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Aweber vs Mailchimp: which is more effective for email marketing

Aweber vs Mailchimp: which is more effective for email marketing

Email marketing is one the key factor for many business. Therefore, Aweber and Mailchimp are getting more popular. However, which one this the best for you?

To answer that question, we come up with a comparison between Aweber and Mailchimp. With this guideline, you will be able to find the best one for your business

First, let’s go through the overview of Aweber and Mailchimp

Overview of Aweber and Mailchimp

Aweber was founded in 1998. Now, it has more than 100,000 users around the world. This is an marketing app that allow you to send emails and capture data onto it. Users can customize or design email templates with over 700 templates, free-stock images and so on

What is Aweber?

Moving to Mailchimp, it was established later than Aweber, in 2001. Originally, it was the side project to deliver email to small business. Up to now, it is having more than 16 million users globally. This number is far more beyond that of Aweber. But does that mean Mailchimp is the better solution? 

What is Mailchimp?

Let dive deeper to find the answer.

Aweber vs Mailchimp

Now we will compare the functionalities of these. 

Signing up process

 Both of them take easy-to-use into consideration. New users will find it easily to create an account on Aweber as well as Mailchimp. 

Aweber offer you 30-day free trial. Therefore, to create account, you have to enter your credit card information.

On the other hand, you can choose free subscription plan on Mailchimp. Also, you don’t need to enter your payment information when signing up

Easy to use


Mailchimp is always proud of its easy-to-use functions, and this is not merely a claim. 

It delivers a fast, easy navigation menu and well-design backend. For example, when you set up your campaign, there’s a navigation menu to check as you go.


Moving to Aweber, it also takes user-friendliness into consideration. However, some options are hidden from navigation menu such as how to reuse campaign or choose a sender address. Besides, Aweber uses uncommon words. For instance, they use “ broadcast” instead of “ newsletters” , or “ campaign” in place of “ email automation”. These words can easily confuse new users

Types of Messages


It delivers users five types of message. Here are they

  • Draft: All your messages will be saved as draft. Then, you can reuse them, send as broadcast or follow up series.
  • Campaigns: They are automated messages to your subscribers. You are able to customize or rearrange the elements within those. 
  • Legacy follow up series: They are automated follow up messages. You can set the time intervals to send these emails to your subscribers. For example, immediately as soon as you receive customer’s email
  • Broadcast: This is non-reply email. It is very useful when you want to send your customer notification about events or sale discount
  • Blog broadcasts: Similar to broadcast, this is non-reply email. But instead of notifications, it send customers blog posts.

In Mailchimp, campaign refers to message. And here are four main types of campaign it offers

  • Regular campaign: This is the most common campaign out of four. Users will be able to customize, design the campaign as they like. Also, they can schedule the sending time, for example, immediately or later.
  • Plain text campaign: This is the simplest form of campaign. As a result, it doesn’t have formatting option
  • Automation campaign: Just like the name, this is automated email under users’ triggers.
  • A/B testing campaigns: If you want to test subject lines, text and send times, this campaign is for you. It let you send more than one version of a similar campaign. Thus, it’s great for testing and improving your marketing plan


Aweber offers users more than 700 templates, whereas that of Mailchimp is only 100. However, it only means you have more template options in Aweber, not necessarily better. 

Aweber styles are quite outdated and there’s hardly 2 or 3 column layouts. Mailchimp has fewers, of course, but its templates are sleek and divided into sections 

Aweber vs Mailchimp
Aweber templates are quite outdated
Aweber vs Mailchimp
Mailchimp offers sleek and modern templates

Edit email newsletter

Newsletter is a great way to maintain existing customers and gain more subscribers. Thus, how easy you edit email newsletter is a factor to consider.

Both Aweber and Mailchimp have drag and drop approach. Thus, user can add, move or edit elements such as logo or text with ease. 

However, Aweber makes it easier to build your newsletter. Users simply type onto their e-newsletter and make the change right there. On the other hand, with Mailchimp, you’ll have to use back end to alter those


Let’s face fact, you can’t comfort everyone. Therefore, inbound marketing is the hot topic these days.  To get the best result, business owners should target on a specific group of customers. Learn about them, find out their common behaviour, demography as well as geography. Thanks to this, you can create effective content and marketing strategy.

As a result, segmentation functionality is a crucial factor to consider between Aweber and Mailchimp. Aweber allows you to segment based on subscribers’ behaviour. For example, pages and sites they visit. Also, you can use some tools to make better segmentation. To illustrate, you can group people who don’t open the third follow-up email.

So how about Mailchimp. It has all the functions above, and even more segmentation options. For instance, automation report data, email domain and campaign activity

Email automation

Mailchimp has solid autoresponders. For example, with great segmentation, you can easily find out your targeted groups. Then, you can send different campaigns to different groups of customers. This will make your marketing campaign even more effective.

Moving to Aweber’s. Similar to Mailchimp, you can send subscribers email according to your segmentation. However, it might have less features than Mailchimp, but it’s more user-friendly.

Registration forms

This is where you add your subscribers in. Aweber’s registration form are powerful and full of features. This includes custom fields as well as “thank you” page. However, it will be confusing and difficult to create your own registration forms. Also, you won’t be likely to need these features.

Aweber signup form
Awber’s signup checkbox

Mailchimp bring you easy-to-setup registration forms thanks to its drag and drop tools. Just like Aweber, you can add fields you need such as name or city. Although Mailchimp doesn’t have as many features as Aweber, it’s much more easy to use.

Mailchimp registration

Spam and design testing

This function allows you to preview your email on all kinds of inboxes. Unfortunately, Aweber doesn’t support this. It doesn’t have preview or spam testing system.

On the other hand, you can test your email with third-party Inbox Preview on Mailchimp

How well your email can reach subscribers?

This is an important factor when it comes to email marketing. Seeing the number of emails reaching your customers can help you assess Aweber and Mailchimp function. Consider the table below

Overall Deliverability Rate84.6%80.5%
Primary Inbox (all ISPs)75.6%70.2%
Promotions Inbox (Gmail)26.7%26.2%
Sender Score97.4%97.5%

Needless to say, Aweber can’t compete with Mailchimp in this round. As we can see from the table, more emails end up in spam in Aweber compared to Mailchimp


In Aweber, there’s no “ Pay as you Go” but there’s a limited free plan. The plans in Aweber starts from $19/ month for 500 subscribers. This is a quite high initial price

Aweber price
Plans of Aweber

Mailchimp offers users free plan with great features. You can create even with ads in the footer, or can send up to 2,000 subscribers. However, contrary to Aweber, you have to “ Pay as you you” . When you move to 2,500 subscribers, you’ll have to pay $29.99/month and $75.99 for 10,000 subscriber. 

Here are the initial price of Mailchimp’s plans.

Mailchimp price
Plans of Mailchimp


Both Aweber and Mailchimp have their own worths. Therefore, you should consider each one carefully. Most importantly, you must consider your budget, business mission and vision. Otherwise, you may waste money due to wrong decision.

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