. Therefore, you can create your own website according to your preferences
  • Integrate 30 new section types, such as Instagram. Therefore, you can reach more potential customers and boost your revenue
  • newsletter and video popup
  • FREE support and update up to 6 months

Get Arangi now

In conclusion

Above are our top best Shopify themes. However, keep in mind that our best might not be your best. Therefore, the key point is choosing the suitable theme for your business. In this case, we strongly recommend contacting ArrowHitech.

 With more than 12 years in e commerce, we can grant you an outstanding and professional-looking web store. Working with our decade-long experienced developers, you surely get your dream online shop. Also, our company sells and develops Shopify themes and Shopify apps. What are you waiting for? Contact us here or via email: or hotline + 84 243 7955 813

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